Zambia Travel Package

Zambia Travel Package

Welcome to Zambia, Africa’s green emerald. According to Countryaah, the country in Africa has a flora and fauna that has remained unchanged over time.

Safari in Zambia is considered by many to be Africa’s best. Abbreviated as ZA by Abbreviationfinder, Zambia has 14 national parks such as Kafue, northern and southern Luangwa. The majestic Zambezi River offers exciting experiences. Here you meet elephants, giraffes, various cats, horses, zebras, rhinos and hundreds of bird species. Ending a Zambia trip with a few days at Victoria Falls and seeing the majestic falls is a fantastic experience.


On a Safari in Zambia you will discover a secret, a very special experience in nature, especially if you go on this safari during the emerald period!

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51 995: –

On a Safari in Zambia, you experience different landscapes during the seasons. If you are close to the Luangwa River, which is full of water, nature becomes a thousand shades of green. Above you see dramatic, dark clouds with spectacular rainbows stretching across the sky. It is a heaven for photography enthusiasts. There is a good chance to see the endangered African wild dog, incredible numbers of birds, including the world’s largest colony of yellow-billed stork. Join us and discover the fantastic of Zambia on foot, boat or car together with our award-winning safari guides and experience old-fashioned hospitality in Zambia.


Today you leave Sweden for your Safari in Zambia.

DAY 2 & 3

Upon arrival at Mfuwe Airport you will be met by our staff and given a transfer to the lodge which is in the best location in South Luangwa National Park.

For the next two days you will enjoy the hospitality of Chinzombo Lodge. Despite the inaccessible surroundings, our staff will serve award-winning meals that satisfy the most discerning visitor. Prepared from delicious, local ingredients, we are offered pepper-marinated beef carpaccio, homemade pasta and fresh salads grown on our own land. Whether you dine under the stars or on your own in your private villa overlooking the river, you will be amazed by the warm atmosphere and all the careful planning behind your visit.

You will also get to explore the wilderness together with our award-winning guides.

+ Walking safaris

+ Day and night game drives

+ Photo safaris

+ River safari – see the wild from another side.

DAY 4 – 7

Today you get a transfer to Kakuli Lodge for three nights accommodation. Here the wonderful service continues and you will discover even more fantastic parts of South Luangwa during your safari.


Welcome to your Safari in Zimbabwe and Zambia in the heart of Africa! Here there is nature and wildlife that has not changed since the beginning of time.

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61 795: –

A safari in Zimbabwe and Zambia is the perfect trip for those who want to focus on really good safaris. Combining Victoria Falls with Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is a dream come true for many. Traveling on Historic Roads Made by Dr. David Livingstone. Here is the majestic Zambezi River which provides the opportunity for canoe safaris with encounters with elephants, giraffes, cats, hippos, zebras, rhinos and hundreds of bird species. Here you do game drives, walk safaris and even horseback riding safaris if you want. This safari is perfect for wilderness lovers!


Today you fly from Sweden and start your S afari in Zimbabwe and Zambia

DAY 2 – 4

At Victoria Falls Airport you get your flight to Hwange. When you arrive in Hwange, you will be met by your guide and given a transfer to your accommodation. Here, the activities will consist of game drives and hikes with expert guides. Hwange is a unique national park with varying environments which in turn has a variety of wildlife and bird life.


This day, a game drive through the park awaits to then be transferred to Victoria Falls, which takes about 2.5 hours. You can book sunset cruises which are highly recommended. The paths are clear and well-separated, but if you prefer a guide, it is possible to arrange.


Today you can take a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls, treetops and afternoon tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel.

DAY 7 – 9

Today you are waiting for a transfer to Zambia and Livingstone Airport, where you board the flight that takes you to the Royal Airstrip in Lower Zambezi. Activities such as game drives, hiking, boat cruises and canoe safaris await here. It is also possible to arrange other activities such as a visit to a local farming community. Of course there is the opportunity to relax on their patio and enjoy the Zambezi River. The Lower Zambezi Valley is a large fissure in the crust through which the Zambezi River flows. The landscape here is beautiful with large trees and grasslands. The wildlife that gathers near the river during the dry season is incredible.

DAY 10 -12

You will receive a transfer to your flight from Royal Livingstone Airport to Lusaka and from there on to Mfuwe. Finally arrived in lovely South Luangwa and we meet and get a transfer to our camp. Here you will get lots of game drives. There are also natural hot springs to swim in and Spa to enjoy, treatments at extra cost. The world-famous South Luangwa National Park has without argument the best wildlife in Zambia and some of the world’s best safari guides. There is also a photo hideout at the lodge that allows you to get close-ups you only dreamed of.

DAY 13

Today is the sad day when you say goodbye to the wild beauty and get a transfer to the flight to Lusaka and from there you fly on home.

DAY 14

Return to Sweden


A hiking safari in Zambia is perfect for safari enthusiasts who want to explore some of Africa’s most pristine environments.



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46 995: –

Doing a hiking safari in Zambia is simply an incredible experience. The national parks have few visitors but the wildlife is outstanding. This is a journey you will remember for the rest of your life!


Departure from Sweden for your hiking safari in Zambia

DAY 2 – 4

Upon arrival in Lusaka, the flight continues to Mfuwe. There you will be met by a representative from Luambe and the transfer car will take you to the camp which is four hours away, of which two of these hours are a wonderful game drive in the park.

The main focus here will be hiking safaris but there is also the possibility of game drives by car. Luambe is the only camp in this park so it will be a unique and exclusive safari stay here.

Your hikes take place together with professional, experienced hiking guides who know their area well. Here you will find all of Africa’s iconic animals at a respectful distance. The hikes are from 2 hours and up.


Your transfer car will take you back to Mfuwe. Our representative for Kafunta will meet you and give you a transfer to the lodge. Here there is the opportunity for safari walks and game drives, but also photography hides for those who want to photograph the animals and nature up close.

DAY 6 & 7

You go on a three-hour game drive to Island Bush Camp, here you just do a walking safari to experience nature in the best way.

DAY 8 & 9

Today you have a walking safari, 7 kilometers to the next accommodation, Three Rivers Camp. The luggage will be transported here by car. You will discover the area around the camp on foot or by car if you so wish.

DAY 10

The last day of the safari. Transfer in two hours to Mfuwe for flight to Lusaka where the flight continues home.

The trip can be extended for those who wish, for example, with Victoria Falls or Cape Town.

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