Visa to Iceland

Visa to Iceland

To visit the Republic of Iceland, citizens of Ukraine who do not have a biometric passport must apply for a visa.

According to A2zgov, the Republic of Iceland does not have its own embassy in Ukraine, you can contact the Consulate of Iceland for all questions, but the Embassy of Norway deals with all visa issues.

We will quickly and efficiently prepare and advise for personal submission of documents.

Visa support to Iceland
Terms of registration10-14 days Visa fees31 EUR Visa center services22 EUR
Visa support in obtaining a visa to Iceland
(filling in an online visa application form, consultation, preparation of documents).
A paid voucher from the hotel or an invitation is provided by the tourist.18 EUR
Visa support in obtaining a work visa to Iceland
79 EUR
Visa support in obtaining a student visa to Iceland
79 EUR

For an urgent visa (1-3 days), an additional fee of 31 EUR

The visa fee is paid by all applicants, for those categories of applicants who do not need to pay a visa fee according to the Schengen rules, the fee is returned after receipt of supporting documents by the visa department of the Embassy of Norway.

To complete all the necessary documents and fill out an online application form, it is mandatory to fill out an application form for obtaining a visa to Iceland.

Iceland visa application form

The list of required documents for obtaining a visa to Iceland:

  1. Visa form – filled out online.
  2. Checklist for a visa to Iceland (list of documents).
  3. Foreign passport (original) valid for at least three months after returning from Iceland. It is obligatory to have a clean spread for issuing a visa when registering children with additional clean spreads. If you have a second foreign passport, it is mandatory to provide it.
    – copies of all used pages.
  4. Internal passport.
    – copies of all pages.
  5. Help from the place of work.
    – the certificate must contain the following information: the position held, since when the applicant has been working in the organization, monthly salary for six months, the workplace will be saved during the stay abroad, contact phone number, signature of the head and accountant + unofficial translation.
  6. Color photo 3.5 x 4.5 – 2 pcs.
    – Photo taken within the last six months.
  7. Documents for private entrepreneurs.
    – a copy of the certificate of registration of a private entrepreneur;
    – tax declaration (report);
    – statement from the bank account.
  8. Documents for students.
    – a certificate from the educational institution on the possibility of continuing education + unofficial translation;
    – a copy of the student card;
    – a statement of the financial condition of the guarantor sponsoring the trip.
  9. Confirmation of the availability of financial means to cover the costs associated with staying abroad 60 euros per day.
    – an extract from the bank account on the movement of funds;
    – A bank statement confirming the availability of funds in the account.
  10. Documents required for obtaining a visa for children under 18 years of age.
    – a copy of the birth certificate;
    – for a child to travel unaccompanied by parents, guardians or accompanied by one parent or guardian, it is necessary to provide a written consent to travel to Iceland, certified by a notary;
    – copies of national or foreign passports of guardians and parents of all pages;
    – for children of preschool age, a certificate from the school.
  11. Medical insurance policy.
    – minimum coverage 30,000.00 euros.

Documents for visiting relatives.
– invitation;
– questionnaire B.

  1. Documents for business travel.
    – invitation;
    – questionnaire – A.
  1. Documents for pensioners.
    – a copy of the pension certificate;
    – Certificate of accrual of pension for the last six months.


– All original documents of the above copies, applicants must have with them when applying for a visa.
– The collection of biometric data of children under 12 years of age is not carried out.
– The visa fee is paid online by payment cards.
– Services of the visa center are paid for when submitting documents at the visa center.

To the Consulate of Iceland in Ukraine
04119, Kiev, st. Yakira, 8
Phone: (+38 044) 568-59-62, 568-59-63
Fax: (+38 044) 568-59-66
Working hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-19.00

Visa Application Center of the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine (documents for a visa to Iceland are accepted here):

VFS Global _ _

01023, Kyiv, st. Sports, 1A. (SEC “Gulliver” 8th floor)

phone: 044 594 5495, 050 117 9052

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 8:00-18:00

Acceptance of documents and issuance of passports:

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Visa to Iceland

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