Vacation in Croatia

Vacation in Croatia

According to PHONECATIONS.COM, Croatia has long made a name for itself as a summer holiday destination . We are not at all surprised why this is so.

On the contrary: when you look at everything Croatia has to offer, you’re more likely to ask yourself why you’ve never been there.

Because Croatia is totally diverse. The country has over 1000 islands , 11 fascinating national parks and many beautiful historic cities that are often used as film locations.

Would you like to find out more? Here we show you the most beautiful travel destinations in Croatia.

7 interesting facts about Croatia

  • There are a total of 1244 islands in Croatia
  • From January 2023 you will pay in Croatia with the euro instead of the kuna
  • The cute dog breed “Dalmatians” come from the region of Dalmatia in Croatia
  • Not only Game of Thrones but also the films Star Wars 8 and Winnetou were partly filmed in Croatia
  • The tie originally comes from Croatia
  • In Croatia there are 8 nature parks and 11 national parks, which are great destinations
  • Free WiFi is available in most public and tourist areas

Our 3 top hotel tips for Croatia


  • Boutique Hotel Kazbek
  • Luxury & great ambience


  • briig boutique hotel
  • Cool design and great location


  • Guest House Tomasi
  • Top location at a great price

Overall, Croatia is more of a cheap holiday destination . Therefore you can also find one or the other snapper to stay overnight.

However, since Croatia is well prepared for tourism, especially in popular holiday resorts such as Dubrovnik or Split, you will find a large number of hotels there – including some luxury hotels. Of course, these have their price.

Especially in Dubrovnik we discovered cool hotels in all price ranges , which we wrote down in an article.

  • Dubrovnik hotel tips
  • 11 special hotels and accommodations

The most beautiful islands in Croatia

With 1244 islands, it is not easy to decide which ones are the most beautiful. But we did our best and present you our favorites here.

island of Rab

Where the Germans vacation

In fact – most Germans vacationing on a Croatian island travel to Rab .

One of the reasons for this is that you can easily travel from Germany by car and then by ferry .

But of course that’s not the only reason why it’s so popular – there are many great beaches and beautiful places to discover on the island.


Do not confuse with the Krka waterfalls

Together with the island of Cres, Krk is the largest island in Croatia.

Here you can even arrive by car without a ferry over a bridge (by the way, you also have to cross it if you drive to Rab).

There are many great coastal towns and bays on Krk , so you are guaranteed not to get bored here.

Island of Brač

The famous Zlatni Rat beach is located here

Because of the special Zlatni Rat beach, the island of Brac has become so famous.

But you can also spend several days on the island. Because Brac is also great for hiking , visiting ruins and strolling through small fishing villages .

Arrival to Croatia

There are many ways to travel from Germany to Croatia. If you want to go on vacation in the northern part of the country, you can easily get there by car or bus and train.

From Munich to Rovinj , for example, it is only a good six hours’ drive by car.

If you don’t want to get behind the wheel, you can easily reach some destinations by train or Flixbus. For example, there is a direct connection from Munich to Pula with the Flixbus .

However, you will be on the road for a few hours by bus, so you should be prepared to sit for a long time.

However, if you want to travel south, such as Dubrovnik or Split , or if you live in northern Germany, we recommend booking a flight. Especially in the summer months there are many good flight connections to Croatia.


How do you pay in Croatia?

The official currency in Croatia is the Kuna . However, it will be replaced by the euro on January 1, 2023 . 1 euro is about 8 kuna.

What language do they speak in Croatia?

The official language is Croatian . This is a South Slavic language that is also well understood in Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. In most tourist places you can get along well with English – and often even with German .

What is the capital of Croatia

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb .

Is Croatia dangerous?

No, crime in Croatia is very low . As in most other touristy places, you should take good care of your bags in larger crowds.

When is the best time to travel to Croatia?

From May to October the climate is great for a holiday in Croatia. In August, however, it can get very hot and crowded. That’s why we particularly recommend the months of June and September – warm and not too touristy.

Is Croatia in the EU?

Yes, Croatia has been a member state of the European Union since 2013.


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