US 385 and 412 in Oklahoma

US 385 and 412 in Oklahoma


US 385 in Oklahoma

US 385
Get started Dalhart
End Boise City
Length 36 mi
Length 58 km

Boise City


According to foodezine, US 385 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms the westernmost north-south junction of the state, in the westernmost portion of the Panhandle. The road is 58 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Way north of Dalhart, Texas, US 385 enters the state in Texas and then runs north through prairie land. One then crosses the Beaver River and the road merges briefly with the already existing triple numbering of US 56/US 64 and US 412, resulting in a quadruple numbering. One then reaches the central village of Boise City where US 385 merges with US 287 from Stratford, Texas and then converges north. US 56 / US 64 and US 412 then continue further east. After about 30 kilometers you reach the border with Colorado, where US 385 continues in Colorado to Lamar.


Current US 385 was added to the network in 1958. The route has not been modified in Oklahoma since then.

Traffic intensities

Only 500 vehicles cross the Texas border every day, with up to 3,000 vehicles in Boise City. 2,600 vehicles cross the border into Colorado every day.

US 412 in Oklahoma

US 412
Get started Dalhart
End Boise City
Length 501 mi
Length 806 km
New Mexico

Boise City


Bryans Corner



Fort Supply





Cimarron Turnpike

→ Oklahoma City / Wichita


Ponca City


Stillwater Spur




Sand Springs

Sand Springs – Catoosa



Cherokee Turnpike


6 Locust Grove

17 Rose

28 Kansas


West Siloam Springs


According to bittranslators, US 412 is a US Highway in the US state of Oklahoma. The road forms an east-west route the full length of the state, running from the New Mexico border through Guymon, Enid, and Tulsa to the Arkansas border. The route is 806 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Oklahoma Panhandle

US 412 between Boise City and Guymon in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

East of Clayton in New Mexico, US 412 in New Mexico double-numbered with US 56 and US 64 enters the state in western Oklahoma. This point is located at an altitude of about 1,450 meters. Then a ride of 50 kilometers to the first town begins; Boise City. Here you cross the US 287 and US 385 from Texas, which run together towards Lamar in Colorado. Just east of Boise City, US 56 exits toward Dodge City, Kansas. The road then runs straight to the east for 77 kilometers and passes through endless prairie areas. One then reaches the town of Guymon, the largest town in the Panhandle. It crosses US 54, the road from Stratford, Texas to Liberal, Kansas. US 64 merges onto this road, after which US 412 follows a unique route of its own further east. The road has a stretch of 105 kilometers without a single bend. On the way you cross the US 83, the road from Perryton in Texas to Liberal and the US 270 from Liberal then merges with the US 412. A little further you cross the US 283, a north-south route from Altus toward Dodge City. This is followed by the first bend and at Fort Supply the US 183 also merges, so that a triple numbering is created.

Western Oklahoma

The triple-numbering continues for about 15 miles, until the town of Woodward, where US 183 and US 270 turn southeast, and US 412 continues east, running 2×2 lanes for a while. In the meantime they have dropped imperceptibly to about 600 meters. South of Waynoka you cross the US 281, the road from Alva to Clinton. You then pass through an area of ​​rocky low table mountains, along the river Cimarron. At Orienta, you cross the river and US 60 joins US 412. The road then widens to 2×2 lanes and you reach the town of Enid, which has 47,000 inhabitants. Here one crosses the US 81, the road from Chickasha in the south to Wichita in Kansas. US 60 turns north here, and US 64 converges just from the north. Both roads are then double-numbered until Interstate 35. This section also has 2×2 lanes over 50 kilometers. I-35 runs from Kansas City toward Wichita. US 64 then follows an underlying route, while US 64 forms the Cimarron turnpike.

Eastern Oklahoma

US 412 in eastern Oklahoma.

Just west of Tulsa, the toll road ends and US 64 rejoins. Both roads then form a toll-free highway, to Tulsa. The road here is called the Keystone Expressway, after which you reach the center of Tulsa. US 64 then heads south toward Muskogee, and US 412 merges with Interstate 44, the highway from Oklahoma City to St. Louis. East of the Creek Turnpike, US 412 forms its own route again, with 2×2 lanes heading east. At Chouteau you cross the US 69, the 2×2 main road from Muskogee to Vinita. The road then forms the Cherokee Turnpike, the toll roadto the east. However, the US 412 Alternative runs along the same route to offer a toll-free alternative. Just before the Arkansas border, the toll road ends and US 412 continues in 2×2 lanes. You then cross the US 59, the road from Sallisaw to Miami. US 412 in Arkansas then continues toward Springdale.


US 412 was added to the network in 1982, but was not extended westward until 1989 from Arkansas to Woodward and into New Mexico in 1994, making it the second longest US Highway in Oklahoma. The route is double-numbered with other roads in many places, especially in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Traffic intensities

US 64/412 at Tulsa.

Only 470 vehicles cross the New Mexico border every day. Boise City is slightly busier with 1,400 vehicles, but the route remains calm throughout the Panhandle with 1,000 to 2,000 vehicles per day. For Woodward there is a bit more traffic, about 4,700 vehicles, which then drops to 2,000 to increase at Enid to 21,100 vehicles in the city. About 4,900 vehicles drive on I-35. East of Tulsa, the road is fairly important, with 16,000 vehicles and 23,200 vehicles crossing the Arkansas border daily.

US 412 in Oklahoma

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