Travel to Beautiful Cities in the Czech Republic

Travel to Beautiful Cities in the Czech Republic

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of the Czech Republic


Visit Prague (“The Golden City”), the capital of the Czech Republic. A Prague city break takes you through one of the oldest and largest cities in Central Europe and today a top tourist destination. The highlights of this city trip are the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle, the Church of St. Mary of the Snow, the Lobkowitz Palace, the Old Town Square with the Tayn Church, the Old Town Square with the Town Hall and the baroque St. Nicholas Church, the Troja Castle, the Clementinum, the Rudolfinum, the Josefstadt, the Powder Tower and many other sights that you will remember forever.

Hradec Kralove

According to topschoolsintheusa, the Czech city of Hradec Kralove is affectionately known as the “Salon of the Republic”. Located at the confluence of the Elbe and Adler rivers, the former royal city is also very interesting due to its location. As one of the oldest cities in the Czech Republic, the city is an attractive destination for a study trip.

Elegant monument reserve – historic center with charm

Since 1962 the historic city center of Hradec Kralove has been designated as a municipal monument reserve. The cityscape is characterized by buildings in the styles of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Modernism. The architecture of the early 20th century in particular produced enchanting buildings in Hradec Kralove. The overall picture turns out to be very elegant and it is clearly recognizable that it is a naturally grown city. The city was already known under the name Königgrätz in the Middle Ages. Appointed royal city in 1225, from 1307 the city was the widow’s seat for the widows of kings Wenceslaus II and Rudolf I. However, the city only acquired its present-day elegance in modern times. The most famous buildings include the “White Tower”, the Bishop’s Palace and the Synagogue. But if you stroll through the streets of the city, you will find

Hradec Kralove – the city of cultural highlights

Anyone who visits Hradec Kralove should definitely take the time to see the city’s cultural offerings. Visiting a performance by the East Bohemian State Philharmonic Orchestra is a special experience. Alternatively, you can visit the Klicpera Theater. Opposite the well-known Jesuit Church on the market, the Modern Art Gallery attracts with an interesting collection. A visit to the East Bohemian Museum is also worthwhile. The museum is characterized by its unique architecture. The building designed by Jan Kotera houses an impressive library and numerous exhibitions. The memorial of the “Battle of Königgrätz” can be found in the outdoor area of ​​the museum.


Almost everyone who takes a trip to Prague, the “Golden City” on the Vltava, will make a more or less intensive acquaintance with the Hradschin during their stay there. The term “Hradschin” originally only refers to the one located in the northwest of the city Mountain on which a castle complex has been located since at least the 9th century, which today, after several modifications and extensions, is the largest such complex in the world.

The Hradschin – the seat of Bohemian rulers

Once it was the bishops of Prague and the kings and dukes of Bohemia who resided in Prague Castle. Today the New Royal Palace of Hradcany is the seat of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic. The castle is dominated by the Gothic towers of St. Vitus Cathedral, which functions as the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Prague. The Hradschin ensemble is considered the most visited architectural monument in the Czech Republic. It can be reached both via the castle stairs on Prague’s Lesser Town and via the west entrance. Spread over three castle courtyards, the Baroque Royal Palace, the Wladislaw Hall, the Baroque Castle Gallery, the Golden Lane and some of the museums in palaces are among the absolute visitor magnets.

The Vitus Cathedral

The three-aisled St. Vitus Cathedral, built in the Gothic style, has an imposing and rich baroque interior. This includes the Wenceslas Chapel, decorated with gilded stucco, as well as the high grave of St. John of Nepomuk. The St. Vitus Cathedral also serves as a repository for numerous relics and the Prague Cathedral treasure. The Sigismund Bell, the largest bell in the Czech Republic, is part of the bells in the cathedral.

The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane is considered to be one of the most famous streets in Prague. The small houses adorned with colorful facades were built in the 16th century. After they were no longer needed as accommodation for the guards, numerous goldsmiths settled in them. Especially when it comes to study trips, it should be noted that Franz Kafka lived in one of these houses at the beginning of the 20th century.

Hradschin prague

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