Travel in Uganda

Travel in Uganda

The pearl of Africa, or perhaps the Switzerland of Africa? There are many ways to resemble this amazing country. The country consists of a wonderful nature with Lake Victoria, rainforest,
snow-capped mountain peaks, rivers and grassy savannas. There is a rich wildlife with national parks with most of Africa’s wildlife as well as populations of
primates such as chimpanzees and mountain gorillas.







Kampala (approx. 1.5 million residents, 2014). Kampala is also the largest city in Uganda.


about 35.9 million. (2014)


26 338 km²


English, Swahili


The biggest attraction in Uganda is the majestic mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest and a gorilla hike will change your life in many ways. If you then look a little more closely at the country, you will discover so much more. A trip to Uganda is also the perfect place for chimpanzee hiking in Kibale, safaris in Murchinson Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Here you will find more than 320 registered bird species and is a heaven for bird watchers. You will find that people are friendly and always helpful and close to a smile. A trip to Uganda will always give you a completely unique experience.


Bwindi Impenetrable Forrest

Sitting on a hillside surrounded by a gorilla family is a pure experience you will take with you for the rest of your life. Of course, the encounter with the mighty silver back is an incredible experience, but as you sit completely motionless and silent, you will discover more events. Mothers who feed their cubs, play with or reprimand their cubs. You will discover that they show each other how to grow up and become a gorilla and of course a lot of time for play, but above all you will discover how similar we are. The name “the impenetrable forest” may sound a little scary, but simply has to do with the massive rainforest and we have professional guides with us who guarantee safety at all times.

Murchison Falls National Park

The mighty Nile rushes with full force through the seven meter wide opening and it creates magnificent Murchinson falls. A boat cruise during the falls, along the river should be included in a trip in Uganda. The Nile flows through the national park and its constant flow of fresh water makes wildlife thrive and the flora flourish. Murchison Falls National Park is the best place in Uganda for a classic safari with lots of lions, elephants, buffalo and hippos. In addition, the national park is one of the best places for bird watching in Africa.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Big game, tree-climbing lion and an incredible 600 species of bird… What is not good about this area? During a trip to Uganda, a visit to this park is advantageously included, as it is easily accessible from Bwindi. We also include a visit here in our gorilla walks so you also get a little taste of a classic safari during your trip. The Kazinga Canal is completely boiled by hippos and crocodiles and is actually the perfect place to take a river cruise.

Kibale Forrest National Park

Kibale National Park is truly a mecca for primate lovers. Here are both chimpanzee walks and gorilla walks but also a lot of other things like; red colobus monkey, black and white colobus, lori, blue market cat, anubis baboon and the rare black mouse market. Thanks to the game corridor to Queen Elizabeth National Park, there are also large game such as elephant, lion and more rare species such as serval, leopard and African gold cat.


June to August and December to February – dry season

  • Best time for gorilla trekking as it is drier
  • In the savannah areas, the vegetation is lower and the animals gather around the water sources, which makes it easier to see them.
  • Although it is high season during June to September, it does not feel crowded in the parks like other destinations
  • It rains less and the sun shines more often
  • Gorilla permits should be booked well in advance of arrival

March to May and September to November – the green season

  • The savannah and reserves are greener and it is low season which means cheaper prices
  • Although the animals are easier to see during the dry season, you will see a lot of animals, including the newborn cubs.
  • Roads can be difficult and cars often get stuck, forest trails can be very muddy and slippery and it is usually a challenge
  • Gorilla conditions are in short supply even if it is low season and rainy and you will not be able to change days.


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