Tour Nevada: The Silver State

Tour Nevada: The Silver State

We can definitely recommend making a tour through Nevada! The well-known stories about wild areas, Las Vegas and freedom provide great attraction and make the state popular among travelers. Nevada is located in the western United States, bordering the states of Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah, and Arizona. The state is also called ‘Silverstate’, this is due to the amount of silver that has been mined in the silver mines. There is much to see and discover in this state. A tour through Nevada is therefore definitely worth it.


According to smber, the capital of Nevada is Carson City, named after one of the first pioneers in 1800. The atmospheric city has a diverse population and a rich history. Traces of the colonization period can still be found in Carson City today. There are memories of the Washoe Indians and the Civil War, both of which have had an impact on Carson City. During your tour of Nevada, you will undoubtedly learn a lot about Nevada’s fascinating history. Other major cities in Nevada include Henderson, Reno, Sparks, Paradise and the world famous Las Vegas .


Tijdens je rondreis door Nevada raak je ongetwijfeld onder de indruk van de landschappen in deze staat. Kurkdroge woestijnen, woeste rivieren en onherbergzame bergketens glijden voorbij tijdens je rondreis. Juist dat ongetemde in de natuur maakt een rondreis door Nevada een ervaring om nooit te vergeten. Het is de meest bergachtige staat van het continent waar ook de minste neerslag valt. Dit resulteert in adembenemende routes en uitzichten. In het zuiden van Nevada ligt de Mojave-woestijn, hier is ook Las Vegas te vinden. Het hoogste punt van de staat is Boundary Peak met 4005 meter, een must-see tijdens je rondreis door Nevada.

Kenmerkend voor de staat zijn de bergen en rotsformaties met als hoogtepunten Red Rock Canyon en de Sierra Nevada, een van de meest indrukwekkende bergketens in de VS. Op de hoogste toppen is sneeuw te vinden: hier heeft de staat haar naam aan te danken. Nevada betekent ‘met sneeuw bedekt’. Sommige bergen zijn bedekt met bossen, wat zorgt voor een fotogeniek contrast ten opzichte van de droge omgeving.

The state’s lowest point is found along the Colorado River, which also forms the border with Arizona . A visit to this famous, impressive river during your tour through Nevada is highly recommended. Other rivers that make Nevada’s nature extra beautiful are Humboldt river, Walker, Carson and Snake River. Some impressive lakes are Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead and Liberty Lake. The azure blue water with rugged, wooded mountains in the background provides a fantastic color palette.


When you travel through Nevada, you will discover that the state is very liberal. Gambling is legal and an important source of income, especially in Las Vegas . When you make a tour of Nevada, you should definitely not miss this bustling city! Prostitution is legalized in some parts of the state and marriage and divorce are very easy. Partly because of these freedoms, Nevada has become a popular destination. Most of the population lives in urban areas, about 80 percent. The population is very diverse, there are many minorities. This is partly due to the popularity of the cities and the various waves of migration in earlier times.

A small part of the population lives in the countryside and earns a living from agriculture, working in the mines and ‘ranching’: breeding and caring for livestock. These people are mostly original residents of Nevada, in the urban areas many people who were not born in the state live. Nevada is not a religious state: it is one of the states with the lowest number of churchgoers. Most of the religious people are Catholic and Protestant, but a large part of the population is atheist. There are also many Mormons, followers of a religion that was founded about 200 years ago. Partly thanks to this cultural diversity, a tour of Nevada is very popular.


Nevada is one of the driest places in the US. In summer the temperature can rise to more than 40 degrees. There are many semi-arid and arid regions, such as the Mojave Desert. In general, Nevada winters are cool and summers are hot. Temperatures are very extreme in some regions. In the north, winters are relatively long and cold, in the south they are mild and short. Most of the rain falls in northern and northeastern Nevada, to the right of the Sierra Nevada. The mountainous landscape plays a major role in the state’s climate.

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You can discover Nevada in many ways: by car, motorcycle, camper and so on. There are two routes through the state that are suitable for most forms of a tour of Nevada. These ‘highways’ show you the most spectacular places in Nevada. The most beautiful routes for your tour through Nevada are:

  • S. Route 50, Sacramento–Ocean City
  • S. Route 66, Los Angeles–Chicago
  • S. Route 395, Hesperia–Ferry County

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