The Hadid Sisters Bubble Parade Jamaican of Tommy Hilfiger

Today, Monday 14 September, just 4 hours ago the parade took place in Tommy Hilfiger for the spring of 2016. A parade in which the model Gigi Hadid became, by its own merits, in one of the main protagonists, and The Island Goddess.

Although I was not alone, as this parade also participated in his beautiful sister Hadid, who looks a lot like her sister, only in moreno.

A parade that was a party, a celebration in style of life in the Islands with nods to a reinterpretation of the Jamaican hats, color and lush flora and fauna prints, inspired by renowned textile artist Josef Frank, as well as garments in tropical tones and vibrant striped patchwork.

Both parade attendees received a dossier where every outlook had been printed in a kind of postalitas -similar to that used to send to friends and family when we went on vacation (in theory to say that we were well but, in reality, to give envy).

So during the beginning of the Fashion Week New York, the models wore bikini and adorned with beads and beading, snapping his feet with espadrilles.

Then, to go out at night, dressed with long skirts of cheerful prints with tops made in crochet with halter necks them leaving the shoulders into the air. An aesthetic that reminded me a lot to the 70s hippy style, and Nightgowns that I made my grandmother sleeping, just that mine were in softer tones.

As you can see by the pictures that have uploaded the Hadid sisters to their accounts of instagram, the styling of the models was very natural, with the hair down with beach waves and a makeup almost nude. In short, an eclectic look, worn by the Sun, traditional and luxurious, but, above all, relaxed.

This season, the Hilfiger Collection bet by a Traveller lifestyle, leaving behind the hustle and bustle and enjoying freedom with good vibrations.

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