Thailand Everyday Life

Thailand Everyday Life

What do you celebrate in Thailand?

The most famous festival in Thailand is Loi Krathong, the festival of lights. Everywhere people are making little rafts called Krathons. All Thais can build such rafts. Traditionally, the materials come from the banana tree and are decorated with flowers. Many dress in traditional costumes and prepare for the big parade. People float their krathons. People thank the water and apologize for polluting and using it. Candles burn in honor of the Buddha. The floating boats mean letting go of anger and hatred. Millions of sky lanterns made of rice paper rise in the air and symbolize a new start.

Haunted house

According to aceinland, there is a house altar in almost every Thai house. Most Thais are Buddhists and worship Buddha. When praying, kneel down and put your hands together. There are small altars all over Thailand, which are also called ghost houses. The Thais put flowers and food in front of them to keep the spirits happy.

Sports in Thailand

Did you know that people in Thailand really like to play football? Football is very popular with young people in Thailand and is named as the most popular sport in the country. But many also like to play badminton, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Another popular game in Thailand – as in many other Asian countries: Takro. In this game there are always two teams with three players each. They have to maneuver a ball over the net stretched in the middle of the playing area without the ball touching the ground The hands must not be used.

Thai boxing

Another popular sport is Thai boxing. The Thais call this sport Muay Thai and it is based on traditional martial arts. You don’t use weapons, just your body. The many kicks with the shin and the use of the elbows are particularly noticeable. This sport is also popular in Germany and there are many combat schools that offer the sport.

Country Life

Half of the people in Thailand live in small villages in the countryside. Many Thai work as farmers here, raise their cattle or grow rice, sugar cane, corn, rubber, fruit and vegetables.

Since Thailand is by the sea, there are also many fishermen who go out to sea in small boats every day and catch fish. These are then – like all other goods – sold in the small village markets. This is also where people meet and exchange news.

Life in the capital

In the country it is often very quiet and the old traditions are upheld. In the cities and especially in the capital Bangkok it looks different. In Greater Bangkok live more than ten million people. The administration and the government are to be found here, the banks and the large, important companies and industrial companies that bring money into the country are located here.

All traffic routes are directed towards Bangkok. Whether trains, buses, planes or railways, everything starts and ends in Bangkok. By the way, the Thai are enthusiastic bus drivers. Thai love long-distance buses, which are often pink or red. They love to drive them across the country. There are also railways, but they are not very popular. The bus is cheaper and the bus network in Thailand is very well developed.

Happiness and humility

The poorer people usually live in very small houses in a confined space. Here they sleep and cook, otherwise you live outside the house. Since it is usually very warm, this is not quite as problematic as it is with us. But people also have to work at these high temperatures, which often reach 40 degrees.

Some Thai people don’t earn more than 200 Baht a day, which is the equivalent of only a few euros. But anyone who visits Thailand finds that many people are not dissatisfied despite the poverty and modest life. Tourists tell of the friendliness and courage as well as the joy of the residents of Thailand.

Dispute? Doesn’t have to be!

The friendliness of the people is not an act. However, it is also related to the fact that people in Thailand like to avoid conflicts. That’s the way to smile. You often just accept things that you don’t think you can change. It is very important not to lose face. This is the case in all Asian countries. That is why you shouldn’t get angry in a discussion in Thailand, that would be a weakness.

Therefore, it often looks like Thai society is much more peaceful than other cultures. But a lot has to do with avoiding arguments and arguments. Somehow you have to get along with each other, why argue about it? For Thai it is more important that the community is doing well. Personal well-being is subordinated to this idea. This is not only the case in Thailand, but also characterizes other countries in Asia.

Not just friendliness

The smile of the Thai people is very flattering and many people who travel to Thailand have particularly positive memories of the friendliness of the Thai people. But be careful: Thais sometimes smile even when they don’t know something, covering up their ignorance. This can happen in a taxi, for example, when you ask for an address. Maybe the driver smiles friendly and drives off. But then, probably without you even noticing, he will call a friend, ask for the address and in this way “save face”.

Thailand Everyday Life

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