Sun and Bath on Zanzibar, Tanzania

Sun and Bath on Zanzibar, Tanzania

White beaches and coral reefs off the coast of Tanzania, a country starting with T listed on Countryaah. Zanzibar or Ungunja as the residents call their island, is located just outside Dar es Salaam on the Tanzanian mainland.


Swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the white, fine-grained sandy beaches are the main activities here. The beautiful beaches, the exotic trees and the tropical vegetation are enchanting. The temperature in the sea is always between 25 and 33 degrees warm. The difference between low tide and high tide can be quite large, which periodically limits the bathing possibilities. Then a pool at the resort can be good to cool off in.

Here you experience the living history, the fascinating culture and the relaxing environment. The tempo is relaxed, or “pole pole” as they say here and in some places it feels as if time has stood still. The feeling of traveling hundreds of years back in time is found in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The buildings, which consist of coral stone, are dense and the alleys form narrow labyrinths. During a city tour, you will see, among other things, what remains of the former magnificent Sultan’s Palace. Islam is the largest religion here unlike the mainland of Tanzania.

Also visit the rainforest with the endemic red culubus monkeys or go on a fragrant spice tour. During the warm tropical evenings, enjoy your resort’s good food and drink.


Fabulous barefoot luxury on Zanzibar for friends! Enjoy white beaches, wonderful service and food as well as tropical nights and warm seas off the coast of Tanzania.


Number of days


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21 375: –

Swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the white, fine-grained sandy beaches are the main activities here. The beautiful beaches, the exotic trees and the tropical vegetation are enchanting. The temperature in the sea is always between 25 and 33 degrees warm. Here you will experience the living history, the fascinating culture and the relaxing, calm environment. The tempo is relaxed, or “pole pole” as they say here and in some places it feels like time has stood still. During the warm tropical evenings, enjoy good food and drink. During the days you enjoy the pool if the tide is low. This is real barefoot luxury on Zanzibar .

This offer is based on 12 people who know each other traveling together for the entire The Palms is reserved for your private account for 7 nights.


Departure by flight from Sweden for your trip with barefoot luxury on Zanzibar.
We are happy to book your flight, price on request.


Arrival in Zanzibar. After passport, visa and customs formalities, you will be met in the arrival hall by your transfer driver with a sign with your name on it.

You travel for about 1 hour across the island to the east coast and check in at your accommodation for 7 nights.

The Palms Resort is booked for the next 7 nights for your private use and the staff do their utmost to make your stay an unforgettable memory.

DAY 3 – 8

Days to socialize, enjoy the beach and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. For those who want to be active, there are all possibilities, excursions such as snorkeling, sailing, deep sea fishing, dolphin watching, Jozani forest, spice tours and sightseeing tours in the old Stone Town can be easily booked at the resort reception.


Time to say goodbye to paradise and the transfer car will pick you up in good time for departure home from Zanzibar airport.

DAY 10

Return to Sweden.



With white beaches and blue sea, Zanzibar is a paradise for the active traveler. Explore the fantastic nature, the beautiful beaches and the beautiful culture of the island.

During an Adventure Holiday on Zanzibar, there is an incredible amount to explore. This trip is a great adventure for the whole family as you will discover that all activities are included in the price. During the warm tropical evenings, enjoy the tranquility, the food and the good drinks.


Departure from Sweden for your African adventure.


On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Stone Town.

After a long flight, you have your own time the rest of the day where you can relax and enjoy.


After breakfast you will be picked up at the hotel for a guided tour of Stone Town. Stone Town has a mysterious and remarkable story to tell. Life in the city is active and people live much of their lives out on the streets. You will see people cooking and at Jawns Corner, music is played on barazas (benches attached to buildings) and bao (a traditional board game). You will also visit the Darajani market here you can see, smell and hear the history whispering in the alleys. Feel free to buy the local spices with you at home. In the evening you eat a traditional Zanzibar meal at the Emerson Hotel where you get local entertainment after the meal.


An oasis in paradise! A full day excursion with snorkeling, seafood and BBQ.

Zanzibar has many beautiful sandbanks that emerge during low tide. They are the most idyllic little places to be found on Zanzibar. Imagine sitting in the sand with the sea as a view while a delicious BBQ is prepared nearby. Lobster and fish along with local specialties as well as exotic fruits are on the menu. After lunch you can enjoy some rest, reading, swimming or just enjoy the view. With a cold drink in hand and a camera to immortalize paradise, there is not much more you need. During the day you will snorkel to discover life below the water’s surface. Here you will meet colorful tropical fish, sea urchins and starfish.


Own day!


Bike ride in Jambiani village, swim in a freshwater cave and eat a good local meal. N in bicycles through the villages of Jambiani to see everyday life on Zanzibar. Here you will come across cows, ducks and smiling children waving happily. Along the way you will make small stops to taste local snacks and fruits.

Swim in Cuza freshwater cave North of Jambiani you cross the main road to the agricultural area where you will find Cuza Cave. Cuza Cave is used for spiritual activities. The villagers come here to pray and burn incense. They call on the spirits to have better happiness, change things or ask for comfort when someone is sick. The cave you take a dip in and swim in consists of fresh water.

Traditional lunch After a refreshing swim in the cave, you return to Jambiani where you visit Okala’s restaurant. Okala’s grandmother taught him all about the traditional cooking methods and he keeps the tradition alive. Cooking classes are arranged at his restaurant. Everything is prepared from scratch, baked, hand-picked and locally harvested. The restaurant is traditionally built with walls and roofs of palm leaves.


Own day!


Water sports

The clear water on Zanzibar is perfect for water sports lovers and here you have the opportunity to try two of them:


With the help of instructions from qualified staff, you start on the beach with smaller kites. When you feel that you master the kite, then the open sea is the next point. Flying over the water with the help of the strong wind is a fantastic feeling.


The sea around Zanzibar is full of life and no one knows it better than the local fishermen. Join one of their boats for the best reefs in the lagoon. Many reef fish live here and the Karettskildpadda is common to meet.

DAYS 9 – 10

Two wonderful days to relax on the island of Zanzibar or continue to explore it on your own.

DAY 11

After all these memorable days, it’s time to leave Zanzibar for now! You will receive a transfer to the airport.

DAY 12

Welcome home!


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