Sights of Valkenburg, Netherlands

Sights of Valkenburg, Netherlands

According to USVSUKENGLISH.COM, Valkenburg is a popular tourist destination in the south of Limburg in the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul. Millions of people flock to this town every year. Most come here for the many tourist attractions that can be found in and around the city. People have lived on this place in the Geuldal for many centuries and the first time Valkenburg is mentioned in the history books is in the 11th century. The hilly landscape has long made the city popular as a tourist destination. The local tourist office quickly realized the tourist value of Valkenburg and had a wooden watchtower built at the end of the 19th century.

Top 10 sights of Valkenburg

#1. Cauberg
The Cauberg is probably the most famous mountain in the Netherlands and not only because the finish of the Amstel Gold Race is located here. However, one of the most famous television images of the Cauberg comes from the preparations for this race. When a postman with full panniers conquered the Cauberg next to Michael Boogerd. In 1954 a major bus accident happened on the Cauberg when a bus driver lost control of his bus. This tragic accident killed 19 people. Today, the Cauberg occupies an important tourist spot with Thermae 2000 and the Holland Casino at the top and Grendelplein and the entrance to several caves at the foot.

#2. Velvet cave
This marl cave was created by the construction of the Castle of Valkenburg and other buildings in Valkenburg. In total, the Velvet Cave consists of about five kilometers of corridors and tunnels. A small part of this can be visited daily. In the caves you can find several works of art by known and unknown artists who made cave murals on the walls of the cave. There is also a richly decorated church here. During the French oppression, the people of Valkenburg held their church services in this chapel. Several secret passages lead from Valkenburg Castle to the Velvet Cave.

#3. Mergelrijk
MergelRijk is a surprising, very versatile experience of everything about marl, caves and more… Experience in an unforgettable and impressive way where and how Bokkenriders came together, bats live, cave mushrooms are cultivated, fossils are excavated and block breakers remove the marl from the mountain to fetch. MergelRijk also takes you back to the time of Mosasaurs in the Cretaceous Sea, to a shelter chapel, a cave house and to the secret hiding place for national art treasures in times of war. Another highlight is a life-size marl statue of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.

#4. Kasteel Valkenburg
This ruin of one of the few hilltop castles in the Netherlands still towers above Valkenburg. The first parts of this castle were built as early as the eleventh century and were rebuilt and rebuilt several times in the following years. During the Eighty Years’ War, the castle was definitively destroyed by William III of Orange. After this, the castle was never rebuilt, some parts of the castle were even used to rebuild parts of Valkenburg. The castle is now owned by the Valkenburg Castle Foundation. This foundation watches over the continued existence of the castle. The castle can be visited all year round.

#5. Roman Catacombs Museum
A visit to the Roman Catacombs Museum is a fascinating and unforgettable experience. Wandering through the subterranean corridors you travel back in time, to ancient Rome. You descend to the graves of ordinary Roman citizens and to the magnificent burial chambers of prominent Romans. Beautiful frescoes and the interesting story of the guide make the tour an enchanting experience. The museum also offers a fascinating current program with exhibitions, events, cultural festivals and lectures.

#6. Amusement park de Valkenier
Family amusement park de Valkenier is a small but nice amusement park located just outside Valkenburg. A large part of the attractions are covered here, such as the haunted castle, the bumper cars and a large indoor playground. This makes it possible to visit it during a rainy day. There are also several roller coasters and a wild water slide. There are also a few merry-go-rounds here and you can take a tour of Valkenburg from the park. The park is mainly designed for smaller children. So don’t expect fast rollercoasters or rough wild water courses here.

#7. Christmas market
In Valkenburg you will find perhaps the most special Christmas market in the Netherlands. The Christmas market is located here in the Fluwelengrot and the Gemeentegrot, making it one of the largest underground Christmas markets in the Netherlands. Every year during the Christmas market, an impressive sand nativity scene is built in the cathedral of the cave. In addition, numerous activities are held above ground, such as the grand Christmas parade.

#8. The Grotestraat
This street in the old center of Valkenburg is the center of the city’s nightlife. The pubs and restaurants alternate here and the entire street is full of cozy terraces. On hot summer days it is often difficult to find a spot on one of the overcrowded terraces. Once you have conquered a chair and a table, you can enjoy the spectacle that passes by here. People from all walks of life walk by and provide a wonderful spectacle while you enjoy a nice Limburg beer.

#9. Wilhelminatoren
The Wilhelminatoren is a viewing tower built on Heunsberg next to Valkenburg Castle and the Velvet Cave. The tower can be reached from Valkenburg by means of a cable car or via a footpath. You can also come here by car via neighboring Sibbe. At the top of the Wilhelminatoren there are two ziplines, each more than 300 meters long. There is also a café-restaurant at the watchtower.

#10. Fairytale Forest
Fantasy and reality meet in the Fairytale Forest in Valkenburg aan de Geul. Discover the timeless fairy tales, fun attractions and many play options. Climbing, spinning, flying, sliding or just playing with sand? Spin and sway in the merry-go-round or hopper-de-hop on the balancing dragon… the Fairytale Forest is for young and old.

Valkenburg, Netherlands

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