Sights of Corsica, France

Sights of Corsica, France

According to ACRONYMMONSTER.COM, Corsica is a large (8,680 square kilometers) island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island belongs to France and can be reached by plane as well as from the French mainland by ferry. Although Corsica belongs to France and there are certainly many similarities with the mainland, there are certainly a number of differences. In Corsica, for example, the local language mainly speaks Corsican, with Italian influences clearly noticeable. The people are also more temperamental than the average Frenchman and the rhythm of life is slightly different. Whoever visits Corsica will have to conclude that Corsica has a face of its own that is worth discovering.

Top 10 Things to Do in Corsica

#1. Parc Naturel Régional de Corse
In the middle of the island of Corsica is a national park. This park ‘Parc Naturel Régional de Corse’ is a true hiking mecca for avid walkers. There are no less than 1500 km of marked trails that are regularly interrupted with places to stay. Here you can find the world famous GR20 route with its own mystery and myth. The flora and fauna in this park is truly amazing. As well as the well-preserved historic buildings and archaeological sites that are well maintained and protected. About 40% of the island of Corsica belongs to this immense park.

#2. Ajaccio
The capital of the beautiful island of Corsica is also the birthplace of the French Emperor Napoleon. His home is the famous Casa Buonaparte. The port has a prominent place in this city. You can sail here by Ferry to various destinations, including the island of Sardinia and to Nice or Toulon in France. The most central point of the city of Ajaccio is the roundabout on Place Charles de Gaulle. No less than twelve streets meet here. Many tourist trips depart from here. On this square is also the town hall in which the museum about Napoleon is located. On the Place Giraud you will find one of the statues of this powerful emperor.

#3. Bastia
This second largest city on the island of Corsica has an impressive harbour. With a visit to this harbor you can’t really miss the old baroque facade of the parish church. This is just behind the old harbor and sticks out above everything. Although the city of Bastia has been around since the 14th century, this church was built between 1636-1666. Especially in the evening it is good to stay at this beautiful harbor. You can eat delicious. Be sure to taste the local wine. Bastia has gained quite a bit of fame for its delicious wines.

#4. Scandola Nature Reserve
The Scandola peninsula belongs to the World Heritage Site of Unesco World Heritage. This porphyritic rock mass is located between the Golfe de Galeria and the Golfe de Girolata. The beautiful red cliffs, caves and the special flora and fauna are exceptional. For divers, the area around this peninsula is one of the most special places on earth.

#5. Calanches de Piana
Another very beautiful area can be found at Piana, which is about 78 km from the capital Ajaccio. Here are several hiking trails where you can enjoy the phenomenal view over the ocean and the beautiful red rock formations of Calanches de Piana. The red granite formations have been formed by years of erosion. The village of Piana is one of the most beautiful places in Corsica. From here you have a beautiful view of the Gulf of Porto and of course the azure blue sea. The houses are mainly white and there is a beautiful church ‘Sainte-Marie’ which completes the picturesque picture.

#6. Bonifacio
According to experts, the most remarkable place of the island of Corsica lies in the south. The city of Bonifacio is located on a rock mass of about 80 meters high. The narrow streets, the fortress walls and the cozy houses are surrounded by steep rock walls. Mysterious hollows can be found in these rock walls in various places. The place actually exudes a special and historic atmosphere. There is a Gothic church from the 13th century and a beautiful Romanesque church with bell tower. Other attractions of Bonifacio are the salt pans and water basins.

#7. Calvi
The town of Calvi is located in a beautiful bay in the northwest of Corsica. It is a fairly quiet village with some shops, restaurants, a castle and of course a pleasant harbour. The area around this town is also called ‘the garden of Corsica’. Many olives and different types of fruit grow on the very fertile soil. In the background you have a fantastic view of the snow-capped peaks of Monto Cinto.

#8. Beaches
Corsica has a lot of coast and beaches to offer. The most beautiful beaches can be found on the east coast of Corsica near Porto-Vecchio. Especially due to its location with an azure blue sea and the appearance of trees on the beach with the beautiful rocks in the background, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. This Palombaggia beach is located near the marina. Surfers like to stay on the beach at the bay of Santa Manza near the beautiful town of Bonifacio. But Corsica has plenty of beaches just waiting to be discovered. There are busy beaches, but there are certainly also idyllic beaches in or near the several beautiful bays that the island is rich.

#9. Corte
In this former capital of the island of Corsica you will find an old and a new part. In the old part you will find some historical sights such as a church, beautiful squares such as Place Paoli and the statue of the freedom fighter Pasquale Paoli. Here in the old Corte you will find the old house of Napoleon’s father. He lived in the Place du Poilu near the citadel. The area surrounding the town of Corte is certainly worth mentioning. Beautiful green hills and the valley of Tavignano with accompanying river, the region around this place. Having the only university on the island brings a little more life to the town of Corte.

#10. Sardinia
It is very easy to go up and down to neighboring island Sardinia for a day. With a Ferry you are there in about 50 minutes, so you can go out all day to discover this island. Sardinia is known for its beautiful beaches and unspoilt nature. Monuments that are called Nuraghi in Sardinia can be seen in various places. These are Bronze Age towers and are unique and only found on this island. There is even an entire village at the Tiscali mountain cave with these Nuraghi and other archaeological findings.

Corsica, France

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