Sheikh Zayed’s mosque has a strict dress code.

Flights on your own or as a package

Finland makes package tours to Abu Dhabi during the winter season. Flights arrive at Dubai International Airport, which is about a two-hour drive from Abu Dhabi.

Self- employed passengers can fly to Dubai on direct flights from Finnair or Norwegian from Helsinki and continue their journey by car to Abu Dhabi. Direct flights cost around 200 euros at the cheapest.

Alternatively, you can fly to Abu Dhabi from Helsinki with one stopover on flights such as Turkish Airlines , British Airways and Etihad Airways , at a price of around 350 euros.

Abu Dhabi Airport is about a 45-minute drive from the city center.

Accommodation in Abu Dhabi

As befits the image of a luxury destination, Abu Dhabi has a number of high quality hotels ranging from international chains to local boutique hotels. Of course, there are more modest hotels in the city, but there are no real penny-stretcher options or hostels.

In Abu Dhabi, however, you can try your luck and look for the opportunity to stay with locals through home accommodation services, either for a small fee or even for free.

Getting around and taxis

The center of Abu Dhabi can be reached on foot, but the hot weather brings its own challenges to walks. Especially during the hot season, walking can be very painful, and tourists can be the only ones on foot in addition to workers who have arrived in the city from abroad. Local buses run in Abu Dhabi, but their routes may not be necessary for the tourist.

City taxis are affordable and use meters, which is why they are an easy and convenient way for tourists to move from place to place.

Car hire is also one way to see the UAE – however, you should take special care in traffic.



A desert trip by SUV is an experience worth trying.

Stunning mosque

Abu Dhabi’s impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a magnificent building that shines in pure white. It is also one of the largest mosques in the world with a capacity of over 40,000 people. With its gilded chandeliers and handmade rugs, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of Abu Dhabi’s number one attractions. The mosque is considered one of the most significant architectural masterpieces in the whole country.

Tourists are also welcome to visit the mosque. There you can visit either independently or on guided tours. On an hour-long guided tour, you will get to know both the architecture of the building and the Islamic culture. The mosque must remember to behave respectfully towards the Islamic religion – visitors must wear cover and women must wear scarves as a covering for their hair. Men also have their own precise dressing guidelines. On site, you can borrow UAE-typical costumes that allow you to visit the mosque.

Heritage Village – A traditional village in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s traditional village, Heritage Village, takes the tourist away from the city’s gleaming skyscrapers for a moment. The village has gathered UAE traditions and symbols from the market to camels. You can also admire local crafts on site, as well as the work of goldsmiths. In the museum’s spice shop, you should visit the gift shop.

Ferrari theme park

Ferrari World is the world’s largest indoor theme park for the whole family. More than 20 different amusement rides as well as places to visit tell visitors the story of Ferrari. The amusement park is located about a half hour drive from the center of Yas Island. In the familiar UAE style, Ferrari World also has plenty of shopping opportunities.

The theme park is located on the same island as Abu Dhabi’s Formula 1 track, so tourists interested in fast cars can easily combine two points of interest on the same visit.

Abu Dhabi Cultural Center

In Abu Dhabi, you should explore the local cultural offerings. At the city’s cultural center, you can get to see quality music, dance and theater performances – not forgetting film, of course, after all, Abu Dhabi is the city of film festivals. The cultural center also has photo exhibitions.

Al Ain Paradise Garden and Zoo

The city of Al Ain, close to Abu Dhabi, has plenty to see. Al Ain is home to a giant park called Paradise, which holds about 10 million flowers, as well as an imitation of the Eiffel Tower. The journey from the garden can be continued to the zoo, which is home to more than four thousand animals.



Sheikh Zayed’s magnificent White Mosque is a reason for many to travel to Abu Dhabi.

The best experiences in Abu Dhabi

  1. A visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque
  2. Shopping tour in high-end shopping malls
  3. Embark on a desert ride on the sand dunes surrounding the city
  4. Enjoy local cuisine
  5. Have fun at the theme parks in Abu Dhabi
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