Qatar Guide

Qatar Guide

Country data

Location: Middle East

Time zone: CET + 2 (during summer time: CET + 1)

Total area: 11,586 km²

Land area: 11,586 km²

Water area: 0 km²

Length of the state border: 60 km

Bordering countries: Saudi Arabia: 60 km

Coastline: 563 km

Capital: Doha

Regions: 7
Ad Dawhah, Al Khawr wa adh Dhakhirah, Al Wakrah, Ar Rayyan, Ash Shamal, Az Za’ayin, Umm Salal

Telephone code: 00 974 (Source: Allcitycodes)

Highest point: Tuwayyir al Hamir 103 m


Population: approx. 2.1 million residents (Countryaah, 2021)

Population growth: 3.6% per year

Population density (residents per km²): 181

Life expectancy: 76 (male), 80 (female)

Official language: Arabic


  • 77% Muslim
  • 8% Christians
  • 15% other


In the summer months from June to September it is always very hot and there is hardly any precipitation. Temperatures between 40-45 ° C are very common.


It’s not particularly cold in winter either. Isolated rain falls.

Currency / finance

Currency unit: Qatar Riyal (QAR)

Classification: 1 riyal = 100 dirhams

ATMs: Available in major shopping centers and banks.

International credit cards: These are accepted by many larger hotels and shops.

Regulations: Foreign and national currencies can be imported and exported in unlimited amounts. The import of Israeli currency is prohibited.

Customs regulations

The following may be carried duty-free:

  • Tobacco products for personal use
  • small amounts of perfume

(Information applies to people aged 18 and over)

There is an import ban for alcohol and for all kinds of pornographic articles.

If you carry medication with you for your own needs, it is advisable to have a copy of the prescription and an English-language description or explanation from the doctor with you.

Travel advice

The danger of terrorist attacks is very high in the entire Middle East. You should therefore be constantly alert.

Behavioral advice

You should stay away from demonstrations and large crowds.

Trips into the desert should only be undertaken with someone who is familiar with the area. Also take generous amounts of gasoline and drinking water with you.


Qatar has become a very rich country due to the large deposits of oil. Most of the economy is geared towards its extraction and processing.

Industries: chemistry, oil and gas extraction

Natural resources: natural gas, ed oil, fish

Land use:

  • Usable land: 1%
  • Grain cultivation: 0%
  • Pasture area: 0%
  • Forests: 0%
  • other: 99%
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