Palau Guide

Palau Guide

Palau – information about the country

Country name Palau
Capital Ngerulmud
Continent Australia and Oceania
Area 459 km2
Population 20,901 (2013)
Foundation of a state 1/10/1994
gross domestic product (GDP) US$23,053 (2012)

According to Abbreviationfinder, Palau (Belau) is an island nation associated with the United States in the Philippine Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean and is part of Micronesia.

The capital is Melekeok. The official language is English, Palauan. Currency – US dollar. Religion – Catholicism.

The average temperature on the islands is +26*C.

There are so many beautiful and amazing places in the world. It would seem that there is nothing to surprise a person with. But this time nature succeeded again. Has anyone heard of a lake where only jellyfish live? And about trees shrouded in cobwebs that look like cocoons? Not? Then today we will again make an exciting journey.

Resorts and attractions in Palau

So, the Palau archipelago. Only there is a source that has no analogues in the world. It is a small lake filled with fifteen million jellyfish. The rocky islands of Palau were formed 35 million years ago as a result of the collision of two tectonic plates.

Jellyfish migrated into the lake from the ocean and limestone pores. It’s amazing, but when they leave the shore, they huddle into a solid white wall. A person approaching her does not feel danger, because the jellyfish friendly part, letting the stranger into the water kingdom. In the process of evolution, animals have lost the ability to sting, therefore they cannot harm people. The only thing you can’t do is scuba diving, because at a depth of 10 meters the water is toxic.
Thus, every day new, unexplored corners appear on the planet. All of the above is proof of this. The world is limitless and no matter how much we would like to look into the future, we still will not know what miracle of nature awaits us tomorrow.

Koror until October 2006 was the capital of the Republic of Palau. Now it is not only the largest city of Palau, but also one of the largest city-states of Micronesia.
The population of Koror is about 10,000 Palauans. This city is full of historical and simply interesting sights. Koror offers exciting sightseeing tours, accommodating guests in more than 13 hotels.

Babeldaob – the second largest island of Micronesia and the first largest island of Palau. It makes up 70% of its territory and hosts 10 states of Palau. Variants of pronunciation of the name of the island – Babeltuap, Babeltuan.

Country data

Location: North Pacific Ocean

Time zone: CET + 8 (during summer time: CET + 7)

Total area: 459 km²

Land area: 459 km²

Water area: 0 km²

Length of the state border: 0 km

Coastline: 1,519 km

Capital: Melekeok

Regions: 16
Aimeliik, Airai, Angaur, Hatohobei, Kayangel, Koror, Melekeok, Ngaraard, Ngarchelong, Ngardmau, Ngatpang, Ngchesar, Ngeremlengui, Ngiwal, Peleliu, Sonsorol

Electric current: 115, 230 V / 60 Hz

Telephone code: 00 680 (Source: Allcitycodes)

Highest point: Mount Ngerchelchauus 242 m


Population: approx. 21,000 residents (Countryaah, 2021)

Population growth: 0.4% per year

Population density (residents per km²): 46

Life expectancy: 69 (male), 76 (female)

Official language: Palaui, English


  • 49% Roman Catholic
  • 31% Protestants
  • 20% other


The climate is tropical all year round, with an average (almost constant) temperature of 25-28 ° C. Trade winds cool the weather to a bearable level.

Monsoons are very common in the period from early July to mid-October. The rains are then particularly heavy. During this period, the humidity is also higher than normal.


At the beginning of the year (end of January – mid-April) the least rain falls when the humidity is around 70-80%.

Currency / finance

Currency unit: US dollar (USD)

Division: 1 dollar = 100 cents

ATMs: There are several ATMs in Koror.

International credit cards: These are accepted by many shops in the tourist centers.

Regulations: Foreign and national currencies can be imported and exported in unlimited amounts. If you are carrying amounts of money over the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars, a declaration is required when crossing the border.

Customs regulations

The following may be carried duty-free:

  • 20 cigarettes
  • 1 bottle of alcoholic drink

(Information applies to people aged 18 and over)

Tourists and people in transit can bring items of personal use with them duty-free.

Travel advice

There is no German embassy in Palau.

The German embassy in Manila in the Philippines is responsible.


Thanks to the high financial contributions from the USA, it was possible to establish its own industry in the field of tourism.

Industries: wood processing, tourism

Natural resources: gold, wood

Land use:

  • Usable land: 22%
  • Grain cultivation: 0%
  • Pasture area: 0%
  • Forests: 0%
  • other: 78%


There is hardly any plant growth on the flat islands, as the coral floor is sterile.

The higher volcanic islands are covered by rainforest and have diverse vegetation./p>


Free-living animals actually only exist on the high volcanic islands, where they find a suitable habitat.

The fauna is very abundant under water. Hundreds of different fish and coral species can be explored on diving trips.

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