Morocco Resorts and Attractions

Morocco Resorts and Attractions

The African continent attracts with its mystery, variety of sightseeing destinations, exotic nature and a unique combination of local culture and tourist infrastructure. If you have already traveled the best resorts for young people in Tunisia, went on excursions in Egypt and conquered the skyscrapers of Dubai, we offer you to choose new places where it is better to relax in Morocco.

When to go to Morocco

According to top-medical-schools, the climate in Morocco is great for traveling around the country: it is hot in summer and the water is very warm, comfortable moderately cool temperatures in winter. It is best to come for a beach holiday in May, June and July. The air temperature during this period does not exceed +35, there is no rain.

If you want to relax in Morocco in August, hurry up to book tickets in early spring, because the last month of summer is the hottest, and there are always a lot of tourists.

Morocco is a popular option where to relax at the end of September abroad. September and October is the velvet season, when it is better to go to the sea with children.

High season

Many tourists prefer to go to Morocco by the sea during the high season (from late spring to mid-autumn). At this time, the best resorts are open in Morocco, where you should go on vacation: off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, guests are welcomed by Skhirat, Temara. We recommend visiting the Beach of Nations in Rabat during the beach season.

The water temperature in the ocean in the summer is especially pleasant +25 °C. If you managed to find time to travel to Morocco in July-August, we recommend staying in the resort towns of Agadir, Essaouira and Casablanca.

Low season

It is cheaper to rest in Morocco from November to March. In autumn, spend most of your trip getting to know the cultural values ​​and sights of the country. At this time, it will be comfortable to swim in the pools of hotels, because the maximum temperature of the waters in the ocean barely reaches +24°C.

Let’s note an unusual winter in this North African country: in January and February there are frequent rains, cold winds and fogs. But, if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to European ski resorts, then come to Ifrane and Oukaimeden.

The best resorts in Morocco

Holidays in Morocco, for many tourists, are like an experiment, where else can you go to the sea instead of the usual vacation in Egypt, Turkey or the islands of Greece. This direction is quite new for Russian-speaking vacationers, so you should carefully study where to go to Morocco with children, and where it is profitable for young people to relax.

The resort areas of the country will delight you with the opportunity to visit both the ocean coast and the warm Mediterranean Sea. We recommend traveling to the shores of the latter with a child, because high waves often rise in the ocean, which is not safe for the little guests of the country. Let us analyze in more detail what interesting things can be seen in the famous regions of the country.


Marrakesh is an oriental fairy tale, where you should go to Morocco. Here you find yourself in the special atmosphere of medieval performances against the backdrop of ancient buildings and a variety of attractions. The enchanting dance of aromas of spices and tea, noisy bazaars and unusual old buildings are breathtaking and attract Europeans with their unusual color.


Come and conquer your first wave and fall in love with surfing for a lifetime! This water sport is the main sport in Essaouira. There are schools for beginners and real competitions for professionals. The resort is famous for its comfortable beaches and beautiful nature. You can visit an ancient mosque or a real slave market, see how argan oil is produced.


The most liberated city in the country. Here, local women can walk without a veil, and entertainment can be selected to suit every taste. This is the most democratic and open resort in Morocco. On the beaches you can often meet surfers.

Vacation prices here are slightly higher than in other regions of the Kingdom, but they are justified by excellent service and a variety of opportunities for tourists: museums are open, there are many excursion programs, and there is good shopping here.


Here you will find an extensive cultural program that will introduce you to the history and traditions of the Muslims of Morocco. Be sure to visit Al-Karawiyn, one of the oldest educational institutions, which also has the tomb of the founder of the city. Excursions to Bab-bu-Dzhelud, the Royal Palace and Budzhelud Gardens will be no less informative.


A port city, where it will be interesting to stroll slowly along the ancient streets, studying one by one the local palaces and mosques. Visit the Kasbah for a beautiful view of Gibraltar. Here you can see the feet of Hercules. For swimming in Tangier, it is better to choose the beaches of Sol and Ashakkar, but in windy weather, give preference to a beach holiday on the Mediterranean coast.


From the capital of the Kingdom, you can go to the small province of Oualidia. The main tourist route here includes a stop at the villa of King Mohammed V. Oyster farms are held in high esteem among tourists. The beaches in this small resort are well equipped, there are areas for relaxing at the bar, volleyball courts. The region has good waves for surfing.

El Jadida

An old resort-port, which greets guests with ancient buildings. The main places to visit here are the fortress and the market. El Jadida is a very atmospheric city, which is included in the UNESCO heritage list. The city has two central beaches and one wild one, but you can only get there by your car or on a ride.


It is worth coming here for inspiration, a calm relaxing holiday, and medical procedures. Walk through the Souss-Massa Park and spend the day in the Paradise Valley nature reserve. If you are interested in ancient sights, head to the gates of Fort Santa Cruz de Cap de Gay. It will be interesting for a foreign guest to walk around the local market, visit a mosque, take a walk on the boulevard.


The national cuisine of the Kingdom of Morocco combines the diversity of cultures and peoples: the dishes here look very bright, and the taste quality is not inferior to the appearance. Recommended to try: chorba, ebaba, meshhua, tajine, bastia, briouate. Many dishes are very spicy, so order carefully. Traditionally, locals drink green tea, but you can also order coffee with milk or try the original combination of coffee and citrus fresh.


The transport system of Morocco for the first few days of stay in the country can surprise a tourist. Buses run in large cities (but often do not follow schedules). In resort towns, we recommend using the services of renting a car with a driver, because few people follow the rules on the roads, so it will be difficult for a foreigner to navigate. If you want to go to a neighboring city – feel free to buy a train ticket – travel is not expensive and comfortable.

What to bring

You can bring many unusual and pleasant souvenirs from Morocco, and most importantly, inexpensive and compact ones so that more colorful variety can fit in a suitcase. Choose what will be nice for you to take with you for warm memories, and what will be useful for relatives:

  • Local cosmetic substances (argan oil, dry aromatic kits, soap with essential oils or a hammam kit);
  • Spices (small bags will always be a nice bonus, reminiscent of a good vacation);
  • Delicious gifts (local biscuits, tea, coffee, olives);
  • Clothing and decorations (shawls, local evening dresses of takshi, djellaba, grandmothers);
  • Souvenirs (silver tea sets, lamps, masks).

Morocco Resorts and Attractions

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