Minik Run, Caves and Traps for a Minimalist and Well Designed Runner Infinity

Because the minimalism has to be at odds with good design, nor the simplicity with difficulty, Minik Run is one of those titles for which any of us can check in first person which the genre of the infinite runner is in good health within the wide range of Android.

It’s a game where we will have to control a sort of lively bowling that all they can do will be single and double jumps to dodge a myriad of obstacles that you will be finding their way inside a cave, with the only mission attempting to travel the longest possible distance before the finish being cremated or rushed over a cliff.

Incinerators, propellants which we launched far in one or another direction, platforms, traps of skewers and even gravity itself. The cast of obstacles that we will have that go facing will be wide from the first game, and the fact that the screens are generated randomly whenever we play it will help that us non boring during our tour.

To make more games, the game Dynamics We will be challenging to perform various challenges in Exchange for a certain amount of gems, attached to which they will be collected during our travels, we will serve to unlock different aspects to our round character, being able to convert from a cat into a hipster.

And best of all is that this game It is free and does not have any form of micropayment. All gems will have to go them collecting with the sweat of our brow or viewing videos of 20 seconds that we will be offering from time to time. And could others take note of this.

Minik Runversion 1.08

  • Version of Android: 4.0 and higher versions
  • Developer: $ Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Arcade