Israel Animals and Plants

Israel Animals and Plants

A country that is half desert

Since there are several climatic zones in Israel, there is also a rich flora and fauna.

Over 2800 plant species could be counted in Israel and that is quite a lot in a country that consists of half desert. These plants are well adapted to the climate and can also survive the waterless times.

In addition to the native plants, there are many trees that have been planted in Israel since the state was founded in 1948. These include oaks as well as eucalyptus or citrus trees. Lemons are an important export item for the country.

Many trees have been planted in Israel

More than 200,000 million trees are said to have been planted in Israel since the state was founded in 1948. There are also olive trees, which are also cultivated, fig trees and carob trees. Pine trees, cedars and tamarisks also grow in Israel. In the south, where the desert lies, the vegetation is sparse.

In addition to citrus fruits and olives, other economically valuable plants are grown in Israel: bananas, cotton, tobacco, grapes, plums and almonds are among them. The growing areas are primarily in the fertile coastal region.

Cyclamen and anemones

In the case of flowers, the plants are not that different from ours. For example, the yellow gorse blooms in spring and cyclamen and anemones bloom in autumn. A special plant is the rock rose, a one to two meter high shrub with white flowers that fade again after a few hours. These shrubs bloom from June to August.

Animal species from Europe and Africa live in Israel

Many mammals live in Israel. About 100 species of mammals and 400 species of birds have been counted there. Here you will find animal species that come from Africa, as well as animal species from Europe. There are wolves and jackals, but also porcupines and hedgehogs in Israel, a country located in Middle East according to ehotelat. In the past even lions and brown bears were native to Israel, but these are now extinct.

Asiatic wild ass and afghan fox

Other extinct animal species have been reintroduced in Israel. This includes, for example, the Asian wild ass. You can recognize him by his rather long legs. Its fur is light and often slightly reddish. A line that runs across the back is his mark. The Afghan fox may not be hunted in Israel. He lives mainly in the desert areas of the Negev desert. Its diet consists of insects as well as fruits such as grapes. He likes lizards or mice, depending on what he finds.

Gazelles, black cats and bats

Wildcats can also be found in Israel. These include Schleck cats as well as wild cats and some other species. Gazelles also feel at home in Israel. These are mostly smaller species of gazelle such as the Dorcas gazelle.

Many bat species also like it there. Incidentally, these are mammals because they suckle their young. A common bat species is the Mediterranean horseshoe bat, which, like all bats, uses an echo sounder to orient itself. Their wings reach a span of 30 centimeters. You can recognize them by a nose piece that surrounds the nose. It lives in forests and warm regions, but also in the mountains. The animal is quite sociable and also likes to join other bat species.

Non-toxic and poisonous reptiles

In a desert country like Israel there are also many reptiles like chameleons and lizards. One of the largest species of lizard in the world, the green green lizard, can also be seen in Israel. Like all lizards, it can shed its tail in danger. Since this continues to wriggle and is interesting as a prey, the lizard can run away during this time. Like most species of lizard, the lizard needs drought and sun and wants to hide in meadows, hedges or even scree. So she finds ideal conditions in Israel.

In the desert climate more poisonous snake species are native. These include the horned viper and the Arabian sand otter, which can be very dangerous due to their venom. But as everywhere, most snakes only become dangerous when they feel attacked.

Migratory birds on their “wanderings” like to stop

Many species of birds stop in Israel on their journey to the south or to Africa. The country is a very important gathering place for our migratory birds. There are rare bird species such as the red-winged bullfinch. Furthermore, pelicans and greater flamingos live on the country’s lakes. Steppe eagles, desert hawks, kingfishers and steppe lapwings roam the air.

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