Iraq Guide

Iraq Guide

Country data

Location: Middle East

Time zone: CET + 2 (during summer time CET + 1)

Total area: 438,317 km²

Land area: 437,367 km²

Water area: 950 km²

Length of the state border: 3,809 km

Bordering countries:
Iran: 1,599 km
Jordan: 179 km
Kuwait: 254 km
Saudi Arabia: 811 km
Syria: 599 km
Turkey: 367 km

Coastline: 58 km

Capital: Baghdad

Provinces: 18
Al Anbar, Al Basrah, Al Muthanna, Al Qadisiyah, An Najaf, Arbil, As Sulaymaniyah, At Ta’mim, Babil, Baghdad, Dahuk, Dhi Qar, Diyala, Karbala, Maysan, Ninawa, Salah ad Din, Wasit

Electric current: 220 V / 50 Hz

Telephone code: 00 964 (Source: Allcitycodes)

Highest point: Cheekha Dar 3,611 m


Population: approx. 32.6 million residents (Countryaah, 2021)

Population growth: 2.2% per year

Population density (residents per km²): 74

Life expectancy: 70 (male), 73 (female)

Official language: Arabic, Kurdish


  • 99% Muslim
  • 1% other


The summer months are always very hot and very dry with daytime temperatures of around 35-40 ° C.

In contrast to the European climate, the winter months are also quite warm (around 20 ° C).

There is very little rain all year round.


Currency / finance

Currency unit: Iraqi Dinar (IQD)

Division: 1 dinar = 1,000 fils (no longer in circulation)

ATMs: are not available.

International credit cards: Accepted in some larger hotels.

Regulations: The national currency may be imported and exported up to an amount of 25 IQD.

There is no limit to the amount of foreign currencies that can be imported. The export is permitted in the amount of the declared import. There is an obligation to declare all amounts of money.

The import of Israeli currency is prohibited.

As a foreign currency, it is only recommended to bring US dollars in small denominations. In many shops you can also use it to pay directly.

Customs regulations

We currently do not have any reliable customs information for Iraq.

Travel advice

The Federal Foreign Office has issued a general travel warning for Iraq!

All Germans are asked to leave Iraq and avoid the border regions of neighboring countries with Iraq.

The embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Iraq is not functional. Help in emergencies and other support cannot therefore be given.

Assistance from state security agencies is rarely the case and in no way does it offer adequate protection.

Behavioral advice

Government buildings and military installations may not be photographed.

Eating and drinking in public is prohibited during the month of fasting.


The export of petroleum is the country’s main source of income.

Most of the natural resources are also exported for foreign exchange.

Industries: natural gas and oil production, food production, textiles

Natural resources: lead, natural gas, petroleum, copper, phosphates, sulfur, zinc

Land use:

  • Usable land: 12%
  • Grain cultivation: 0%
  • Pasture area: 9%
  • Forests: 0%
  • other: 79%


Reed plants and some not so demanding tree species grow in the hot climate.

Otherwise there are only a few types of grass and smaller shrubs.


Antelopes, ospreys, hyenas, jackals and many reptiles are mainly to be found.

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