Graubünden, Switzerland

Graubünden, Switzerland

Graubünden is a Swiss canton and a member of the Swiss Confederation. The capital of Graubünden is Chur.

Naming of the canton of Graubünden

It is assumed that the name Graubünden is a derivative. In 1367 the Gray Bund was founded. This was first used in 1447 as a nickname for Austrians and Zurich residents. But the Bundsmen adopted the name in their linguistic usage. Later in the 16th century, the area of ​​today’s Canton of Graubünden was also known as Rhaetia. From this naming, however, only a few names remained. Today only a few institutions, such as the Rhaetian Railway and the Rhaetian Museum in Chur, have this name in their name.
The name Graubünden was officially introduced in 1803 and has existed since then. The introduction of the name went hand in hand with the constitution of the modern canton of the Swiss Confederations.
The traces of the three leagues can also be found in the canton’s coat of arms. It is composed of all three former coats of arms of the confederations.

Landscape and Neighbors of the Canton of Graubünden

Graubünden is a mountain and valley landscape. Hiking tours lead through beautiful valleys in which there are lush meadows and over mountains that are characterized by the typical mountain vegetation. In terms of area, the canton is the largest in Switzerland and represents the eastern part of the country. Despite its large area and attractive landscapes, Graubünden is relatively sparsely populated compared to the other cantons.

The Rhine is the most important river in Graubünden. It rises here with its two source rivers, the Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein. The Inn also has its origin here.
Believe it or not, there are 150 valleys in the canton of Graubünden, and there are also 615 lakes. The mountain peaks are also well represented with 937.

The neighbors of Graubünden include Ticino, Uri, Glarus and St. Gallen. In addition, the border from Switzerland to Liechtenstein and Austria runs near Graubünden. The Italian South Tyrol and Lombardy also border here.

Leisure and holidays in the canton of Grisons

The tourism is both in summer and in winter essential for the canton. Therefore, a particularly large number of service providers are set up for tourism here. Particularly noteworthy, however, is the canton’s impressively well-designed pool world. The most attractive baths are in the towns of Vals, Scoul and Andeer.
Castle fans will get their money’s worth in Graubünden, here you will find a large number of historic castles and fortresses.
The monasteries and churches are also well represented here, so there is sure to be a favorite excursion for everyone.
The latest attraction in the tourist catalog is particularly beautiful: the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula Valley. Many tourists and visitors to the canton do not miss the trip over the Bernina Pass. This is particularly architecturally impressive.
The canton is very well connected to the transport network. If you want to travel to the canton of Graubünden, you can either come comfortably with your own car or use the train or bus.
Here you can get anywhere without your own vehicle and reach the desired destination without stress.

Graubünden, Switzerland

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