Flashout 2S, The Futuristic Racing in The Purest Style Wipeout Free Come to Android

Spectacular graphics and some gameplay mechanics well known to lovers of speed, Flashout 2S arrive for free to our Android devices, with us we could not resist the temptation to try to tell you what we think this game that inevitably remind us classics such as Wipeout.

Although Flashout 2S have just get Google Play is not a completely new game, since it is the free version of a Flashout 2 of which we already announced its launch at a price of two euros last year. But time has treated this title well, and even today continues to offer us a few pointers graphics which will delight fans of racing games.

The first thing to be thankful in this game are its controls, since we can choose between our vehicle using mobile or with classic buttons gyroscope inside the screen. In any case, our choice will not influence the management of the game thanks to a well-designed layout of the rest of action buttons.

Bonus such as shields, weapons and accelerations that we go picking up along the way we will be placed on both sides of the screen so that they will be very comfortable to operate while we handle our vehicle with either of the two types of control that we have already mentioned. Perhaps the most difficult of the game is to take the curves well, too much speed and adrenaline to plan them well, but that’s part of the challenge of this title.

As you can see in our screenshots, Racing requires inside a futuristic tracks which you have to have enough reflexes to take the aforementioned curves at full speed while We collect coins, guns, different types of bonus and at the same time we avoid the shots of who we been following behind.

Moreover, the game icluye modes of Singleplayer and multiplayer online, so that we can devote ourselves to explore its ten circuits in single races or career mode, or challenge us with complete strangers. The game has micropayments to buy weapons and powerups, but at least at the beginning of the single player mode are not essential for the win.

Flashout 0.1.14 2sversion

  • Version of Android: 2.3 and higher
  • Developer: Jujubee S.A.
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
  • Category: Racing