Facts about Indonesia

Facts about Indonesia

According to PERCOMPUTER.COM, country Indonesia is an exotic country located near the equator. It is called the country of three thousand islands – in reality there are thirteen and a half thousand. One of them is the island of Bali.

Bali An exotic island, one of the famous centers of Indonesian culture and folk art, a place of pilgrimage for tourists. Ceramic products, fabrics, wood and stone carving, jewelry from Bali are known all over the world. Bali is rightfully considered one of the best and most comfortable resorts in Asia. Mysterious Buddhist temples and tropical plants, Balinese massage, Asian cuisine and traditional Indonesian hospitality will make your stay unforgettable.

Banks are open from Monday to Thursday (8.00 – 15.00), Friday (8.00 – 11.30), Saturday (8.00 -14.00). Day off – Sunday. Shops are open daily from 9.00 to 18.00, many are open until 21.00.

Visa: To apply for a visa, you must have a foreign passport valid for at least 6 months, a completed application form, 2 photos. The term for issuing a visa is one week.

Important details:
Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, and therefore the following rules should be observed: short shorts and skirts should not be worn, sunbathing without the top of a swimsuit, in government offices and mosques, clothing must cover the knees.

Helpful Hints

Going to Indonesia, you need to know about some of the nuances of rest in this country. The tips below will help make it more comfortable.

During excursions, visits to restaurants or when making purchases, stock up on change in advance, as it is customary to tip in Bali.

When visiting temples, you should not enter with bare feet, do not climb higher than the clergy for video or photography; women are forbidden to enter the temple during critical days.

It is better to use bottled drinking water. You should also monitor the quality of the supplied ice – often it is prepared from unboiled tap water, which is not recommended. Food in restaurants and cafes is usually carefully checked and processed. When buying products on street stalls and markets, you should be careful. This is especially true for fruits (it is necessary to thoroughly wash them in running water and scald with boiling water) and ready-made dishes from the trays.

The use and distribution of drugs is punishable by death (for foreigners, mitigation of punishment is possible – up to 20 years in prison).

As of February 11, 2006, Jakarta introduced a ban on smoking in public places, including restaurants, hotels, schools, company offices, airports, public transport and on the street. The violator, by court decision, may end up in prison for a period of 6 months or will be forced to pay a fine of 50 million rupees (about $5.5 thousand).

local customs
Touching the head (even if it’s just a child) is considered humiliation. The left hand is considered “unclean” – it is impossible to pass anything to it, and even more so – to touch the interlocutor with it. You can not point a finger at someone, put your foot on your foot, and even more so – put your foot in someone’s direction (the foot is considered an “unclean” part of the body), as well as scream and show anger in public. You can not wear shorts and skirts in public places, sunbathe “topless”.

They eat only with the right hand and usually without cutlery. Restaurants naturally use a spoon and fork, but the knife is considered a symbol of aggression, so it is never on the traditional Indonesian table. Before and after eating, the right hand is washed in a special bowl with water and a slice of lemon.

Power supply in large cities and tourist areas is 220 V., 50 Hz. In some remote areas, 110 V sockets are found.

Souvenirs from Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes and excellent climate, but also for its craftsmen who make souvenirs. Literally at every step you will be offered high-quality, beautiful and, at the same time, very cheap souvenirs that can be a great gift for any holiday, or they will remind you of a busy trip to Indonesia.

The most popular souvenirs, without which almost no one leaves for their homeland, are crafts made of silver, wood, fabric and stone. If you want to purchase exclusively original products of Indonesian masters, visit one of the galleries or shopping centers located in almost every hotel in the state.

Decorative products from Indonesia are valuable not only for the high level of their production, but also for the fact that most of these products can be useful in the daily life of every person. Unique figurines and jewelry brought from the archipelago will impress your guests. By purchasing a souvenir in Indonesia, you can simply decorate your home, or make a great exotic gift for friends and loved ones.

Facts about Indonesia

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