Entertainment and Sights of Riga, Latvia

Entertainment and Sights of Riga, Latvia

Riga is a relatively small cozy European city. Despite this, visiting all the sights and museum expositions can take several days, or even a week. Of course, most of them are located in the historical center of the city, but there is also something to see on the opposite bank of the Daugava and the outskirts of the city. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Latvia.

The unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages reigns in Old Riga with its cobbled streets and squares, ancient churches and architectural diversity.

Once in the Old Town, first of all go to the Town Hall Square. In addition to the Town Hall building itself, you should pay attention to the famous House of the Blackheads – one of the most interesting buildings in Riga from an architectural point of view. In the center of the square stands the statue of Rolonda, a symbol of economic and political independence. A little further away stands one of the oldest buildings in the city – St. Peter ‘s Church with a high spire, visible from almost anywhere in Old Riga.

If time permits, be sure to go up to the observation deck of the church. From a height of 72 m, a beautiful view of the historical center of the Latvian capital opens up.

Nearby is the Dome Square, which is considered to be the heart of Old Riga. Its main attraction is the famous Dome Cathedral, a real symbol of the city, which has incorporated features of various architectural styles. Inside there is a huge 25-meter organ, its sound is considered one of the best in the world.

If you’re lucky, you can get to a concert of organ music, which are often held in the temple.


Although most of the museums in Riga are located in the central part of the city, even the longest vacation will not be enough to see them all. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study and choose the most interesting expositions for yourself.

The famous Riga Castle houses two museums at once – the National Museum of the History of Latvia and the Museum of Foreign Art. The latter is one of the largest art collections in the country, containing samples of ancient painting and sculpture. The Historical Museum presents exhibits dedicated to the life of Latvians from ancient times to the present day.

In connection with the large-scale reconstruction of the old building, the Museum of Foreign Art has already moved to the premises of the Riga Stock Exchange, and the historical exposition will soon be moved.

Within the walls of the ensemble of famous old buildings “Three Brothers” is the Latvian Museum of Architecture. Although its collection contains more than a thousand items, there is no permanent exhibition, exhibitions are held in the halls, regularly replacing each other. Also of interest is the Latvian National Museum of Art, which presents paintings, drawings and sculptures from Latvia, Russia and the peoples of the Baltics.

If you have time, it is worth visiting the Motor Museum – one of the best expositions of old cars in the world. It is located quite far from the city center, so not all tourists get to it, but at the same time, the local collection of vintage cars is truly impressive.

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5 things to do in Riga

  1. See real antiques at the Flea Market in Latgalit.
  2. Find all the styles present in the architecture of the Old City.
  3. See frames from your favorite films on the most cinematic street in the USSR – Jauniela.
  4. Admire the evening Riga from the observation deck in St. Peter’s Church.
  5. Get to a concert in the Dome Cathedral and hear the magical sounds of one of the most majestic organs in the world.

Riga for children

For most tourists, Riga is the cobblestone pavements of the Old Town, ancient architecture and other medieval surroundings. However, a completely different picture opens before the young guests of the city. The Latvian capital has everything for children to leave with a whole bunch of bright emotions and new impressions.

The city has many entertainment centers and amusement parks, the most popular of which is considered to be Lido. It won the love of Rigans and guests of the city thanks to the variety of entertainment for children and adults, as well as quite affordable prices. Another interesting place is Peak Nick Park, which has many attractions for guests of all ages.

Riga has everything necessary for the children to leave here with a whole bunch of new experiences.

The Riga Zoo is especially popular. The well-groomed green area contains more than 3 thousand animals, among which there are exotic ones – lions, giraffes, pandas and many others.

Be sure to check out the Riga Circus, located not far from the Central Station in one of the oldest circus buildings in Europe. You can get both to the performances of local artists, and to tour performances of famous bands. No less interesting program is offered by the Latvian Puppet Theatre. The repertoire is dominated by productions of favorite children’s fairy tales – “The Three Little Pigs”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Doctor Aibolit” and many others. Performances are in Latvian and Russian.

Another place that will definitely not leave any child indifferent is the Laima Chocolate Museum, opened by the famous confectionery factory. The exposition will introduce children to the history of the cocoa bean and the technology of making their favorite delicacy.

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The climate of Riga is temperate continental, and due to its location on the Baltic Sea, it is quite warm and humid. Choosing the time for a visit to the Latvian capital, you need to be guided by the purpose of the trip. If clean Riga beaches are a priority, it is better to go from mid-July to mid-August, at the very height of the beach season, towards the end of summer, the cool breath of autumn is already clearly felt in the city.

The end of spring or the beginning of autumn is more suitable for sightseeing holidays. At this time, the weather in Riga is warm, there is little rainfall, however, at the end of May the city is especially charming, and there are not so many tourists yet. At the same time, winter Riga is also popular among vacationers. There are no particular colds here, and bright lights and Christmas markets charge with positive and create a New Year’s mood.

Sights of Riga, Latvia

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