Earn to 2 Die, Crosses The Country While Avoiding Obstacles and Rolling Hordes of Zombies

The zombie apocalypse has arrived (again), and we are a sort of Mad Max whose mission is the cross the United States from coast to coast by opening we step with our vehicle to through hordes of the undead, something for which we will need patience, perseverance, money and countless improvements to make our cars more and more resistant and durable.

Earn to Die 2 is not a game of driving to use, because the only thing we have to do is go in a straight line calculating each of our acceleration to save precious fuel. All the while we emulate a typical trial game saving slopes, making impossible jumps and Yes, passing over all the zombies that we go to step.

The controls in this game are quite simple. On the left side will have two buttons to tilt our car back and forth, while in the right area of the screen you will have the accelerator and, if it is available, the button to activate the turbo. The indicators that we have at the bottom center they will tell us how much gasoline and turbo We have at all times.

Each attempt to pass us a map will be a day at the game, and we will need a few attempts to overcome each of the maps. At the end of each will give an amount of money that we will have that invest to improve our car until we have it ready enough as to take us until the end of the tour.

Each certain missions the game will unlock us a new car, which we will have to be equipped from the outset. It is a pity that when unlock us a car We do not reuse the previous already fully equipped, because the new always tends to be rather worse and can be a little frustrating at first.

Earn to Die 2version 1.0.45

  • Version of Android: 2.3.3 and higher
  • Developer: Not Doppler
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free, but with integrated shopping
  • Category: Racing