Discover Safaris in Botswana

Discover Safaris in Botswana

According to Abbreviationfinder, Botswana is located in southern Africa and is almost twice the size of Norway. Going on a discovery safari in Botswana as it once was is a powerful, unforgettable experience. During this trip, we do not focus on getting from place to place and blasting in lots of safari activities. Instead, we will take time, breathe, enjoy still water, red sunsets, the sounds of the night and the surprises of the morning. According to Countryaah, the capital city of Botswana is Gaborone.


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On a discovery safari in Botswana we will get a safari per mokoro canoe that glides quietly through the water channels in Okavango and have time to see the animals moving around. We will get game drives along sandy roads where we can see the night’s tracks of animals moving very close. Here, nature and animals are the main characters and we marvel at how close we can get. We get the privilege of really meeting the people who originally lived here and are shown how to survive in these barren areas. This is the original Africa.


Today you fly from Sweden to Botswana for your journey discover safaris in Botswana with adventures in the Okavango Delta.

DAY 2 – 4

When you land in Maun, you will be met by our representative from Delta Air, who will show you on board the safari flight. You fly to Camp Savuti .

The wetland, “The Savuti Marsh”, gets its water from the Savutikanaal and has throughout the year earned its reputation as one of the best plastics to see predators. There are lots of game and a number of award-winning nature films, filmed here.

The canal, which dried out in 1982, regained its flow in 2010 and is now flooding again across its banks and into the wetland. The grass grows tall and attracts lots of different herbivores, and since we are in Africa, also lots of predators.

The safari takes place during morning and afternoon game drives and you drive through the area along the river and wetland. It is open jeeps that are used here to provide the best possible conditions for photography and close experiences. The guide will, as always, do his best to show his country and the incredible species richness that exists here. The area is also good for bird enthusiasts.

DAY 5 – 7

After breakfast in Camp Savuti, you will be transferred to the airstrip for safari flights to Delta Camp .

Delta Camp is located in a wooded area on a large island on the southwestern border of Chief’s Island, next to the Moremi Game Reserve in central Okavango Delta.

Okavango, with its crystal clear waterways, waterlily-adorned lagoons, vast wetlands and countless islands, houses over 450 bird species, a wide range of plants and most of Africa’s wildlife. Okavango really deserves its position as one of Africa’s best safari areas.

At Delta Camp, the focus is on peace and quiet. Tracking wildlife on foot is exciting. Guests are invited to visit the local villages, where the guides live and get to know the people.

Dinners are enjoyed with stunning views of the delta with the surrounding river banks and wildlife. Bring a picnic lunch and be out all day, hiking to some nearby island to enjoy the day.

At Delta Camp you will experience the traditional, original Okavango safari. Local guides, mokoros, no motorboats, no diesel generators around the camp. Here there is peace and quiet which was what attracted us here from the beginning.

Enjoy traditional Okavango safaris with your private guide, luxurious but natural accommodation, fresh vegetables, fantastic ingredients and good drinks make the camp and its kitchen have a well-deserved good reputation.

DAY 8 – 10

After breakfast at Delta Camp, take the safari flight to Deception Valley Lodge.

The camp is located on a private reserve, 15,000 acres and borders the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. Deception Valley Lodge is one of the first lodges in this area.

The camp has its own airstrip, 15 minutes from the lodge and it takes half an hour to fly to Maun.

The safari here is very varied. The reserve’s many roads and paths make game-driven varied even for night safaris. Kalahari’s sandy roads make it easy to see tracks and your guide shows where lions and leopards have wandered. The tracks can be followed off-road as it is a private reserve.

The lodge also offers meetings with the Bushman (San) people. ‘Braam’ Badenhorst, one of the lodge’s owners, grew up here with the San people and many of his friends live here on the reserve and are happy to show their people the traditional way of life. Walking through these barren lands together with San which shows how to survive on fruits, berries, roots, bark, herbs and flowers, many used for medicine and ceremonies, is a great experience. All this and also the amount of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects that live here in this fascinating part of the world.

DAY 11

Enjoy one last morning drive, breakfast and then leave Deception Valley Lodge on a safari flight to Maun for your return trip.


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