Brunei Guide

Brunei Guide

Country data

Location: Southeast Asia

Time zone: CET + 7 (during summer time: CET + 6)

Total area: 5,765 km²

Land area: 5,265 km²

Water area: 500 km²

Length of the state border: 266 km

including: Malaysia: 266 km

Coastline: 161 km

Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

Districts: 4
Belait, Brunei and Muara, Temburong, Tutong

Electric current: 220 V / 50 Hz

Telephone code: 00 673 (Source: Allcitycodes)

Highest point: Bukit Pagon 1,850 m


Population: approx. 423,000 residents (Countryaah, 2021)

Population growth: 1.7% per year

Population density (residents per km²): 73

Life expectancy: 74 (male), 79 (female)

Official language: Malay


  • 79% Muslim
  • 9% Christians
  • 8% Buddhists
  • 4% other


There is an always humid tropical climate. Temperatures are around 26 ° C all year round, with an average humidity of around 80%.

Precipitation must be expected all year round. However, intensified in the monsoon season from November to January.


Currency / finance

Currency unit: Brunei Dollar (BND)

Division: 1 dollar = 100 cents

ATMs: Available in almost all banks and shopping centers.

International credit cards: These are accepted by many larger hotels and shops.

Regulations: Foreign currencies can be imported and exported in unlimited amounts. There is an obligation to declare.

The national currency can be imported and exported up to an amount of 1,000 BND.

The importation of Indian and Indonesian currencies is prohibited.

Customs regulations

The following may be carried duty-free:

  • 200 cigarettes or 250 g of other tobacco products
  • 1 liter of alcoholic beverages (only for non-Muslims)
  • small amounts of perfume

(Information applies to people aged 18 and over)

Tourists and people in transit can bring items of personal use with them duty-free.

Possession of all kinds of drugs (even small amounts) and trading in them leads to drastic penalties. People are often sentenced to long prison terms (under very poor conditions) or even to death! The same applies to the possession of all kinds of weapons.

Travel advice

There is currently no country-specific safety notice for Brunei Darussalam.

Behavioral advice

During Ramadan, even non-Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke during the day.

You should never take luggage with you for strangers (as a favor) without knowing the exact contents. Possession and trafficking in drugs are severely punished.

Smoking in public should be avoided.


Although the small sultanate is one of the richest countries in the world, the residents sometimes live under very simple conditions.

The economy relies mainly on the export of natural gas and oil.

Industries: natural gas and oil production

Natural resources: natural gas, oil, wood

Land use:

  • Usable land: 1%
  • Grain cultivation: 1%
  • Pasture area: 1%
  • Forests: 85%
  • other: 12%
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