Bet on the Blonde

Find the right tone for you and between for this team

The blonde hair is and always will be in high. The favorite of many women, which is the head of many, this tone draws the attention of men and provokes curiosity in brunettes and redheads. This is because they, at least once in their life, has imagined with this color in her hair. And you, what about risk? Separate special tips for each hair type and skin tone to you face of time change. Ready to go?

Bet on the Blonde 1

The light and clarity are sources of inspiration for those who will take the blonde. So, bet on the golden tones, which in addition to beautiful and sexy, give an air of glamour to the look. So, invest in that is in high: blond natural background with wicks 3D – brown cold fumês and the sand pearly, combine that with the majority of skin tones and hair types.

The big secret is that the tone is associated to the sensuality. Therefore, women who seek to give an air of sexy to the look, but looking for something in the right measure and without vulgarity, can opt for this inspiration without fear. And to further enhance the visual and sensual between them-the hair balance with a cut slightly frayed on the front.

Bet on the Blonde 2

But if you still think you can’t get to this time, is fooling himself. After all, many hair types and skin tones welcome the blonde. Black, for example, are best with shades of brown or reddish. Oriental go well with shades of beige, sand and pearly. They, even, should avoid blonde very light so they don’t look yellowish. Brunettes and women with dark hair should bet on the blonde pulled the brown. Those who have fair skin should use shades of blond, clear and natural. Already the refs should turn the wires partially with wicks in clear tones.

But do not forget to stay alert to the care with wires after joining the team of blondes. Self-respecting by the hydration weekly, with specific products for your hair type. Additionally, if your locks already have another kind of chemical, do not forget to take a shampoo without salt.

Bet on the Blonde 3

Do not want to paint completely the hair? A good option is to invest in wicks reversed (wicks dark on top blonde) that cause a nuance satisfactory in addition to increase the protection of the wires against the harmful effects of climate. Now that you already know everything about the subject, that such to adopt the new visual?