Best Christmas Shopping

Best Christmas Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching, and there are many preparations for what is probably the most popular holiday of the year. Christmas gifts should be shopped, and as if it is not difficult enough to find out what to buy for both close and not so close family members, it will often be quite expensive with Christmas gifts as well. And not least – there are many who have nothing left over for the actual Christmas gift shopping!

best Christmas shopping

All these points can be solved by traveling abroad and performing the Christmas shopping. It is not only cheaper in other countries, but the selection is often larger in the European capitals at the same time as it is an experience in itself to shop some of the continent’s largest shopping centers. Here are our tips for cities where you can find the best Christmas shopping.

Christmas shopping in London

You can not do without the British capital London when it comes to Christmas gift shopping. The city is known for its busy shopping streets such as Oxford Street and Kings Road. In the month of December, almost the entire city center is covered in light, and it is an experience in itself to shop in London’s many shops. The British capital is admittedly known for being one of Europe’s most expensive capitals to holiday in, but when it comes to Christmas shopping, you will come across many good shopping offers in the city.

When you visit London, you will also be able to buy designer clothes and other designer items at far cheaper prices than what you get in Norway. Maybe a perfect opportunity to pamper someone you particularly love? We recommend that you stop by the famous Harrods department store, which consists of over 300 stores over multiple floors. You should not ignore that this is the only thing you get time for during your stay in London, but we also recommend that you visit the traditional Christmas markets.

Christmas shopping in Tallinn

If you want a much cheaper Christmas shopping, then you should turn your nose towards the Estonian capital Tallinn. Unlike London, this city is known as one of Europe’s cheapest, and you will be able to get a lot of Christmas presents and Christmas decorations for little money. At the same time, there are many sights here, so you can experience another culture’s Christmas preparations while taking away the worst Christmas hustle and bustle. There are extremely many stalls and homemade things in the square in November and December, so here you can really get some unique Christmas gifts.

Christmas shopping in New York

If you have seen Christmas movies from New York , then you know a little what to expect from the American city. There is no shortage of decorations and lighting here, and December is actually one of the nicest months to visit New York. Wherever you are in Manhattan – and especially around Broadway – you are almost surrounded by shops. You will find everything from the large designer stores to small and nice stores with a unique selection of different Christmas gifts. This should be seen as a well-deserved holiday where you seek Christmas atmosphere while securing some cheap Christmas gifts for friends and family.

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