Attractions in Sweden

Attractions in Sweden

Sweden – places of interest

Sweden is a very interesting country, which has a large number of the most diverse attractions to offer. Visit campingship for Top 10 Sights in Sweden.

You should definitely not miss the church in Husbay. The church was originally built in the Romanesque style in 1100. Gothic pointed arches were added during the fourteenth century. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the church was renovated, unfortunately thesplendidWall and roof paintings destroyed.

Also the church of Jokkomokk is worth a visit. It was built in 1888 according to the plans of the architect Ernst Abraham Jacobsson. It is an absolute model of nineteenth-century wooden architecture.

You should also have seen the Kalmar Cathedral, which was built between 1660 and 1699.

The church of Kiruna is also worth seeing. It was created between 1903 and 1912. The architect was Gustaf Wickman. The Swedish national romantic architectural style was used for its construction.

Other religious buildings in Sweden are Linköping Cathedral, Lund Cathedral, Mariestadt Cathedral, Skara Cathedral etc.

Sweden also has a large number of different sights to offer that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

One of these highlights is the Viking settlement of Birka and Hovgarden. The town used to be the most important trading post for the Vikings on Björkö Island.

The arctic cultural landscape of Lapland is also worth a detour. The Kolmarden are something special. This is the largest zoo that can be found in all of Europe. For the most part, the park is laid out like a safari park, which you can drive through by car or bus. You can see lions, moose, zebras and tigers here. There is a wonderful dolphinarium to experience in the zoo. Interesting dolphin shows are shown there every day.

The naval port of Karlskrona, built in 1680, is worth seeing. He was then on the orders of Charles XI. and is still the base of the Swedish Navy today.

The Skogsskrykogarden, a cemetery near Stockholm that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, is worth a visit.

Visby, Bjärka-Säby Castle, Grisholm Castle, the Renaissance Kaimar Castle etc. are

also worth seeing in Sweden. The country also has some natural beauties to offer. There are twenty-eight national parks and around 1300 nature reserves to see in the country.

Other interesting attractions in Sweden are the midnight sun and the polar or northern lights.

Goteborg (Sweden)

Gothenburg is a city in the Swedish province of Västra Götaalnds län. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. The city has an area of ​​198 square kilometers and a half million residents. Who hisvacationspends in Sweden, the city should not be missed. There is a wide range of different sights to see in Gothenburg.

Especially the center of Gothenburg is considered a relic of the original in thecityexisting fortress. Here you can find many old buildings and structures as well as numerous navigable canals. Visitors to Gothenburg will remember the blue trams in particular for a long time, as you can see them almost everywhere.

Most tourists to Gothenburg explore the city on foot or by bike. The main destination for visitors is the Jägertorget in the west of the city. Gothenburg is also known for its vibrant and diverse coffee house culture. You can experience this culture up close, especially in the old quarter of Haga. If you want to get to know the upper class atmosphere of Gothenburg better, you can do so in the Vasa district. The buildings standing there are reminiscent of the Vienna Ringstrasse buildings.

In the center of Gothenburg there is a monument to the city founder Gustav Adolfs Torg and many impressive buildings. The oldest preserved building in the city is Kronhuset. It was built in the middle of the seventeenth century. The Feskekörka is also definitely worth a visit. It was built in 1874. The Feskekörka is a fish market hall that was built in the style of a Gothic church.

The largest tall ship built in Scandinavia is in the port of Gothenburg, the Lilla Bommen. This is the four-masted barque Viking. It was built in 1906 and is firmly moored in the harbor. The ship serves as a hotel and museum ship. Nearby are the opera house, which opened in 1994, with its impressive facade and the museum ships in Göteborgs maritima centrum.

If you want to get to know the nobility of the city better, the area around Kungsportsavenyn is the place for you. The city’s cultural center with its 1931 statue of Poseidon is considered one of the city’s landmarks. The Konstmuseet, the Konserthuset and the Stadsteatern are also located here on the square.

An absolute must for visitors to Gothenburg is Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, Liseberg. It is easily accessible in Gothenburg. Nature lovers should n’t miss the Universeum. These are a city ​​museum, a maritime museum and the Röhsska design museum. If you are looking for relaxation in nature, the nature and leisure area Delsjöomradet is the right place for you. Another impressive sight is located here, namely the Brudaremoss transmitter. It is one of the few partially guyed towers in the world.

You can be sure that your holiday in Gothenburg will not be boring, because there is a lot to see in the city.

Malm in Sweden

Malmö is one cityin Sweden. It has an area of ​​approximately 69.3 square kilometers and is ten meters above sea level. About a quarter of a million people live in Malmö. theBig cityis the third largest city in Sweden.

Malmö is heavily industrialized, but still attracts manyTouristsat. There are many parks and old buildings in Malmo. Malmö is also an extremely popular shopping city for tourists from Sweden.

You can be sure that a holiday in Malmö will not be boring, as there is a lot to discover here. The old town in particular should not be missed. Many old half-timbered houses are still preserved here. The most beautiful of them is Lilla Torg, which was built in 1591.

Also the old town hall is worth a detour. The impressive building was built in 1546 under the mayor Jörgen Kock. Over the years the town hall has been redesigned several times. The equestrian statue of King Karl X. Gustav stands in front of the town hall on the market square. Close to the town hall is another of the city’s attractions, the Gothic St. Petri Kyrka. Malmöhus

is something special. This is an old lock and the only remnant of the earlier fortifications. In the sixteenth century the Danish fort was of strategic importance. Years later, Malmöhus became a Swedish fortress against Denmark.
The old castle was used as a penitentiary between the years 1828 and 1914. Today there is a museum on the city’s history in the old building. There are exhibits from the early Stone Age to this day. Furthermore, inside the old castle there is a trade exhibition with an aquarium and terrarium, as well as changing art exhibitions. The castle is surrounded by an impressive park. Among other things, there is the castle mill and a Dutch windmill, which was built in 1851.

Not far from Malmöhus is the impressive maritime and technology museum. The highlight of the museum is a walk-in submarine from the Second World War. The Øresund exhibition is also recommended.

If you visit the port of Malmö, you have the opportunity to visit the cog museum. Especially in summer you shouldn’t miss a trip in the port of Malmös with a replica of a medieval cog. In the museum you can get an excellent insight into the life of the ancient Vikings.

A landmark that no longer exists today was the Kockumkran. The crane that used to be in the Kockums shipyard was dismantled in 2002.

Other impressive sights in Malmö are the Turnin Torso, at 190 meters the tallest building in Northern Europe, the Ankarpark, the Dania park and the Glasbubbla greenhouse.

The castles of Svaneholm and Torup are also worth seeing.

Attractions in Sweden

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