There are numerous very interesting museums in Amsterdam

The most trusted ride game for Amsterdamers is the bicycle.

Flights to Amsterdam

The flight offer to Amsterdam is good, as scheduled flights from Helsinki are offered by Finnair, KLM and SAS, among others, and there are several flights a day between the cities.

Travel time is about two and a half hours. In most cases, you can get there at a fairly reasonable price. Direct return flights are usually available for as little as € 100-200.

From Schiphol, Amsterdam International Airport, the journey to the city center is conveniently folded by train. A twenty-minute spin costs five euros.

Accommodation in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, a variety of accommodation options can be found in the darkest of clouds. However, especially during the summer, it is worth making reservations well in advance, as the best places are quickly taken out of hand.

In most cases, a night in a double room in a mid-range hotel costs between 60 and 80 euros. Of course, you can get cheaper accommodation in a hostel, usually for about 20 euros. The offer of the Airbnb home rental service is also good and the price-quality ratio is generally right.

The bike is the choice of an Amsterdamer

The best way to explore real Amsterdam is by bike. Amsterdam is known as a cycling city because its residents prefer this vehicle that respects green values. The streets of the city are so narrow that it is not always a car. Bicycle rentals are common in Amsterdam, so tourists can easily get around locally.

In addition to the city center, you can explore the outskirts of the city, such as the Ester Islands, on a bike ride, and you can easily make a picnic by grabbing a basket of delicacies from the market. Cycling also gives a broader view of the city, as in the saddle of the fillar the distances to Amsterdam are really short.

Public transport is also usable. The train folds even longer distances effortlessly, while the bus, tram and subway, on the other hand, work better on shorter stages.

In addition to cycling, canal buses can be considered an Amsterdam specialty, which can be taken along waterways.


Anne Frank House is one of Amsterdam's most famous attractions

There are numerous very interesting museums in Amsterdam.

Get to know the city on a canal cruise

On a trip to Amsterdam, tours and sightseeing buses should be left to their own devices, as the right way to explore “Northern Venice” is through the canals. There is really enough to do in the canals, as the canal network in Amsterdam is just over a hundred kilometers long.

The canal area, which has recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, can also be explored on a cruise ship in the way it deems best. The duration of the cruises varies from one hour to several, while you can jump off the canal bus from time to time, admire the scenery and continue your journey on the next one.

If you want to explore the city in more depth, just take a guided cruise. A true romantic, on the other hand, chooses a canal sailing spiced with candlelight dinner.

Masterpieces at the van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum is one of the most popular places to visit in Amsterdam. In addition to art lovers, those interested in history and even the smallest members of the family enjoy the museum.

Vincent van Gogh is arguably one of Europe’s most important visual artists. At the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, you can admire the man’s most famous masterpieces, including the Night Street Café and the Twelve Sunflowers in Vaasi .

In addition to the works of art, the museum provides a closer look at van Gogh’s worldview, as in addition to the paintings, the man’s letters to his brother are also on display. The delivery of letters is interesting – as you might expect from their author, who, for example, cut off his own ear.

You can bring a junior department to the museum, and you don’t have to worry about the little ones getting bored of the family. Namely, workshops have been organized for children, creating their own works of art, as well as audio tours tailored for young people, which present the world of art in a more entertaining way than traditional ones.

The history of the Holocaust in the hiding place of Anne Frank

The Jewish girl Anne Frank became famous for her diaries during World War II. Teenager Frank hid for more than two years in the secret wing of an Amsterdam house. The house now serves as a museum. Frank’s story is familiar to almost everyone, either through a published diary or through film filming.

Although the rooms that served as Frank’s hideout are empty, you can still feel the atmosphere of a bygone era on site. In the museum you can also read the original diary and learn more about the events of the Holocaust and World War II.

A visit to the Anne Frank Museum is certainly not the hilarious part of a trip to Amsterdam. However, it is undoubtedly memorable and eye-opening.

If you plan to visit as many museums as possible, you should consider the I Amsterdam Card. The card is an easy way to avoid queues and get into the city’s 24 museums with the same ticket. In addition to gaining access to many cultural sites, the card also allows you to travel freely on public transport.


Anne Frank House is one of Amsterdam’s most famous attractions.

The most famous sights

  1. Channels
  2. Dam Square
  3. Nieuwe Kerk
  4. Royal Palace
  5. Red light district

The most interesting museums in Amsterdam

  1. Van Gogh Museum
  2. Anne Frank House
  3. Rijksmuseum (National Museum)
  4. Sex Museum
  5. FOAM Museum of Photography
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