About Belarus

About Belarus

The territory of Belarus was completely inhabited by people as early as 9-6 millennium BC. Over the years of its existence, the territory of the modern state has repeatedly passed into the possession of other countries. However, during all this time it has not lost its originality, and its cultural treasury has managed to replenish with many interesting objects. A special attraction, this area is given by virgin forests, which are home to many wild animals.

Geography of Belarus

According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Belarus is located in the Central part of Europe. In the west it borders with Poland, in the northwest and north with Lithuania and Latvia, in the south with Ukraine and in the east with Russia.




The area of Belarus is 207,560 km2. sq., occupies the 84th place in the world by area.


9 million 471.9 thousand


The state currency is the Belarusian ruble (BYR).


The official language is Belarusian, Russian.

Visa to Belarus

Visa-free entry has been established between Belarus and most of the CIS countries. When crossing the border, it is enough to present your civil or international passport. Since 2007, an agreement has come into force between Russia and Belarus, according to which, when traveling with a minor child, it is not enough to have a birth certificate. The child must be entered in the parent’s passport or have their own passport. If the child is traveling with only one of the parents, it is also necessary to have a power of attorney certified by a notary for the export of the child from the parent remaining in Russia.

Weather in Belarus

The country has a temperate continental climate with mild winters. In summer, the temperature varies from +17 C in the north of the country to +19 C in the south. In winter, the average temperature ranges from +4 -4 C in the south to -8 C in the north. Most of the precipitation falls in the autumn-winter period, their amount for the whole year can be 500-700 mm. The best period for a trip to Belarus is May-September.

Currency exchange in Belarus

As of October 2011, the national currency rate is 1 USD = 5743 BYR. The official currency is the Belarusian ruble. You can exchange currency both in banks and in exchange offices, but after the exchange you must receive a special form, which must be kept until leaving the country. In connection with the economic crisis in the country, which began in 2011, the black exchange market began to actively develop on the territory of Belarus. The course, here, as a rule, is more profitable, but if caught, tourists face a fine for this. Credit cards can be used at most major hotels and shops, but cash withdrawals from credit cards and travelers checks can only be made at major banks.


220V/50Hz (European sockets).


About 80% of the population of Belarus are adherents of Orthodox Christianity, 20% are Protestants and Uniates, and 7% identify themselves with other world religions.


The security situation, in general, is no different from the situation in other CIS countries.


Medical services in Belarus are still not at a high enough level. There is a shortage of modern honey. equipment and qualified personnel. Even in the capital, medical care does not meet European standards. For tourists, first aid is free of charge, and subsequent treatment is paid.

About Belarus

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