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  • Program Manager
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  • Working closely with the Chief of Geriatric Medicine and the Fellowship Training Director, this individual will serve as a key member of the research leadership team for the Division of Geriatrics. Will be responsible for the development, operation and supervision of the Divisionís translational research, training, and community education programs. Responsibilities include developing and managing the Divisionís translational research program and projects, including design, execution, recruitment, grant writing, and IRB communications and compliance. Also responsible for development, implementation, recruitment, and management of all aspects of the Divisionís training and education programs, including the Geriatrics Fellowship Program, Geriatric Mini-Residency, and Medicine 452 (4th year School of Medicine elective). Responsible for community outreach (both locally and nationally) related to the enrollment of subjects in studies as well as the presentation of research findings. Serve as the liaison with the Division and Health Sciences Development Officer to articulate case statements and projects for short-term and long-term fundraising and marketing efforts.
  • Must be willing to work occasional evenings or weekends if required.
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    (1.)  Research Development and Management
    A. Responsible for the management and overall operations of the translational research program, including development of objectives, organization and allocation of resources. Manage, oversee and direct the research projects. Ensure that goals and objectives are achieved in a timely manner.
    B. Conceptualize, design, develop, and evaluate new translational research ideas for the Division.
    C. Ensure the successful execution of all clinical research projects for the Division.
    D. Manage the multidisciplinary research activities for the Division and ensure continuous communications with involved faculty.
    E. Serve as the liaison/project leader/administrator for all translational research studies, including local, national and international collaborations across institutions; and develop methods for increasing and enhancing collaborations between investigators on appropriate aging research projects.
    F. Responsible for development and implementation of study participant recruitment strategies.
    G. Responsible for development, review, and coordination of all study participant-related activities, including ensuring compliance with institutional and all other required regulations and leading all communications with the UniversityABC Human Research Protections program.
    H. Independently prepare written materials related to study findings, including reports and journal articles; provide needed assistance to faculty and trainees related to paper writing, editing, and journal submissions.
    I. Prepare grant proposals, in conjunction with the Chief of the Division and other faculty, to solicit research funds.
    J. Acts in the absence of the Division Chief for the resolution of management issues relating to the translational research projects.
    (2.)  Education/Training Program Management
    A. Responsible for development, implementation, recruitment, and management of all aspects of the Divisionís training and education programs, including the Geriatrics Fellowship Program, Geriatric Mini-Residency, and Medicine 452 (4th year School of Medicine elective).
    B. Develop and implement policies required by intramural and extramural entities (ACGME, ABIM, UniversityABC, and GME) and ensure thorough knowledge of all ACGME requirements, including preparation and management of required site visits and accreditation reviews.
    C. Establish and maintain effective communication with campus offices, academic and administrative departments, regulatory agencies, donors, and fundraising agencies, the Medical Staff Administration office, and affiliated hospitals and clinics.
    D. Develop, implement, manage, and refine recruitment strategies for all training programs.
    E. Develop, implement, and manage a process for effective evaluation of all training programs and individual trainees, including follow-up procedures, and independently complete all required reports.
    F. Analyze and evaluate effectiveness of programs and policies implemented.
    G. Provide Program Training Director with recommendations on how to improve training programs' curriculum, processes and procedures.
    (3.)  Program Administration
    A. Serve as a key member of the research and education leadership team for the Division of Geriatrics including the Division Chief, Division Administrator and Fellowship Training Director.
    B. Participate in short-term and long-term planning for rsearch and education programs for the Division.
    C. Develop and execute implementation plans for the research and education programs.
    D. Assure communication and reporting documentation for the leadership team is completed on a timely basis including all administrative reports and purchasing.
    (4.)  Fund Development and Fiscal Management
    A. Serve as the key liaison with the Division and Health Sciences Development Officer to articulate case statements and projects for short-term and long-term fundraising and marketing efforts, providing detailed information relative to budgets.
    B. Maintain a working knowledge of the financial activities of the Division's research and education programs and participate in the development of long-range financial plans in conjunction with the Chief, Fellowship Training Director and Division Administrator.
    C. Manage all research and program budgets. Review budget and financial reports for all program expenditures for accuracy. Report directly to Division Chief and Division Administrator regarding financial results. Approve major adjustments in budgets in order to operate on a sound financial footing.
    D. Develop an annual budget for the Geriatrics Fellowship Program and track financial activity for all of the Divisionís training and education programs.
    E. Consult with the Division Administrator and fund manager(s) to identify and resolve potential budgetary problems and ensure adherence to funding agency guidelines, along with the integration of new projects and programs into the budget, as appropriate.
    (5.)  Community Relations and Public Education
    A. Provide leadership in building new and enhancing existing relationships with community and health care partners and other professional organizations/agencies with an aging and/or senior focus.
    B. Develop a series of focused community outreach initiatives aimed at informing and educating the community on the research and educational activities of the Division.
    C. Work closely with the UniversityABC Director of Health Sciences Communication to showcase the Division.
    D. Serve as a speaker and act as a liaison for the Division at local and national conferences and meetings.
    E. Design, produce, and distribute all marketing materials for the Divisionís translational research, training, and education programs.
    1 2 3 4 5 College degree with a major in a behavioral science or related field and demonstrated experience in a health or social service field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.
    1 2 3 4 5 Demonstrated experience developing, directing, implementing and managing bench, clinical and/or behavioral research. Ability to implement effective evaluation measures, gather and interpret quantitative and qualitative data, recognize potential problems and recommend solutions. Required
    2 3 Comprehensive understanding of ACGME and the implications on a fellowship program. Demonstrated knowledge of UniversityABC academic personnel/GME policies and procedures. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Demonstrated project management experience with the ability to independently develop, manage, analyze and carry out program and project objectives. Ability to track revenue and expenses; working within a budget and to provide regular program progress reports. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Demonstrated knowledge and experience with IRB procedures to include knowledge of research activities and guidelines related to consent, ethical conduct and protection of human subjects. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Demonstrated contract/grant pre/post award administration and financial management of private, state and federal funding. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively in all areas of the various training programs, including academic, fiscal, administrative and management. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Demonstrated problem solving skills. Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to identify problems and develop innovative solutions. Required
    1 2 5 Demonstrated experience in public relations, community engagement and building, strategic planning and promotional material development. Required
    1 2 3 Ability to develop long-range goals and plans. Experience collaborating with other Divisions, Departments and local/national orgnaizations. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Proficient in marketing principles, targeted marketing and the ability to research markets for future academic programming opportunities. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously requiring experience with prioritizing tasks due to shifting priorities, fluctuating workloads, and deadline pressures. Time management skills to include ability to monitor tasks and projects, making resourceful and creative decisions. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Advanced computer skills using Windows programs; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 Demonstrated experience developing learning curricula; experience training others, public speaking using visual aids and resource materials. Excellent skills in preparing written materials. Required
    1. Academic Personnel Online (APOL) Project Manager
    2. Affiliation Business Manager
    3. Affiliation Business Manager
    4. Affiliation Business Manager
    5. ALS Disease Team Project Manager
    6. Applications Development Manager
    7. Application Development Manager
    8. Aquarium Gift Shop Manager
    9. Asset Management System Program/Project Manager
    10. Athena Breast Health Network Project Manager
    11. Athena Breast Health Network Project Manager
    12. AudioVisual Services Manager
    13. Audit Manager - Fraud Investigations
    14. Audit Manager - Health Sciences
    15. BMT Program Clinical Research Unit Manager
    18. Business Office Manager
    19. Business Operations Manager
    20. Business Operations Manager
    21. Business Operations Manager
    22. Business Services Manager
    23. Chair's Office Manager
    24. CHARTER Center Manager/HNRP Resource Manager
    25. Chief Financial Manager
    26. Clean Room Manager
    27. Clinic Manager
    28. Clinical Lab Manager
    29. Business Manager of Clinical Affairs
    30. Clinical Monitor Manager
    31. Clinical Monitor Manager
    32. Clinical Monitor Principal Manager
    33. Clinical Program Manager
    34. Clinical Research Manager
    35. Clinical Research Manager
    36. Clinical Research Manager
    37. Clinical Research Manager
    38. Clinical Research Manager
    39. Clinical Research Operations Manager
    40. Clinical Research Operations Manager
    42. CMM Fund Manager
    43. Coho Monitoring Program Manager
    44. Community Centers Business Operations Manager
    45. Community Centers Business Operations Manager
    46. Community Health Program Manager
    47. Community Health Program Manager
    48. Community Outreach Manager
    49. Community Outreach Manager
    50. Computer Resource Manager
    51. Computer Systems Manager
    52. Computer Systems Manager
    53. Connexxus Program Manager
    54. COP/ Program Operations Manager
    55. CRBS Operations Manager
    56. CTRI Funds Manager
    57. Custodial Services Manager
    58. Cyberinfrastructure Operations Manager
    59. Data Center & Service Desk Manager
    60. Data Management and Information Systems Manager
    61. Data Management and Information Systems Manager
    62. Data Management and Information Systems Manager
    63. Database and Statistical Applications Development Manager
    64. Database Developer and GCRC IT Manager
    65. Database Manager
    66. Department Dietitian/Unit Manager
    67. Desktop Support Manager
    68. East Campus Manager, Property Operations and Planning
    69. Employment Operations Manager
    70. eProcurement Systems Implementation Manager
    71. eRAP Training, Communication and Business Manager
    72. E-Science Technologies Program Manager
    73. Evaluation Manager
    74. FinancialLink Manager
    76. Fiscal Manager
    77. Fiscal Manager
    78. Fiscal Operations Manager
    79. Flow Cytometry/HESCCF Lab Manager
    80. Front Office Clinic Manager
    81. Front Office/Clinical Practice Manager
    82. Fund Manager
    83. Fund Manager
    84. Fund Manager
    85. Fund Manager
    86. Fund Manager
    87. Fund Manager
    88. Fund Manager
    89. Fund Manager
    90. Fund Manager
    91. Fund Manager
    92. Fund Manager
    93. Fund Manager
    94. Fund Manager
    95. Fund Manager
    96. Fund Manager
    97. Fund Manager
    98. Fund Manager
    99. Fund Manager
    100. Fund Manager
    101. Gallery Manager
    102. General Manager
    103. General Manager
    104. General Manager
    105. Genomics Core Development Engineer/ lab manager
    106. Hazardous Goods Program Manager
    107. Hazardous Materials Business Plan Manager
    108. Health Educator/ Case Manager
    109. Health Educator/ Case Manager
    110. Health Educator/Case Manager
    111. Health Educator/ Case Manager
    112. Health Educator/ Case Manager
    113. Help Desk Manager
    114. HPC Cluster Platforms Manager
    115. Information Manager/Database Programmer
    116. Information Services Manager
    117. Information Systems Manager
    118. Information Systems Manager
    119. Instructional Accounts Manager
    120. Instructional Services Manager
    121. ISS Operations Manager
    122. IT Manager
    123. IT Manager
    124. IT Manager
    125. IT Manager
    126. IT Operations Manager
    127. IT Operations Manager
    128. IT Operations Manager
    129. IT Projects and Systems Manager
    130. MagIC Programming Manager
    131. Manager - Technical Support - Client / Server
    132. Manager ACMS Instructional Computer Labs
    133. Manager, Active Directory and Messaging
    134. Manager, AD, Messaging and Windows Infrastructure
    135. Manager and Educator, Homeland Security Programs
    136. Manager, Application Development and Data Management
    137. Manager, Business Application Development Group
    138. Manager, Business Applications Development and Web Services
    139. Manager Business Contracts - Buyer IV
    140. Manager, Campus Audits and External Audit Liaison
    141. Manager, Center for Metabolic Surgery
    142. Manager, Center for Treatment of Obesity
    143. Manager, Central Procurement/Life Sciences
    144. Manager, Continuity Services
    145. Manager, Data Applications
    146. Manager, Enterprise Network Services
    147. Manager, External Affairs Applications
    148. Manager, Financial and Budget Management
    149. Manager, Fiscal
    150. Manager, Fiscal Operations and Express Card Program
    151. Manager, Information Systems and Technology
    152. Manager, Instructional Web Development Center's Instructional Support Services
    153. Manager, IT Support & Operations
    154. Manager, IT Support & Operations
    155. Manager, Mainframe Technical Support
    156. Manager, Media Relations
    157. Manager, Network Applications and Unix Technical Support
    158. Manager of Donor and Fund Stewardship, Advancement Services
    159. Manager of IT Operations
    160. Manager of IT Operations
    161. Manager of Regional Club Relations
    162. Manager of Strategic Partnerships
    163. Manager of Volunteer Engagement
    164. Manager, Payables Management
    165. Manager, Research & External Affairs Applications
    166. Manager, Scientific Projects
    167. Manager, State Research Relations
    168. Manager, Stewardship, Special Projects and Events
    169. Manager, Strategic Planning & Analytics
    170. Manager, Technology Group, SOM Office of Educational Computing (EdCom)
    171. Manager, Technology Services
    172. Manager, Undergraduate Advising Services
    173. Manager, User Experience & Web Applications
    174. Media Teaching Lab Manager
    175. Medical Informatics Data Manager
    176. Microsoft Platforms Manager
    177. Middleware Manager
    178. MIL Program Manager
    179. MIS Manager
    180. Murrieta Surgery Clinic Manager
    181. Native American Preparation Services Manager
    182. NCMIR Instrumentation Manager
    183. NEES Operations Manager
    184. NEES Operations Manager
    185. Network & Security Services Manager
    186. Neurosciences Research & Lab Manager
    187. Office Manager
    188. Operations Manager
    189. Operations Manager - Nights
    190. Operations Manager- Days
    191. Parking Compliance Manager
    192. Personnel Manager
    193. Physical Activity Manager - Network for a Healthy California
    194. Physics Student Affairs Manager
    195. Powell Lab Manager
    196. Product Manager
    197. Production Manager
    198. Program Manager
    199. Program Manager, Alumni Discovery and Outreach
    200. Program Manager, CYCORE Project
    201. Program Manager, Integrated Library System
    202. Program Manager Small Business, Vendor Data Management & Division Technical Support
    203. Program Manager, Team Internships
    204. Program Manager
    205. Programmer, Data Manager and Systems Operator
    206. Programs Manager
    207. Project and Data Services Manager
    208. Project Management Office Manager
    209. Project Services Manager
    210. Provider Services Manager
    211. Provider Services Manager
    212. Purchasing Manager
    213. Quality Assurance Manager
    214. Quality Assurance Manager
    215. Radiology IT Manager
    216. Radiology IT Manager
    217. Records and Property Manager, Campus Clery Coordinator
    218. Registry Services Manager
    219. Registry Services Manager
    220. Registry Services Manager
    221. Registry Services Manager
    222. Research Data Manager
    223. Research Manager
    224. Research Manager
    225. Retail Food Service Markets Manager
    226. San Diego Science Festival Program Manager
    227. San Diego Science Festival Program Manager
    228. Security Operations Group Manager
    229. Senior Clinical Research Data Manager
    230. Senior Clinical Research Data Manager
    231. Senior Fund Manager
    232. Senior Manager APS Procurement & Contracts
    233. Senior Manager, Business Contracts
    234. Senior Manager, Central Procurement
    235. Senior Manager HDH Procurement & Contracts
    236. Senior Manager Strategic Sourcing
    237. SIO Web Operations Computing Manager
    238. SPO Fund Manager
    239. Sr. Food Service Manager
    241. State Funds Fiscal Manager
    242. Storage Platforms Manager
    243. Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager
    244. Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager
    245. Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager
    246. Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager
    247. Student Affairs Manager
    248. Student Affairs Manager
    249. Student Affairs Manager
    250. Student Life Events and Performing Arts Business Manager
    251. Student Services Manager
    252. Study Coordinator/Case Manager
    253. Study Manager
    254. TCMP Manager
    255. TCMP Manager
    256. TCMP Manager
    257. TCMP Manager
    258. Technical Manager
    259. Telemedicine Program Manager
    260. UniversityABC Guardian Business Manager
    261. UniversityABC Guardian Business Manager
    262. Unix Platforms Manager
    263. Unix Platforms Manager
    264. Web Applications Manager
    265. Web Operations Client Services Manager
    266. Web Operations Manager
    267. Web Production Manager
    268. Web Project & Operations Manager
    269. Web Project & Operations Manager
    270. Web Project & Operations Manager
    271. Web Technical Manager
    272. WebComm Manager
    273. Welcome Baby Program Manager
    274. Welcome Baby Program Manager
    275. Facilities Manager/Shops Superintendent
    276. Facilities Manager
    277. Facilities Manager
    278. Facilities Services Manager
    279. Financial Manager
    280. Financial Manager
    281. Financial Manager
    282. Financial Manager
    283. Financial & Operations Manager EAOP & TRIO
    284. Financial & Operations Manager for ScienceBridge

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