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  • HR/Administrative Specialist
  • 100
  • The Career Services Center’s mission is to help students and alumni determine and fulfill their career goals. The Center offers a wide range of services across three programmatic units:

    • The Career & Internship Advising unit helps students develop the self awareness and skills to identify and pursue appropriate experiential and permanent career opportunities.
    • The Professional and Graduate School Advising unit helps students with the application process for graduate programs in medicine, health, law and other academic disciplines.
    • The Employment Services unit connects students with bona fide career opportunities, as well as part-time campus jobs, Work Study positions, and Peace Corps service.

    The programmatic units are supported collectively by a central administrative services function that provides financial, technical, promotional, and staffing oversight.

    Numerous resources are available 24/7 through the website.
  • As part of the Administrative Services Unit of the UniversityABC Career Services Center (CSC), the HR/Administrative Specialist provides a wide range of high-level human resource, financial, and administrative functions under the general supervision of the Assistant Director for Administration (MSO). Advises the Director and MSO of any new or revised policies and the implications of those policies on the Career Services Center.

    This position performs comprehensive HR administration, serving as the primary contact for the Center with regard to classification, compensation, recruitment, on-boarding, benefits, labor and employee relations, merits, performance management, staff affirmative action, leaves of absence, and payroll. Responsible for overall and day-to-day personnel functions for 25 career employees and 2-6 student workers. A critical role of this position is to analyze, research and interpret HR policies working with multiple personnel programs in order to provide expert advice to the Director, MSO, supervisors and staff. Provides short and long term analysis, projections and solutions in financial, procedural, processes and staffing areas. Using campus financial and HR tools, creates and generates reports for Director and MSO.

    The position also provides significant resource and financial management for all of the Center's funding sources. As part of the position's fiscal responsibilities: prepares and monitors annual budgets; projects and tracks revenue; prepares campus recharges and off-campus invoices; processes payroll, travel and disbursements accounting; develops, monitors, and maintains internal financial controls including financial journals and reconciliation, year-end closing, contractual write-off authorizations, cash and credit card deposit activity and reconciliation, grant research/gift processing, ExpressCard administration, and the management of corporate, state, and federal contract funds. In addition, the HR/Administrative Specialist has operational responsibility for purchasing, equipment management, inventory, space utilization, university-sponsored insurance programs/benefits oversight, travel and expense activity and reimbursement.

    The HR/Administrative Specialist will also assist in a various aspects of the Center's operations and performs special projects as needed.
  • Vacations may not be allowed during fiscal closing and other peak periods.
    Background check required.
  • EMPLOYEES DIRECTLY SUPERVISED: Name, Payroll Title, Job Description #, Status (career, casual, student), %Time
  • Provides work direction to student employees as needed.
    For use only by Department HR Contact
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  • (Dept only) REQUESTED HEERA
  • All Others, not Confidential
  • (Central HR only) APPROVED HEERA
  • All Others, not Confidential

    A. Independently manage full scope of personnel and employment actions for the UniversityABC Career Services Center (CSC), comprised of career, casual, limited, and student employmees. Provide high-level analytical support for operations, to include the development or revision of department policies to conform with University, Federal, and State rules and guidelines. Analyze changes in University policy to determine effect on department. Develop and oversee procedures and controls for all personnel actions, including student and staff volunteer recruitment & hire, merits, termination, final wages, awards, leaves of absence, background checks, classification reviews, equity increases, corrective actions, etc.

    B. Serve as initial department contact to Employee Relations (e.g., mediation, disciplinary actions) and assist management with Labor Relations issues.

    C. Research, analyze, and interpret policies and procedures for two personnel programs and two different employment contracts, and provide expert advice to supervisors regarding the appropriate application of each contract (CUE, TX) plus policies for PSS and MSP. Ensure contract compliance at all times.

    D. Ensure departmental compliance with campus HR policy and procedures, including accuracy and security of all electronic and paper-based systems and confidential files.

    E. Manage position recruitment process (student, staff, career, limited, waivers, short term exceptions) for the Center. Assist with the development of job descriptions and periodic updates as necessary.

    F. Provide expert guidance on matters of employment practices, policies and benefits. Interact with Workers’ Compensation Office, Applied Risk Management, and campus payroll offices as needed.

    G. Perform departmental job analysis for updates, reclassifications, new positions and recruitment (staff and student). Review parameters of job specifications and determine appropriate classification based on organizational needs. Perform equity review and analysis for similar classifications in department and ensure that equity is maintained.

    H. Serve as department contact for all employees regarding benefits, disability and worker's compensation issues. Represent CSC at all HR and Benefits meetings.


    A. Responsible for the overall and day-to-day processing of personnel actions: online recruitment requisitions, new hire forms, medical leaves, rehire forms, leaves of absence, appointment extensions, job reclassification, corrective action, separations, equity increases, performance evaluations, exceptions to hire, administrative stipends, service credit, work authorization/visa status, etc.

    B. Manage annual payroll in excess of $1.2 million for monthly and biweekly payroll cycles.

    C. Maintain all personnel files, assuring confidentiality and compliance with University policies and multiple bargaining agreements. Retain past files in accordance with Records Retention Policy (PPM).

    D. Develop and maintain various employee and personnel related statistical databases. Develop reports for supervisors, the MSO, and Director.
    A. Analyze and interpret financial data related to fiscal planning, budget development, controls and financial operations. Develop supporting reports to identify expenditure patterns, potential shortfalls, and budget variances.

    B. Provide comprehensive monthly and ad hoc reports of budgetary and financial information for unit and sub-units. Distribute reports to the Center’s management team. Provide clarification and detailed supporting documentation upon request. Analyze data for trends/variances, advises MSO about potential issues, and recommends strategies to resolve issues.

    C. Administer a complex and multi-faceted budget comprised of over 130 active indexes. Monitor and maintain overall financial activities in support of funds generated by a variety of income sources. Prepare budget reports with detailed spreadsheets of program and fund summaries. Assist management team in the development of the Center’s annual budget.

    D. Produce comprehensive financial reports, analysis, and forecasting for both available and projected budget resources. Oversee planning and reporting system, including long and short term projections for departmental program-based operating budgets with multiple funding sources and various revenue producing activities.

    E. Analyze procedures and develop solutions to minimize late payments of invoices thereby limiting risk of write-offs. Resolve issues related to fee collections and UniversityABC late fee account disputes in compliance with university policy.

    F. Provide record oversight for the requirements of SAS 112.

    G. In consultation with the MSO, develop, prepare, and refine automation of Career Services Center financial reports. Research options, available campus resources, and best practices in other departments for online accounting, financial data downloads, and other aspects of automated budget reporting. Create and continually update a system of queries and downloads to enable rapid, efficient, and accurate access to data.
    A. Develop and maintain effective and efficient financial management processes using the campus accounting system (IFIS) and other software tools. Ensure adherence to University policy and procedures and accounting principles and best practices. Interpret UC policies ensuring staff understand University fiscal policies and follow appropriate expenditure procedures. Identify existing compliance issues and potential process vulnerabilities. Recommend remediation strategies to the MSO for implementation.

    B. For the Career Services Center and the off-campus work-study programs, oversee and prepare all financial transactions including fiscal controls, record keeping, monthly reporting, monthly ledger and credit card reconciliation, fund transfers, ENPETS, campus recharges, financial journals and annual fiscal closing. Ensure accuracy and ensuring timeliness of all departmental accounting data in accordance with all university policies and procedures.

    C. Manage daily cashiering activities: collect, secures,and deposit checks; process credit card payments and recharge paperwork; prepare receipts, documents and reports.

    D. Serve as Department Express Card Administrator. Monitor credit card activity, request and cancel staff cards, and ensure that expenditures are in compliance with University policy.

    E. Review posting of invoices, purchase orders, recharges, inventory, cash receipts, check requests and wire transfers. Perform 100% ledger reconciliation utilizing Ledger Reviewer. Research and correct any discrepancies both internally and with external vendors.

    F. Coordinate and implement all fiscal closing operations for State funds, Registration Fee funds, and revenue funds within the University’s annual fiscal closing deadlines. Identify potential fiscal closing problems, recommend solutions, and follow through on agreed upon actions.

    G. Act as department liaison for formulating, reviewing and recommending bankcard (VISA/ MasterCard, American Express, etc.) agreements, including internal policies and procedures. Reconcile and analyze bankcard general ledger account balances in conjunction with accounting and University rules and regulations. Prepare credit card settlement and other income reports for the MSO, downloading data from merchant processing website to spreadsheets as needed. Prepare monthly financial journal for all credit card activity; transferring revenue from clearing account to department revenue accounts.

    H. Process all purchase requests and requisitions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with University policies and procedures. Track delivery and follow through on any problems that may arise.

    I. Responsible for all financial aspects of partnership agreement between Peace Corp and the Career Services Center. Serve as primary contact to resolve discrepancies and collaborate with Peace Corps to ensure funds are transferred efficiently and accurately.

    J. Serve as Career Services Center primary contact and liaison to UniversityABC General Accounting Department.
    A. Manage Personnel & Payroll System (PPS) processes for the department, including complex transactions (e.g., multiple departments, multiple appointments, multiple fund sources, stipends).

    B. Oversee and implement comprehensive payroll and timekeeping services for the Career Services Center and the Reading & Math Tutoring Program. Maintain employment records and serve as mandatory reviewer of Post-Authorization Notifications (PANs) for the department and the Reading & Math Tutoring Program using PPS, ISIS, and Excel. Review PPS updates to ensure appropriate actions have been entered by department staff. Audit all personnel actions to verify compliance with UC system-wide and local UniversityABC policies as well as established PPS update procedures. Identify errors and make corrections as needed.

    C. For the Career Services Center and the Reading & Math Tutoring Program, distribute, collect, prepare, and process monthly and biweekly Payroll Time Records on-line or manually to meet deadlines, ensuring accuracy of time reported, leave usage, etc. Ensure that payroll time records are completed with highest degree of accuracy; review DOPES, audit lists, pay cost summaries and make corrections and transfers (PETs) as needed.

    D. Prepare and enter all pay distribution information and modifications in the PPS system. Ensure new staff complete all required paperwork.

    E. Assist supervisors and employees with all questions and problems regarding pay, leave balances, benefits, tax withholding, personal data changes, leave accrual rates, service credit, etc.

    F. Review work-study time reports for the Career Services Center and the Reading & Math Tutoring Program, analyzing award balances and recommending necessary adjustments in work schedules or payroll distributions to stay within budgeted allocations.

    G. Hire, train, and supervise student worker.
    A. Interpret UC policies and advise Director and Assistant Directors of relevant policies and procedures relating to current issues or problems. Maintain policy and procedure manual for the Career Services Center facility.

    B. Inform, train, and monitor the Career Services Center’s access to appropriate campus information record keeping systems, signature authorizations, and on-line authorization processes.

    C. Exercise independent judgment and makes decisions relating to organizational operations when MSO is absent.

    D. Oversee fiscal/payroll/personnel record retention. Maintain current records, archive historical files, and dispose outdated files according to University retention policies and auditing requirements.

    E. Prepare paperwork and process payments for staff and Career Center memberships and subscriptions.

    F. Research products and vendors. Solicit quotes for merchandise and services needed. Negotiate with vendors for favorable terms and discounts.

    G. Coordinate ordering of parking permits, equipment, communication devices, PPS services, tables/chairs, room reservations, AV services, and catering for special events such as workshops, job fairs, conferences, skill development seminars, employer receptions, and service award programs.

    H. Analyze the use of office space, equipment, materials, and resources. Make recommendations on the most efficient and cost-effective space utilization and the need for any potential facility upgrades and/or repairs.

    I. Manage inventory records and surplus equipment. Maintain up-to-date departmental records and uses the on-line EAMS program as appropriate.

    J. Serve as back-up for Employment Services (ES) reception. Greet, interpret needs, and respond to questions from recruiters, students, alumni, and visitors to our Center. Share phone coverage duties of main ES line with other ES staff. Respond to student requests for Reading & Math Tutoring Program referrals.
    A. Interpret system-wide and local campus policies and procedures related to travel and entertainment. Provide guidance to department staff on those matters.

    B. Manage all department staff travel arrangements, including air, car and hotel reservations, cash advances, and vouchers adhering to established university and departmental rules and regulations.
    (7.)  OTHER
    A. Perform assigned duties at major Career Services Center events, including fairs, open houses, and any other events that call for center-wide involvement.

    B. Update position-related skills by participating in appropriate professional development offerings.

    C. Carry out complex special projects as needed, requiring both independent analysis and the production of reports for management.
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Demonstrated ability to function effectively in a diverse and unpredictable environment. Proven ability to complete work assignments with frequent interruptions and ability to meet established deadlines under pressure. Ability to maintain accuracy and attention to detail in a fast-paced environment of changing priorities. Demonstrated effectiveness in applying initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness to accomplish the unit's goals. Ability to anticipate and analyze departmental issues, and possess skills to identify and provide recommended solutions based on sound data. Ability to coordinate resources to meet department needs. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Proven ability and skills to identify and analyze complex situations and needs. Expert skill to develop and implement course of action. Demonstrated ability to organize and prioritize daily operations, periodic reports, short- and long-term projects ,and to ensure timeliness and accuracy. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Strong organizational, problem-solving, negotiation and decision-making skills with expertise in clarifying and resolving conflict situations and developing attainable goals and procedures. Skill and demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 7 Ability to communicate effectively and professionally, orally and in writing, using tact and diplomacy with internal campus and extramural communities. Demonstrated ability to create and present non-standard reports. Excellent general research, comprehension, and analytical skills. Proven ability to identify appropriate resources and understand and interpret complex data, professional materials and documents. Required
    2 3 4 6 Knowledge of University budget, accounting, disbursements processes, and of contracts and grants management, from budget preparation to closing reports. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Expertise in spreadsheet, word processing, web and database software, such as Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. Skill using workstations. Expert ability to identify and access online campus information systems and resources. Demonstrated understanding and skill in the use of a variety of computer systems, including, but not limited to, ISIS, IFIS, and PPS, and the willingness to upgrade skills and knowledge as required. Required
    2 3 6 Skill in financial analysis, planning, preparation and administration of complex and multi-faceted budgets comprised of many funding sources. Required
    2 3 6 Skill in performing financial transactions such as debiting, crediting, preparing financial transactions/documents and reconciling expenses. Skill in analyzing accounting and budget data to discover errors, initiate corrective action, and formulate logical conclusions. Required
    1 4 5 Ability to adhere to strict confidentiality with regard to all personnel and payroll matters. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ability to analyze information, define problems or objectives, formulate logical and objective conclusions, recognize alternatives, and make recommendations. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Strong organizational, documentation and record keeping skills. Ability to set up and maintain paper and electronic filing systems. Required
    1 4 5 7 Skill at overseeing and providing work direction to student workers including hiring, orienting, training, scheduling work hours, and evaluating. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate, organize, set priorities, complete projects, prepare reports, and make recommendations with minimal supervision and exercise considerable independent judgment and initiative to accomplish tasks. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Demonstrated knowledge of UniversityABC payroll/accounting policies, procedures, codes and forms. Required
    1 4 Demonstrated knowledge of UniversityABC staff personnel policies, procedures, forms, and classification specifications. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Excellent interpersonal skills, including tact, diplomacy, and flexibility with diverse student, faculty, staff and community population. Ability to maintain composure while working with customers, especially during stressful times. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Working knowledge and familiarity with campus policy and procedures, risk management practices, staff training resources and requirements, and PPM compliance practices. Required
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Skills to fully analyze assignments, gather data and information, determine and evaluate solutions, and provide alternative and final recommendations. Required
    3 6 Ability to handle cash deposit operations and the management of cash. Required
    1. HR
    2. HR Administrative Specialist
    3. HR and AP Analyst
    4. HR Operational Manager VCHS Dean's Office
    5. HR Sr. Administrative Analyst
    6. HR Staff Manager
    7. Business Operations/ HR Manager
    8. Finance/HR Staff Support Specialist
    9. Fiscal/HR Specialist

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