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  • Business Development Consultant
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  • Business Development Consultant - BEYSTER INSTITUTE, Rady School of Management
    (Based in Washington DC)

    The Business Development Consultant for the Beyster Institute (BI) is responsible for setting the vision, forming the strategy , directing, and leading the Business Development function -- concentrating on developing and delivering consulting services for donor agencies and small and medium-sized entreprises.

    The Business Development Consultant must be an active and established expert in the field of international business development and entrepreneurship. This position must have specialized knowledge about the business culture, climate, and regulatory/policy environment for entrepreneurs in emerging economies.This expertise should be the product of real world experience, complementing advanced academic study.

    This position Identifies and cultivates partnerships and opportunities (including grants from the US State Department and other agencies and foundations) to promote the growth and viability of business in countries with emerging economies. This position researches, identifies, evaluates, and selects potential projects, balancing the needs of the community with the quality standards and diversified portfolio of clients required by the University. This position secures projects or grants appropriate to the Beyster Institute's mission of promoting business development in emerging economies. The position negotiates terms, scope, budget, deliverables, and period of performance.

    Thus position is also expected to function as a conduit for global research and activity about business development as it applies to entrepreneurial and economic development and sustainability, with an emphasis on developing economies. This position must be engaged with peers from around the world who are at the forefront of analysis and service and must contribute to the advancement of knowledge by working productively and analytically with colleagues in think tanks, academic centers and other organizations focused on promoting business development and entrepreneurship such as INSME (International Network for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises). While an understanding and a facility with the explanation of complex international business and organizational issues is required, so too is the enthusiasm and creativity to identify business opportunitites for entrepreneurs and to generate innovative solutions to economic development barriers.

    This position must also conceptualize, develop, and continuously refine a plan for business development offerings and revenues that is consistent with the BI mission and also meets the financial exigencies of a self-supporting academic organization at the University. This position must have exceptional organization, project management, presentation and authoring skills to obtain project work, develop work plans and deliverables, and assure budgets and time lines.
  • Willingness to travel out of the Washington DC area and possilby to nationa and international locations.
    This position is based in WASHINGTON DC
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    (1.)  Business Development for the Institute
    A. Based in the Washington DC office and working closely with top management at the Institute in La Jolla and the Rady School Dean and assistant deans, develop, write and continuously revise and improve a strategic plan for setting and meeting the financial, operational, and quality objectives for the BI Business Development unit. Ensure that there are vital and viable components of this plan dealing with the entrepreneurial tools, support networks, and training necessary to serve the international community of micro, small, and medium-sized businesses as well as the transformation of state-owned enterprises in other countries.

    B. Identify and cultivate partnership and client opportunities with enterprises and enterprise support networks in the field of enterprise development. In selecting potential projects, balance the needs of the community with the quality standards and diversified portfolio of clients required by the University. Successfully develop and capture these projects. Negotiate terms, projects teams, scope, budget, and period of performance.

    C. Work with the Marketing DIrector and others to publicize and promote the capabilities and success stories of the business development area. Place articles and quotes in area-and-region-specific and general business publications. Maintain a historical database or file of projects for marketing, anecdotal presentation, sharing with colleagues inside the institute and in peer organizations and for future related research purposes.

    D. Develop and nurture excellent professional relationships with clients and peers in the international entrepreneurial enterprise development community. Where appropriate, build alliances and consortiums that lead to joint projects and publications.

    E. Participate in thematic working groups, workshops and training groups organized with partner organizations to study issues and launch projects in "hot" areas of innovation, geographical and sector analysis and business incubators.

    F. Work to broaden and strengthen contacts with other public and private organizations in economic development field, at the international level, to establish an exchange for ideas and information, good and bad practices, and case studies. Find new partners to open doors to needed expertise, skills and cultural knowledge to optimize business development.

    G. Develop presentation and products to demonstrate capabilites and capacities of the BI business development unit.

    H. Develop models for advanced analysis and provide training and skills development seminars.

    I. Work to generally stimulate entrepreneurship and job creation in the US and partner/client regions such as Russia, Africa other areas. Use innovative methods such as on-line incubators, web portals to entrepreneur support and training and business development voucher programs.

    J. Assure that service is provided to assist the underserved to develop into entrpreneurial thinkers and enterprisers. Participate in high-level UN and USAID (Agency for International Development) and Inter-American Development Bank studies of the role and value of entrepreneurship in making business work for the poor and in establishing quantifiable measures for meaningful progress.
    (2.)  Applied research, professional presentations & writing on issues and policy
    A. Actively pursue and maintain personal commitment to independent, self-conceived and directed academic and real world studies to sustain established expertise and work portfolio which has led to international recognition for this position among peers and the economic development community.

    B. Develop papers and present at international forums and symposia on international support mechanisms used to facilitate the implementation of actions that promote and enable entrepreneurial behavior. Report on BI projects that have relied upon international cooperation and have involved international institutions and service providers.

    C. Working with key collaborators at BI, UniversityABC and major entrepreneurship organizations, create and maintain an exchange for professional practices and training and fellowship programs useful to development of budding entrepreneurial leaders and also an exchange for ideas and contacts that offer financial, technical, physical or human resources.

    D. Keep current on issues of global entrepreneurial and economic development, the marketplace and climate for entrepreneurial development in developing economies and state subsidization and policy practices that can promote and, perhaps, ensure sustained development. Publish findings, opinion pieces and reviews of policy and outcomes. Monitor the effectiveness of Business Development services in serving vulnerable populations and regions (refugees, street populations) and publish, or prepare for presentation, appropriate thoughts and findings.

    E. Maintain a healthy focus upon "growth" entrepreneurs (someone with an existing company, a competitive advantage, and the passion and ability to grow the company) and critically analyze their role as catalysts for broader development and in fostering economic growth and job creating. Contribute to the formation, and comparative study, of the best growth strategies in this sector.

    F. Develop and nurture a top notch group of peers and co-authors from a variety of industries, regions, and from companies as well as think-tanks and service organizations.

    G. Deliver technical and academic papers and moderate expert panels on advanced topics ranging from the learning needs of growth entrepreneurs to regulatory factors that inhibit or facilitate company growth..
      Masters degree or better in Public Policy, Economics, Finance, Business Administration or related field coupled with typcially 10 years of work experience, progressively growing in scope and complexity or comparable education and experience. Preferred
      Advanced knowledge of federal and international agencies contract and granting needs and protocols, typically acquired via direct, hands-on experience working with program directors on projects for individual units and consortia that involve studies and problem solving in far-flung regions around the globe. Required
      Proven high-level creative and strategic skills including the demonstrated ability to deal effectively with a diverse set of colleagues, clients and board members. Required
      Advanced cultural and environmental competence as it applies to business practices and other relationships in other countries, esp. Required
      Solid basic and applied research skills and a solid professional standing in associated areas of business and economic development and service to entrepreneurs around the world. Required
      Advanced knowledge of the general business growth and specific regulatory problems facing micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, typically acquired via active participation in centers devoted to this study. Required
      Proven ability to handle multiple projects, deadlines, and conflicts in an environment of shifting prioirities and resource constraints. Project management & resource management skills/ Required
      Demonstrated, professional "sales" ability: the technical knowledge, negotiating agility,budgeting and closing abilty to successfully secure new business. Required
      Knowledge of budgeting and financial principles as they apply to a self-supporting business development group. Specific UniversityABC knowledge in this area is to be acquired Required
      Strong and very effective written and verbal skills including solid and engaging presentation prep, timing, and delivery skills. Includes a facility for dealing with audiences composed of individuals from several countries with differing specialties and levels of expertise. Required
      Demonstrated advanced ability to gather, interpret, and synthesize regulatory and financial information from a variety of international sources and to weave and present it in useful form. Required
      Exceptional analytical skills and facility with computerized research and analysis tools. Required
      Able to work productively and happily with a high degree of independence and little oversight while maintaining commitment to mission and quality. Ability to assess and set priorities while maintaining good judgment and goal congruence with top management. Required
      Proven ability to successfully conceive and create new products in the area of business development Required
      Thorough knowledge of the history and lessons of transition periods in relevant emerging economies and regions. Required
      Ability to work closely with and effectively advise and support CEOs and top line managers in multinationals or emerging foreign-based firms Required
      A scholar's knowledge of state (US and foreign) subsidization and reform programs and policies and how well they worked in achieving the intended results -- plus the analytical ability to suggest modifications Required
      Professional sales, consulting, proposal writing, or general business experience. Preferred
      Knowledge and appreciation of the business development challenges of start-ups intending to "go global" at earliest opportunity, typically acquired via experience working as a senior manager in such a start-up. Required
      A strong mind for international business history, policy formation and service interpretation, and accounting/finance/capital/banking processes and practices. Required
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