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Best Universities for an MBA in the United States

Many American universities offer MBA courses, so it's important to base your choice on factors, including class size, cost, and the prestige of the program. An independent study ranked the world's top 100 universities for an MBA by means of weighted criteria, including salary, salary increase and the proportion of students employed at the latest by three months after graduation. The study ranked six American universities in their top ten.

The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
Wharton is commonly regarded as a prestigious place to study business. Ranked second in the world, it was the top-ranked American University for MBA courses in Financial Times survey. Wharton also ranked at the top of the leading MBA in a 2010 survey conducted by U.s. News World Report &. Wharton argues that its MBA is "often cited as the most effective in preparing graduates to guide organizations in a global business environment." Weighted graduate salaries are outstanding ($ 160.848 in 2010), and represents an average increase of 111 percent on alumni of their pre-MBA salary. A full 81 percent of graduates had found employment within three months of completing the course.

Office for MBA Admissions and Financial Aid
The Wharton School
The University of Pennsylvania
420 Jon m. Huntsman Hall
3730 Walnut Street
Philadelphia 19104-6340

Harvard Business School
Unsurprising for one of the best universities in the world, Harvard ranked third in the world in the Financial Times survey. As of 2010, the total MBA enrollment was at 942, or 12 percent of the 9093 applications Harvard received. More than 70000 alumni spread out all over the world have graduated from this program, and Harvard argues that 45 percent of these people have positions in senior management. The Financial Times Survey found that graduates from Harvard MBA program experiences an increase 109 percent salary, and can expect to earn an average of $ 161.887 per year.

Harvard Business School
MBA Admissions
Dillon House
Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02163

Stanford University
Stanford University boasts of the highest weighted candidate salaries over the 100 best universities in Financial Times survey. It was $ 164.836 in 2010, representing a 110 percent increase in their already MBA salary. For the class of 2011 Stanford received 7536 applications, of which the selected 385 students. Dean Garth Saloner writes on their website that an MBA from Stanford "will launch you into a life with meaning and effect." The MBA curriculum is tailored to the individual student's background and experience, and use a variety of learning methods including simulations, case studies and global study tours along traditional classroom learning.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
518 Memorial Way
Stanford, CA 94305-5015

Columbia Business School
Columbia claims that its candidates "not just join the workforce---they have influence on it, shape it and change it for the better." According to the Financial Times survey, they also benefit from an average increase of 121 percent in average salary and earns $ 160.679 a year. Columbia's MBA program aims to offer students an education that will benefit them the rest of their working life by focusing on skills and real-life scenarios. The school uses classroom theory to real-world situations, encourage candidates to apply their learning to real business projects. In addition to its high position in the Financial Times survey, Colombia ranked fifth in U.s. News World Report survey for its & executive MBA course.

Columbia Business School
Admissions Office
216 Uris Hall
3022 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

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