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  • Project Assistant
  • 50
  • The Biopsychosocial Determinants of Adolescent Obesity/Cardiovascular study will further understanding of the environmental and social conditions related to the development of obesity in a high risk urban, Hispanic/Latino population. The investigators are interested in how children develop circadian rhythms related to eating, sleeping and activity, and subsequently how these patterns lead to obesity. The goal is to unveil modifiable conditions in order to prevent obesity and related diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Under the supervision of the Principal Investigator, the incumbent will work as the Program Assistant for the research study. Will assist the PI and Research Associate with project implementation and research activities including maintaining relationships with local, national and international researchers, developing research/academic presentations, compiling progress reports to funding agencies, conducting scientific literature reviews, preparing grant materials, organizing project meetings, teleconferences, and maintaining project files.
  • Preference for spoken and written fluency in Spanish
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    (1.)  Research Project Support
    A. Using PUB MED Conduct literature reviews related to PIs research interest and provide written summary to PI.
    B. With direction from Research Associate, prepare presentations, as well as other dissemination/academic materials for PI.
    C. Conduct internet searches for information related to PIs research interest.
    D. With direction from Research Associate, create tables, charts, graphs, end notes and footnotes for presentations and publications.
    E. Assist with submission of manuscripts including ensuring stylistic consistency according to approved style.
    F. Assist with the compilation and submission of grant reports for dissemination to funding agencies and/or partners.
    G. Assist with the compilation and submission of large federal and private grant applications.
    (2.)  Project Representation and Community Outreach
    A. With guidance from PI and project manager, develop and maintain relationships with local, national and Chilean research collaborators to facilitate information sharing, connect collaborators to resources, and raise awareness of research activities.
    B. Communicate with local, national, and Chilean research collaborators regarding progress of research and other scholarly activities.
    C. Represent research project at appropriate community meetings, conferences, and outreach events.
    D. Participate, as needed, in research meetings with PI and Program Manager.

    (3.)  Research Administration
    A. Function as main point of contact for PIs research projects. Organize and maintain project files.
    B. Convene and attend meetings, prepare agendas, take minutes as needed.
    C. Coordinate research meetings using Skype.
    D. Order equipment and supplies as needed.
    E. Maintain schedules, calendars, and contact database as needed.
    F. Process expense and travel reimbursements as needed.
    1 2 3 Graduation from high school or a GED and demonstrated interest in the delivery of health or social services; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned.

    1 2 3 Graduation from 4 year college in a health, science, or social science field. Preferred
    1 2 3 Knowledge of public health programming and ability to coordinate multiple, simultaneous projects. Required
    1 2 3 Excellent communication skills in both oral and written, English and Spanish . Required
    1 2 3 Familiarity with basic research principles. Required
    1 2 3 Demonstrated ability to conduct scientific literature reviews. Required
    1 2 3 Proficiency with Windows 2000 or XP, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Endnote, and Adobe to produce presentations, graphs, charts, footnotes, bibliographies. Required
    1 2 3 Ability to work effectively with equal efficiency both in a team environment and independently, with minimal supervision, while responding to shifting priorities, fluctuating workloads, and deadline pressures. Required
    1 2 3 Demonstrated proficiency in oral and written Spanish. Required
    1 2 3 Ability to interact with tact and diplomacy with members of community, research collaborators, faculty and staff. Required
    1. Academic Personnel Services Assistant/Receptionist
    2. Admin. Asst. to Assistant Dean
    3. Assistant to the Assistant VC Health Sciences Affairs
    4. Assistant Director, Alumni Programs Division of Social Sciences
    5. Assistant
    6. Assistant Academic Counselor
    7. Assistant Academic Counselor
    8. Assistant Academic Counselor
    9. Assistant Academic Counselor
    10. Assistant Advisor
    11. Assistant Business Officer/Fund Manager
    12. Assistant Chancellor, Diversity
    13. Assistant Chief of Police
    14. Assistant Chief Operating Officer / Financial Officer
    15. Assistant Community Health Program Representative
    16. Assistant Controller, Assurance & Accountability
    17. Assistant Coordinator
    18. Assistant Dean
    19. Assistant Dean, Educational Computing
    20. Assistant Dean, External Relations
    21. Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
    22. Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Special Iniatives
    23. Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs & Special Initiatives
    24. Assistant Dean for Business & Fiscal Affairs
    25. Assistant Dean, Health Sciences Affairs
    26. Assistant Dean of Academic Advising
    27. Assistant Dean of Academic Advising
    28. Assistant Dean of Information Technology Enterprises
    29. Assistant Dean
    30. Assistant Dean
    31. Assistant Dean
    32. Assistant Department Business Officer
    33. Assistant Department Business Officer
    34. Assistant Department Business Officer
    35. Assistant Department Business Officer
    36. Assistant Department Business Officer
    37. Assistant Department Business Officer
    38. Assistant Development Engineer, LMC Facility
    39. Assistant Development Engineer, MMSF
    40. Assistant Director
    41. Assistant Director - Fleet Services
    42. Assistant Director, Admin & Technology Services
    43. Assistant Director Affinity Engagement
    44. Assistant Director, Alumni Programs
    45. Assistant Director, Alumni Programs Division of Biological Sciences
    46. Assistant Director, Alumni Programs Division of Physical Sciences
    47. Assistant Director/Attorney
    48. Assistant Director, Career and Internship Advising
    49. Assistant Director, CSI Student Organization Advising & Events
    50. Assistant Director, Facilities Maintenance
    51. Assistant Director, Facilities Maintenance
    52. Assistant Director, Financial Aid Office
    53. Assistant Director, Financial Analysis Office
    54. Assistant Director for Alumni Programs - Rady School of Management
    55. Assistant Director for Alumni Programs - School of International Relations and Pacific Studies
    56. Assistant Director for Young Alumni Development
    57. Assistant Director, Government Research Relations
    58. Assistant Director, Health Sciences Development Events
    59. Assistant Director, Hughes Scholars Program
    60. Assistant Director, Instructional Programs-Camps & Children's Programs
    61. Assistant Director, Life Science Licensing & Liaison
    62. Assistant Director, NITSC Operations
    63. Assistant Director of Events
    64. Assistant Director of Events
    65. Assistant Director of Events
    66. Assistant Director of Events
    67. Assistant Director of External Relations - Alumni and Community Relations
    68. Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
    69. Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications
    70. Assistant Director of SARC
    71. Assistant Director, Outreach and Engagement
    72. Assistant Director, Physical Science Licensing & Liaison
    73. Assistant Director, Professional and Graduate School Advising
    74. Assistant Director, Professional and Graduate School Advising
    75. Assistant Director, Project Management
    76. Assistant Director, Research Planning and Government Relations
    77. Assistant Director, Retail Operations
    78. Assistant Director, School of Medicine Alumni Affairs
    79. Assistant Director, Training Program
    80. Assistant Director
    81. Assistant Director
    82. Assistant Director
    83. Assistant Director
    84. Assistant Director
    85. Assistant Engineer
    86. Assistant Engineer
    87. Assistant Engineer
    88. Assistant Food Service Manager, Supervisor
    89. Assistant Food Service Manager, Supervisor
    90. Assistant Food Service Manager, Supervisor
    91. Assistant Food Service Manager, Supervisor
    92. Assistant Hazardous Goods Program Coordinator
    93. Assistant IPA Coordinator
    94. Assistant Lab Manager
    95. Assistant Manager
    96. Assistant Mental Health Program Representative
    97. Assistant Mental Health Program Representative
    98. Assistant Peer Health Educator
    99. Assistant Peer Health Educator
    100. Assistant Producer Director
    101. Assistant Producer Director
    102. Assistant Program Director
    103. Assistant Registrar/Curriculum, Scheduling & Classroom Management
    104. Assistant Residency Deputy
    105. Assistant Resident Dean
    106. Assistant Resident Dean
    107. Assistant Safety Coordinator
    108. Assistant Statistician
    109. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    110. Assistant Student Affairs Officer, Undergraduate Programs
    111. Assistant Student Affairs Officer, Undergraduate Programs
    112. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    113. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    114. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    115. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    116. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    117. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    118. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    119. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    120. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    121. Assistant Student Affairs Officer
    122. Assistant Student Life Coordinator
    123. Assistant to the Assistant VC for Academic Affairs
    124. Assistant to the Dean
    125. Assistant to the Dean of IR/PS
    126. Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
    127. Assistant to VC-Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
    128. Assistant VC for Research
    129. Assistant Vice Chancellor
    130. Assistant Vice Chancellor Admissions and Enrollment Services
    131. Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations/Executive Director, UniversityABC Alumni Association
    132. Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations/Executive Director, UniversityABC Alumni Association
    133. Assistant Vice Chancellor, Audit & Management Advisory Services
    134. Assistant Vice Chancellor, Contracts & Grants
    135. Assistant Vice Chancellor External Relations Services
    136. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business & Fiscal Affairs
    137. Assistant Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, Alumni and Constituent Engagement
    138. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Affairs (AVC-HSA)
    139. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research
    140. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Resource Strategy & Planning
    141. Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Wellness
    142. Assistant Vice Chancellor, Marine Sciences
    143. Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Life
    144. Assistant Vice Chancellor
    145. Assistant Vice Chancellor
    146. Assistant Vice Chancellor
    147. Assistant Vice Chancellor
    148. Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs
    149. Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs
    150. Assistant Vice Chancellor-Academic Personnel
    151. Assistant FM Director - Project Management
    152. Asst. Development Engineer
    153. Asst. Development Engineer
    154. Asst. Dean of SIO Academic Affairs
    155. Asst Development Engineer
    156. Asst. Development Engineer
    157. Asst. Development Engineer
    158. Asst. Dir. of Development
    159. Asst. Director, Center for Teaching Development
    160. Asst. Director of Development, Marine Sciences
    161. Asst. Director, Strategic Planning and Government Relations
    162. Asst. Electronics Engineer/Lab Coordinator
    163. Asst. Employment Representative
    164. Asst FitWell Program Coordinator
    165. Asst FS Manager, Supvr
    166. Asst. Statistician
    167. Asst. Statistician
    168. Asst. to the Assoc. Director of Dining, Retail & Conference Services
    169. Asst. Vice Chancellor, Strategic Campus Resource Initiatives
    170. Board Operations Assistant
    171. Business Officer/Assistant Director-Media Services
    172. Cataloging Assistant
    173. Chair's Office Executive Assistant/Project Specialist
    174. Chief Financial Manager / Assistant COO
    175. Chief Financial Manager / Assistant DBO
    176. Circulation Assistant
    177. Clinic Assistant
    178. Clinic Assistant
    179. Collection Services Assistant
    180. Community Health Educator/ Research Assistant
    181. Community Health Program Rep, Assistant
    182. Community Health Program Rep, Asst.
    183. Community Health Program Rep, Asst.
    184. Community Health Program Rep, Asst.
    185. Community Health Program Representative, Assistant
    186. Community Health Program Representative, Asst
    187. Community Health Program Representative Assistant
    188. Community Ophthalmology Program Assistant
    189. Community Ophthalmology Program Assistant
    190. Community Outreach Assistant
    191. Community Research Program Assistant
    192. Contoller/Assistant Vice Chancellor, Business & Financial Services
    193. CRCHD Project Assistant
    194. CRCHD Project Assistant
    195. CRCHD Project Assistant
    196. CSI Greek Life Graduate Assistant
    197. CSI Greek Life Graduate Assistant
    198. Dean's Executive Assistant
    199. Director, Experiential & Employment Services / Assistant Director, Career Services Center
    200. ELI Program Assistant
    201. ELI Program Assistant
    202. Ethics Center Assistant
    203. Ethics Center Assistant
    204. Evaluation Assistant
    205. Evaluation Assistant
    206. Evaluation Assistant
    207. Evaluation Assistant
    208. Evaluation Assistant
    209. Evaluation Assistant
    210. Evaluation Assistant
    211. Evening and Weekend Circulation/Interlibrary Loan Assistant
    212. Events Assistant
    213. Executive Assistant
    214. Executive Assistant to the Associate Chancellor/Chief of Staff
    215. Executive Assistant to the Associate Dean UGME and the Associate Dean ASA
    216. Executive Assistant to the Chair
    217. Executive Assistant to the Chair
    218. Executive Assistant to the Dean
    220. Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
    221. Executive Assistant to the Chair
    222. Executive Assistant
    223. Executive Assistant
    224. Executive Assistant
    225. Executive Assistant
    226. Executive Asst. to Sr. Executive Director, Capital Initiatives
    227. Faculty Assistant II
    228. Faculty Assistant II
    229. Financial Assistant
    230. Financial Assistant III
    231. Financial Assistant
    232. Fiscal Assistant
    233. Fiscal Assistant II
    234. Fund Manager/Assistant Support
    235. Gay and Transgender Community Outreach Assistant
    236. Gay and Transgender Community Outreach Assistant
    237. HIV and Border Project Outreach Assistant
    238. HIV and Border Project Outreach Assistant
    239. HIV and Border Project Outreach Assistant
    240. HRPP Assistant
    241. IRP Graduate Assistant
    242. Lab Assistant
    243. Laboratory Assistant II
    244. OPAFS Assistant Director - Health Sciences
    245. OPAFS Assistant Director Post Award Operations and System Development and Strategic Planning
    246. PACCT Rotation Assistant
    247. Payroll Assistant II
    248. Peer Educator - SAO Assistant
    249. Program Assistant
    250. Program Assistant
    251. Program Assistant
    252. Project Assistant
    253. Project Assistant
    254. Project Assistant
    255. Project Assistant
    256. Project Assistant
    257. Project Assistant
    258. Project Assistant
    259. Project Assistant
    260. Project Assistant
    261. Project Assistant
    262. Provider Services Assistant Supervisor
    263. Provider Services Project Assistant
    264. Provider Services Project Assistant
    265. Research and Community Program Assistant
    266. Research Assistant
    267. Research Assistant
    268. Research Assistant
    269. Research Assistant
    270. Research Study Assistant
    271. Research Study Assistant
    272. Second Assistant Engineer
    273. Special Assistant - Vice Chancellor
    274. Stem Cell Faculty Assistant
    275. Student Affairs Assessment Graduate Assistant
    276. Student Affairs Assistant
    277. Student Affairs Registrar Graduate Assistant
    278. Student & Instructional Services Assistant

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