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  • Financial Analyst
  • 100
  • Responsible for projecting, managing, and coordinating student support ($9 million/85+fund sources) for 200+ graduate students. Provide division-level support for tracking student appointments, financial expenditures and data collection and maintenance for several federal and state training grants. Serve as primary financial manager for external student support contracts, including the Salk Agreement. Identify and plan short- and long-range financial support to meet program goals. Serve as financial advisor to faculty, staff and students regarding student support expenditures. Forecast and monitor Student Affairs operating budgets. Serve as supervisor for the TA Coordinator and Financial Assistant.
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    Responsible for the planning, management, and coordination of a complex student support plan totaling $9 million from over 85 fund sources for 200+ graduate students. Performs long-range planning studies of students' support from their first year through a maximum of seven years and determines the ongoing impact on the graduate programís operations.

    Identify and plan (long and short term) financial support needed for graduate and undergraduate programs. Perform continuing analyses to evaluate status of funding and to ensure stable support to accomplish program goals. Design and prepare analytical and planning studies related to student support and Division budgets for Coordinator, Graduate Committee Chair, and Deanís office. Typical analyses include: determining the optimal number of graduate students to admit each year, various financial models of graduate student support alternatives, studies on financial effects of reducing the number of quarters grad students TA, etc.

    Provide in-depth analysis of long-term student support models and participate in the development and implementation of any new models. Monitor and analyze effects of new support policies.

    Forecast and project student support expenditures and Student Affairs operating budgets. Monitor student support expenditures to ensure that no overdrafts are incurred and that funds are expended within the appropriate time frames and according to established guidelines. Make recommendations to Coordinator on availability of funds.

    Interpret and present appropriate graduate student support plans for two Biology programs involving over 100 faculty from the Division, SOM, other UniversityABC departments, Salk Institute and other local institutes.

    Participate in the planning and management and administration of TA funds for approximately, 300 undergraduate tutors and readers and 110 graduate level teaching assistants for approximately l20 classes each year. Performs long-range planning analyses of TA expenditure policies.

    Negotiate with over 100 different faculty and other (non-Biology) department financial managers to determine the most effective method for students to receive funding from the various sources. Monitor Program funding sources to ensure funds are expended properly according to appropriate guidelines.

    Plan, implement, and evaluate strategies for student support procedures. Participate in the development of policies and procedures needed to ensure the appropriateness of expenditures and best utilization of various fund sources. This involves TA funds, Block Grant monies, approximately 32 Scholarships and NSF Fellowships, research and training grants.

    Track and support faculty graduate student support loan data (totally $100K-$200K annually). Liaison with each affected faculty to ensure they understand the status of their loan and have prepared a payback plan.

    Liaison with the Biology Academic Personnel office to prepare and distribute the individual faculty graduate student support plans for the following year. Collect responses from faculty that indicate their acceptance of the plans, including loan payments.

    Negotiate with the faculty on use of teaching assistant funds and research grant funds over a one to two year commitment. Negotiate with faculty, other departments and institutions (Chemistry, Physics, SIO, Salk, Scripps Clinic, Burnham Institute, SOM, Departments of Math, Philosophy, etc.) on various graduate student funding issues.

    Research, compile and analyze data used to prepare and support the expenditure plan for annual TA funds allocation. Work with Student Affairs Coordinator, Associate Dean for Education, and Chairs of Graduate and Education Committees to develop and implement plan.

    Coordinate with Biology fiscal office to prepare close-out fiscal reports for graduate support funds (Salk, TA, Block Grant). Submit reports to the Student Affairs Coordinator and Biology Business Officer.

    Monitor funds received from the Salk Institute to ensure monies are administered properly and most effectively. Prepare and submit quarterly and annual billings to the Salk Institute for reimbursement of graduate student tuition and fees.

    Interpret and apply Campus, OGSR, Divisional, and federal guidelines for administering student financial support.

    Investigate any potential fiscal problems and research as necessary to achieve solutions.

    Serve as the Student Affairs primary contact person regarding fiscal matters for Federal Funding offices, University-wide Offices, Biology and Campus Payroll, Biology Accounting, training grant PI's, Extramural Funds, OGSR and Provosts' offices.
    Answer questions regarding graduate student support, undergraduate paid TAships, employment, taxation, etc. and provide assistance with related problems.

    Advise students as to their source of support, their salary and/or stipend payment schedules, and their financial responsibilities regarding fee payments, payback agreements, health insurance, etc.

    Advise faculty regarding any special payment or funding arrangements. Advise Student Affairs Coordinator and Graduate Committee Chair on feasibility of faculty requests for exceptions to policy. Maintain accurate records of all Special funding arrangements.

    Advise students and Graduate Awards Committee on availability of financial sources, fellowship awards, etc. Assist in search for and maintain records documenting special funding opportunities.

    Research and resolve paycheck problems for graduate and undergraduate students. Obtain funds for students with emergency situations.

    Counsel students regarding failure to follow proper procedures.
    Research, compile, and analyze data used to support funding proposals. draft proposals to OGSR and the PRC regarding Block Grant and TA funds. Analyze proposed compensation agreements with the Salk Institute and propose/draft contract changes.

    Coordinate (with staff from Salt Institute, Physics, Chemistry, Neurosciences, Pathology, Philosophy, Bioengineering, etc,) training grant appointments (3+ training grants, 40+ training grant slots), student employment, student support summaries, and financial authorization forms.

    Make recommendations for selecting students for NIH Training Grants, GAANN Fellowships, California Foundation Fellowships, and other awards, keeping in mind all the various rules and regulations and how these changes will effect the student support area as a whole.

    Coordinate the submission of proposals for new NIH Training Grants and the renewal of continuing grants. Provide data to PIs for NIH training grant renewals and initial applications such as analytical reports on past students' academic qualifications, the length of appointment on the grant, etc. Research this information, querying it from various databases, and finally putting it in concise report-type form.
    Participate in the development of long range plans regarding organizational structures, policies, procedures, and goals related to the Student Affairs Office. Suggest, write, and develop policies as requested.

    Provide work direction to the Administrative Assistant III and any assigned student Assistants:
    a. Participate in recruitment, hiring decisions, development of job descriptions.
    b. Draft performance appraisals, write and participate in evaluations with employees, etc.
    c. Recommend merit, SPA and ESI recommendations for staff and draft supporting justifications.
    d. Identify the need for, and conduct required counseling of employees.

    Ensure the Division adheres to all aspects of the UniversityABC/UAW Academic Student Employees Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    Participate in the selection process for permanent staff.

    Participate, if requested, in the performance appraisal of other student affairs staff.

    Prepare cost accounting records for the Graduate Program Retreat. Collect payments and provide cost reports to Biology fiscal office.

    Draft correspondence and research and write statistical or informational reports for Coordinator and Graduate Committee Chair and/or Division Dean as required.

    Coordinate with undergraduate affairs staff the hiring of undergraduate and graduate TA's, tutors and readers for the purpose of undergraduate instruction.

    Participate and cross-train in admissions, recruitment and graduate program advising duties as requested.

    Prepare employment/graduate status certification forms for graduate students.
    (5.)  COMPUTER
    Ensure staff training and development of procedures for computer applications as required. Provide day-to-day support for staff.

    Coordinate areas of the data conversion process involving transfer of data from INGRES to SYBASE and from the use of manual spreadsheets to computer data structures.

    Analyze various functions of Graduate Student Affairs, determine which could be computerized, and make suggestions to the Student Affairs Coordinator.

    Train staff members in SYBASE applications and conversion specifics, use of Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Word, and other software.

    Develop basic queries using standard tools to to extract reports from Divisional and campus databases. Identify requirements for new data structures and work with computer support group to design appropriate database structures and new reports to more effectively present data. Supervise data entry and accuracy/completeness of database.

    Test, design, and modify various databases and utility software.

    Set up and develop databases for files relating to graduate student support using various software packages. Develop software applications to insure more effective financial reporting. Design and adjust reporting methods.

    Maintain hard copy filing systems and computerized funding histories for all financial support of students.
      Proven ability to compile, interpret, and analyze data utilizing multiple resources and references (including other University offices and departments), and present data effectively. Demonstrated ability to learn, interpret and apply complex rules and regulations. Required
      Strong analytical skills utilizing statistical and qualitative data analysis to identify problems and develop innovative recommendations without benefit of precedent. Required
      Skill to identify the most appropriate sources of data for management decision-making.

    Bachelors degree in business, finance, accounting, or related field, or equivalent combination of education and work experience.
      Demonstrated knowledge and experience in advanced accounting practices, including cost accounting and expenditures reporting, short- and long-range financial forecasting, financial modeling, audit concepts, and multiple cost centers to manage complex accounting systems and data. Required
      Skill to analyze large quantities of financial data, extract pertinent data, compile, analyze, and present data effectively, and ability to prepare accurate financial reports. Required
      Demonstrated experience and skill to work independently without supervision; strong leadership, organization, planning, and management practice skills. Required
      Strong problem-solving, negotiation, and decision-making skills. Required
      Skill to prepare budgets, analyze spending patterns and communicate budget concerns to the appropriate person. Required
      Demonstrated skill and knowledge to effectively provide work direction to staff including delegation and reassignment of tasks, monitoring production and quality of work, setting performance standards, evaluation, assessing individual capabilities and workloads, corrective action, etc. Required
      Demonstrated experience and skill to teach/train staff in all aspects of job duties/responsibilities Required
      Knowledge of Divisional accounting system and records, NIH training grant appointment rules and regulations, and applicable tax laws. Preferred
      Knowledge of UniversityABC, Federal, and private funding regulations (NIH, NSF, ACS, Howard Hughes Foundation, Powell Foundation, etc.) Preferred
      Ability to develop and implement appropriate and creative solutions.
    Demonstrated skill to meet multiple deadlines and deal with interruptions and changing priorities; good concentration skills. Demonstrated skill to prioritize and organize workload.
      Strong written communication skills. Ability to adapt writing style as needed. Ability to write concisely, persuasively and in summary form. Required
      Ability to maintain the confidentiality required by law for student grades, financial information, etc. as well as confidentiality of Division business, etc. Required
      Good interpersonal skills, including a cheerful, cooperative personality, to effectively communicate with a diverse population.
      General knowledge of the administrative organizational structure of OGSR, Accounting, Payroll, the UniversityABC college system and the Division of Biology.
    Knowledge of UC and Division of Biology policy and procedures relating to students affairs.
      Demonstrated ability to understand abstract concepts and computer logic. Ability to identify accounting applications for computerization with the total system goals in mind.
    Possess knowledge of computer hardware and software and the ability to test and modify as appropriate to meet management information needs.
      Demonstrated experience and competency with Windows OS and a variety of software including system and networking software, Microsoft Office suite, email and a variety of web-based programs and browsers, with the willingness and ability to update and increase skills as needed to meet the goals of the unit and the division. Required
      Knowledge of and experience in using computer spreadsheet programs for forecasting and report preparation. Knowledge of various relational database software. Required
    1. Academic and Faculty Affairs Assistant Analyst
    2. Academic and Staff Personnel Analyst
    3. Academic and Staff Personnel Analyst
    4. Academic and Staff Personnel Analyst
    5. Academic Compensation Analyst
    6. Academic Personnel Analyst
    7. Academic Personnel Analyst
    8. Academic Personnel Analyst
    9. Accreditation/Education Development Analyst
    10. Admissions Data Systems Analyst
    11. Advanced Visualization and Large Data Systems Analyst
    12. Analyst
    13. Application Programmer/ Analyst
    14. Applications Programmer/Analyst
    15. Applications Programmer/Analyst
    16. ARCH Account Receivable Collection Analyst
    17. Architecture & Middleware Analyst
    18. ASA Shared Services Analyst
    19. Assistant Decision Support Analyst
    20. Assistant Recharge Analyst
    21. Asst HR Utility Analyst
    22. Biostatistician/Biomedical Informatics Analyst
    23. Business Analyst
    24. Business Planning and Decision Support Analyst
    25. Business Process and Metrics Analyst
    26. Business Systems Analyst
    27. Central Service HR Assistant Analyst
    28. Central Services Policy and Data Analyst
    29. CI Project Analyst
    30. Clinical Trials Budget and Contract Analyst
    31. Clinical Trials Contract Analyst
    32. Clinical Trials Senior Financial Analyst
    35. Conflict of Interest Analyst
    36. Contract & Grant Analyst
    37. Contracts and Grants Analyst
    38. Core Operations Analyst
    39. CTRI Community Engagement Analyst
    40. Data Analyst
    41. Data Programmer Analyst
    42. Data Resource Services Analyst
    43. Data Solutions Analyst
    44. Database Analyst
    45. Database Programmer/Analyst
    46. Datariver Producer Programmer Analyst II
    47. Decision Support Analyst
    48. Decision Support and Project Analyst
    49. Decision Support/Financial Analyst
    50. Dept Research Programmer Analyst
    51. Dept Research Programmer Analyst
    52. Dept Research Programmer Analyst
    53. Developer/Analyst
    54. Development Budget Analyst
    55. Digital Program Analyst
    56. Director of Biomedical informatics/SR Programmer Analyst
    57. Director of Biomedical informatics/SR Programmer Analyst
    58. Divisional Academic Personnel Sr. Analyst
    59. Divisional Personnel Senior Analyst
    60. Donor Stewardship Senior Analyst
    61. EEGLAB/HeadIT Programmer Analyst II
    62. ERA Project Manager and Business Analyst
    63. ESCRO Analyst
    64. Evaluation Analyst
    65. Evaluation Analyst
    66. External and International Relations Analyst
    67. Facility Planning Analyst
    68. Facility Planning Analyst
    69. Facility Planning Analyst
    71. Field Programmer Analyst
    72. Financial Analyst
    73. Financial Analyst
    74. Financial Analyst
    75. Financial Analyst
    76. Financial Analyst
    77. Financial Analyst
    78. Financial Analyst
    79. Financial Analyst
    80. Fiscal Analyst
    81. Fund Manager & Database Analyst
    82. Game Programmer Analyst III
    83. Geophysical Analyst
    84. Gift Fund Financial Analyst & Endowment Steward
    85. Government Research Relations Analyst
    86. Graduate Financial Support Analyst
    87. Help Desk Analyst
    88. Help Desk Analyst
    89. HRPP Sr. Analyst
    90. HRPP Sr. Analyst
    91. Human Relations Analyst
    92. Human Relations Analyst
    93. Immigration Analyst
    94. Immunizations Programmer Analyst
    95. InCoMS Analyst
    96. Information Technologies Manager & Analyst
    97. Infrastructure Analyst/Technical Projects Coordinator
    98. Intake Analyst
    99. IT Security Systems Program/Analyst
    100. Java Developer/Analyst
    101. Java Developer / Analyst - FinancialLink
    102. Java Developer / Analyst
    103. Lead Production Analyst
    104. Legislative Analyst
    105. Marine Biological Process Programmer Analyst
    106. Marketing/Financial Analyst
    107. NIF Systems/Network Analyst
    108. Payroll / HR Technical Analyst
    109. PBX Analyst
    110. PBX Analyst
    111. Personnel Analyst
    112. Policy & Delegations Analyst
    113. Pr. Budget Analyst
    114. Principal Analyst
    115. Principal Analyst Contract Officer/Supervisor
    116. Principal Analyst Contract Officer/Supervisor
    117. Principal Analyst Contract Officer/Supervisor
    118. Principal Analyst Contract Officer/Supervisor
    119. Principal Analyst Contract Officer/Supervisor
    120. Principal Analyst I, Supervisor
    121. Principal Budget Analyst
    122. Principal Budget Analyst II
    123. Principal Compensation Analyst
    124. Principal Personnel Analyst
    125. Principal Research Analyst
    126. Production Analyst
    127. Production Control Analyst
    128. Program and Finance Analyst
    129. Programmer Analyst
    130. Programmer/Analyst - Planning & Production
    131. Programmer Analyst - Web design
    132. Programmer Analyst - Web design
    133. Programmer Analyst I
    134. Programmer/Analyst I
    135. Programmer Analyst I
    136. Programmer Analyst I
    137. Programmer Analyst I
    138. Programmer Analyst I
    139. Programmer/Analyst I
    140. Programmer Analyst I
    141. Programmer/Analyst I
    142. Programmer Analyst I
    143. Programmer/Analyst I
    144. Programmer/Analyst I
    145. Programmer/Analyst I
    146. Programmer Analyst I
    148. Programmer/Analyst II - Mobile/Web Development
    149. Programmer/Analyst II
    150. Programmer Analyst II
    151. Programmer Analyst II
    152. Programmer Analyst II
    153. Programmer Analyst II
    154. Programmer Analyst II
    155. Programmer Analyst II
    156. Programmer/Analyst II
    157. Programmer Analyst II
    158. Programmer Analyst II
    159. Programmer Analyst II
    160. Programmer/Analyst II
    161. Programmer Analyst II
    162. Programmer Analyst II
    163. Programmer/Analyst III, Mainframe Technical Support
    164. Programmer/Analyst III, Mainframe Technical Support
    165. Programmer/Analyst III, Mainframe Technical Support
    166. Programmer Analyst III
    167. Programmer/Analyst III - Alumni Relations
    168. Programmer Analyst III - Developer
    169. Programmer/Analyst III - Mobile/Web Development
    170. Programmer Analyst III Supervisor
    171. Programmer Analyst III Supervisor
    172. Programmer Analyst III
    173. Programmer / Analyst III
    174. Programmer/Analyst III
    175. Programmer / Analyst III
    176. Programmer/Analyst III
    177. Programmer / Analyst III
    178. Programmer Analyst III
    179. Programmer/Analyst III
    180. Programmer Analyst III
    181. Programmer Analyst III
    182. Programmer Analyst III
    184. Programmer Analyst III
    185. Programmer/Analyst III
    186. Programmer/Analyst III
    187. Programmer/Analyst III
    188. Programmer Analyst III
    189. Programmer Analyst III
    190. Programmer Analyst III
    191. Programmer Analyst III
    192. Programmer/Analyst III
    193. Programmer / Analyst III
    194. Programmer/Analyst III
    195. Programmer Analyst III
    196. Programmer / Analyst III
    197. Programmer Analyst III
    198. Programmer Analyst III
    199. Programmer Analyst III
    200. Programmer Analyst III
    201. Programmer Analyst III
    202. PROGRAMMER/ANALYST III-Supervisor
    203. PROGRAMMER/ANALYST III-Supervisor
    204. Programmer/Analyst IV
    205. Programmer Analyst IV
    206. Programmer/Analyst IV
    207. Programmer Analyst / Web Programmer
    208. Programmer Analyst/ Web Programmer
    209. Programmer / Analyst
    210. Programmer Analyst
    211. Programmer Analyst
    212. Programmer Analyst
    213. Programmer Analyst
    214. Programmer Analyst
    215. Programmer Analyst
    216. Programmer Analyst
    217. Programmer/Analyst
    218. Programmer/Analyst
    219. Programmer Analyst
    220. Programmer Analyst
    221. Programmer Analyst
    222. Programmer Analyst
    223. Programmer Analyst
    224. Programmer Analyst
    225. Programmer/Analyst
    226. Programmer/Analyst
    227. Programmer/Analyst
    228. Programmer Analyst
    229. Programmer/Analyst
    231. Programmer Analyst
    232. Programmer/Analyst
    233. Programmer Analyst
    234. Programmer Analyst
    235. Programmer Analyst
    236. Programmer/Analyst
    237. Programmer Analyst
    238. Programmer Analyst
    239. Programmer Analyst
    240. Programmer Analyst
    241. Programmer/Analyst
    242. Programmer Analyst
    243. Programmer / Analyst
    244. Programmer Analyst
    245. Programmer/Analyst
    246. Proposal and Award Analyst
    247. Proposal and Financial Analyst
    248. QA / Business Systems Analyst
    249. Research Data Analyst
    250. Research Programmer Analyst
    251. Research Programmer/Analyst II
    252. Research Programmer and Data Analyst
    253. Research Systems Implementation Analyst
    254. Security Analyst
    255. Senate Senior Analyst
    256. Senate Senior Analyst
    257. Scientific Data Analyst
    258. Senior Budget Analyst
    259. Senior Business Analyst
    260. Senior Financial Analyst
    261. Senior Financial Analyst
    262. Senior Financial Budget Analyst
    263. Senior Operations Analyst
    264. Senior Programmer/Analyst
    265. Senior Research Data Analyst
    266. Senior Resource Analyst
    267. Senior Strategic Projects Analyst
    268. Senior Systems Analyst
    269. Shared Services ASA Assistant Analyst
    270. Simulation Programmer Analyst III
    271. SOPAC Programmer/Analyst
    272. Sponsored Projects Analyst
    273. Sponsored Projects Assistant Analyst
    274. Sponsored Research Analyst
    275. Sr. Academic Personnel Analyst
    276. Sr. Academic Personnel Analyst
    277. Sr. Academic Personnel Analyst
    278. Sr. Alumni Data Analyst
    279. Sr BPM/Project Mgmt. Analyst and Trainer
    280. Sr. Business Systems Analyst
    281. Sr. Financial Operations Analyst
    282. Sr. Financial Operations Analyst
    283. Sr. Health Sciences Affairs Analyst
    284. Sr. Legislative Analyst
    285. Sr. Legislative Analyst
    286. Sr. Pre Award Grant Analyst
    287. Sr. Resource Management Analyst
    288. Strategic Iniatives Analyst
    289. Strategic Initiatives Principal Analyst
    290. Strategic Initiatives Principal Analyst
    291. Strategic Sourcing/Market Place Principal Analyst
    292. Strategic Sourcing Senior Analyst
    293. Striving Readers: Research Database Programmer/Analyst
    294. System Admin. Programmer/Analyst II
    295. UniversityABC Support Groups Operations & Stewardship Programs Analyst
    296. VCMS Institutional Analyst
    297. VCMS Institutional Analyst
    298. Web Analyst
    299. Web Developer / Analyst
    300. Web Developer/Analyst
    301. Project Analyst
    302. Project Analyst

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