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  • Program Administrator
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  • The Department of Pediatrics is one of the largest departments within the UniversityABC School of Medicine. It is comprised of 21 Divisions with approximately 170 full-time faculty, 54 residents, two chief residents, 50 post-doctoral fellows (both MDs and PhDs) and more than 250 staff employees. All services are housed at either the Rady Children’s Hospital or the UniversityABC Medical Center in Hillcrest. The Department’s mission reflects these aims: 1) to deliver the highest quality clinical care to our patients; 2) to conduct cutting-edge biomedical research targeting diseases that impact the health and potential of infants, children and adolescents, and 3) to train the next generation of pediatricians by fostering education at all levels and by integrating the latest scientific and medical advances into the curriculum.

    The Pediatric Diabetes Research Center (PDRC) was recently established within the Department of Pediatrics. It is planned to be the leading childhood clinical and basic research diabetes center in the United States. The mission of the PDRC is to improve the quality of life for children with diabetes through groundbreaking research in the prevention, treatment and cure of the disease by providing optimal, compassionate clinical care and education.
  • The Program Administrator for the PDRC will work closely with the Director of the PDRC, researchers, diabetes clinicians, the UniversityABC Development Department, the PDRC Leadership Council and others to help develop and manage all aspects of the growth and ongoing operations of the PDRC.

    Reporting directly to the Department of Pediatrics Administrative Vice Chair and the Senior Director of Development for Health Sciences Academic Programs, the Program Administrator will have administrative responsibility and work collaboratively with the aforementioned parties to ensure realization of the PDRC's goals. This will include strategic planning; marketing, communications and public relations; internal and external events such as symposia for researchers; website, collateral materials development and maintenance, and periodic email newsletters to be sent to interested parties to ensure greater public awareness of the PDRC and its programs; clinical trial recruitment; and other specialized program directives.
    The Program Administrator will work closely with the PDRC’s Leadership Council, setting meeting agenda with the Director of the PDRC and the Chair of the Leadership Council, arranging and coordinating all committee and subcommittee meetings, and ensuring all identified actions are completed. The Program Administrator will represent the PDRC in the community at key presentations, events and activities.

  • Must be willing to work occasional evenings and weekends as necessary.
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    (1.)  Program Coordination and Planning
    Responsible for overall program coordination and planning and the continuity of day-to-day operations for the PDRC.
    A. Review, analyze, summarize and report information for developing initiatives and programs within the PDRC and in conjunction with the University.
    B. Analyze and provide short and long range programmatic and financial projections
    C. Create, review, update, and interpret Policies and Procedures
    D. Gather and analyze information to make recommendations to the Director on particular issues and follow through on implementation of decisions.
    E. Responsible for department academic program including coordination and planning.
    F. Communicate with faculty and senior management as appropriate to resolve matters or provide clarification or information.
    G. Design and generate ad hoc reports for statistical use.
    H. Exercise independent decision-making and provide a full range of support to programs.
    (2.)  Administration
    A. Responsible for the strategic planning, administration and management of the Pediatrics Diabetes Research Center.
    B. In accordance with the program goals and objectives, evaluate ongoing activities and recommend and/or implement changes as appropriate to maximize the effectiveness of the program.
    C. Meet regularly with the Department of Pediatrics Administrative Vice Chair, the Sr. Director of Development for Health Sciences Academic Programs, the PDRC Program Director and faculty to ensure maximum coordination.
    D. Collaborate with the PDRC’s Leadership Council, setting meeting agenda with the Director of the PDRC and the Chair of the Leadership Council, arranging and coordinating all committee and subcommittee meetings, and ensuring all identified actions are completed
    E. Coordinate pre and post awards activities with faculty members and the Department of Pediatrics Business Office.
    (3.)  Program Marketing and Outreach
    Responsible for the marketing, communication and public relations of the Pediatrics Diabetes Research Center.
    A. Provide continual update and development of PDRC marketing brochures
    B. Attend and participate in industry sponsored workshops and conferences
    C. Prepare and staff PDRC booth at Industry sponsored conferences
    D. Solicit industry for clinical trials, including follow-up on “leads” from conferences
    E. Advertise PDRC and studies through various media: Conferences, Newspapers, Radio Ads, Television, Interviews, Institutional Email/Communication
    F. Conduct analysis on marketing events and project requirements and alternatives for future events
    G. Develop and submit trials advertisements for increased study recruitment
    H. Establish and maintain linkages with professional associations for program benefit
    I. Represent the PDRC in the community at key presentations, events and activities.
    (4.)  Management Support
    Management Support of Department Leadership
    A. Provide management support and advice to PDRC, Division, and Department leadership on a wide range of assignments that are complex, highly confidential and sensitive.
    B. Debrief Administrative Vice Chair, Sr. Director of Development, and the PDRC Director for meetings with a wide range of individuals and groups including faculty, physicians, senior management and members of the community. This involves in depth knowledge of a broad range of issues in the development function, the program's mission, and university issues.
    C. Undertake unique, special long and short term projects assigned by management that are sensitive and confidential in nature and that include analyses, research, and documentation.
    D. Independently compose, prepare, proofread and edit documents, reports and correspondence for signature by the Director. Prepare background materials and distribute in advance of meetings. Facilitate the flow of written and oral communications.
    E. Maintain a project control system to track action items.
    F. Use department website as a communication mechanism to faculty and staff.
      Graduation from college and three years of related experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position. Required
    2 3 4 Demonstrated leadership and management experience in organizations focused on diabetes research, clinical care, and education. Required
      Demonstrated experience in program development, design, implementation, and evaluation in coordination with departmental goals.
    1 2 3 4 Experience with developing and managing a comprehensive Diabetes Center or other disease specific program, including the strategic planning, marketing/communications and public relations efforts. Required
    1 2 3 4 Demonstrated excellent analytical and decision-making skills with ability to research complex issues, evaluate options, consider consequences and recommend innovative solutions. Experience interpreting complex policies and procedures as they relate to all levels of University, research and clinical administration. Required
      Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize workload effectively to meet the demands of a detailed oriented, fast-paced work environment. Required
      Excellent demonstrated managerial skills, including providing supervision and workload direction, monitoring activities and delegating work/duties to staff of varying nature and complexity. Required
    1 2 3 4 Extensive computer and software experience to include Windows, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet navigation). Required
    1 2 3 4 Thorough understanding of diabetes and diabetes research, and the ability to effectively articulate this knowledge to medical and lay audiences. Required
      Demonstrated experience working independently and in teams to implement new systems, promote communication to diverse audiences on programs and projects. Ability to establish positive relationships with all program constituencies. Ability to establish rapport and gain the trust of domestic and international program participants. Required
      Demonstrated exceptional judgement and discretion in handling confidential and sensitive information. Required
    1 2 3 4 Demonstrated ability to independently resolve conflicts with creativity and authority while maintaining a professional relationship. Ability to control situations or events in the absence of higher authority and ability to make recommendations or decisions. Required
    1 2 3 4 Demonstrated experience with complex local and international event planning. Required
    1 2 3 4 Superior proofreading and editing skills to ensure accuracy and correct grammatical content of documents and to review web content for appropriate style, consistency, format, completeness and errors. Required
    1 2 3 4 Proven ability to quickly analyze and produce results/synopses of professional documents of high caliber. Required
      Demonstrated experience working in an academic environment with knowledge of UC policies and procedures, organizational structure, communication channels and systemwide administration. Required
      Ability to evaluate global programs, market strategies, analyze trends and make recommendations. Required
      Knowledge of UniversityABC policies and procedures relating to Visas, international student service, visiting scholars, ACGME, and IRB. Required
    1 2 3 4 Thorough understanding of diabetes and diabetes research, and the ability to effectively articulate this knowledge to medical and lay audiences. Required
    1 2 3 4 Healthcare experience in a large, complex university, medical/medical academic institution, or other similar organization, including a thorough understanding of both institutional and HIPPA regulations. Required
    1 2 3 4 Demonstrated knowledge of UniversityABC policies and procedures; travel, purchasing and accounting systems. Preferred
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    35. Fiscal Administrator/Accounts Specialist
    36. Fiscal Operations/Post Award Administrator
    37. Fourth Year Curriculum Coordinator/UGME Systems Administrator
    38. Fund Administrator
    39. Fund Administrator
    40. Fund Administrator
    41. Fund Administrator
    42. Genomics Program Administrator
    43. Graduate Programs Administrator
    44. Information Technology Administrator
    45. Intake Advisor/Department Administrator
    46. Intranet Developer / System Administrator
    47. IT Project/Systems Administrator
    48. IT Project/Systems Administrator
    49. IT Systems Administrator
    50. Marketplace Site Administrator
    51. Network Administrator
    52. Network Administrator
    53. Network Administrator
    54. Network Administrator
    55. Network Administrator
    56. Network Administrator
    57. Network Applications System Administrator
    58. Network Systems Administrator
    59. PA III - Programmer - System Administrator
    60. Patient Care Coordinator/Administrator
    61. Programmer Analyst III- Developer/Database Administrator
    62. Programmer and Systems Administrator
    63. Programmer/Network Administrator
    64. Programmer/Systems Administrator
    65. Provost Applications Developer/Administrator
    66. Provost Applications Developer/Administrator
    68. Residency Training Program Administrator
    69. Senior Database/Systems Administrator
    70. Senior Network Administrator
    71. Senior Network Administrator
    72. Senior Programmer/System Administrator
    73. Senior System Administrator
    74. Senior System Analyst/Administrator
    75. Senior Systems/Infrastructure Administrator
    76. Senior Systems/Network Administrator
    77. Senior Unix System Administrator
    78. Special Product Programs, Administrator
    79. Sr. Applications Developer/Database Administrator
    80. Sr. Applications Developer/Database Administrator
    81. Sr. Applications Developer/Database Administrator
    82. Sr. Linux Systems Administrator
    83. Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator
    84. Stem Cell Program Administrator
    85. System Administrator
    86. System Administrator/Helpdesk Manager
    87. System Administrator/Helpdesk Manager
    88. System Administrator/Helpdesk Manager
    89. System Administrator Technical Outreach Coordinator
    90. System Administrator
    91. System Administrator
    92. System/Network Administrator
    93. Systems Administrator
    94. Systems Administrator and Developer
    95. Systems Administrator/Programmer
    96. Systems Administrator/Programmer
    97. Systems Administrator
    98. Systems Administrator
    99. Systems Administrator
    100. Systems Administrator
    101. Systems Administrator
    102. Systems Administrator
    103. Systems Administrator
    104. Systems Administrator
    105. Systems Administrator
    106. Systems Administrator
    107. Systems Administrator
    108. Systems Administrator
    109. Systems Administrator
    110. Systems Administrator
    111. Systems Administrator
    112. Systems Administrator
    113. Systems/Database Administrator
    114. Triton Card Accounts Administrator
    115. Unix/Research Systems Administrator
    116. Unix/Research Systems Administrator
    117. Unix System Administrator
    118. UNIX System Administrator
    119. UNIX System Administrator
    120. Web Application Developer/System Administrator
    121. Windows Servers and Services Administrator
    122. Medical Information Systems Administrator
    123. Senior Programmer/Administrator
    124. Senior Programmer/Administrator

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