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  • Accounting Specialist
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  • Working with the Assistant Finance Manager, perform long-range financial planning, manage all financial aspects of intellectual property portfolio management including payables, receivables, cash management, general ledger reconciliation and statement preparation, project and assign expenditures related to general operating budget, intellectual property management, and inventor/ research royalty share distributions, perform budgetary/financial analysis and prepare reports. Responsible for all phases of accounting including filing systems for accounting division, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable and receivable. Apply knowledge of university policies and various regulations relating to Contract Compliance Analyst, Manager of License Services, other UC departmental personnel, and outside parties. Analyze, interpret and implement university fiscal policies for department users. Identify potential problems, independently formulate solutions and make recommendations to the Assistant Finance Manager, MSO and Director. Supervise part-time workers in the unit.
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    (1.)  Fiscal management
    a. Working with the Assistant Financial Manager, responsible for all phases of departmental accounting. Independently address inquiries from faculty, inter-departmental business offices, OCGA, OPAFS, outside vendors, Disbursements Office and General Accounting Office. Maintains first-hand knowledge of funds and provides accurate and timely fiscal advice to faculty and students.
    b. Responsible for all financial activities pertaining to annual fiscal closing. In accordance with UC and funding agency guidelines, manage closeout of accounting records for contracts, grants and gifts for related activities including purchasing, vendor relations, travel and monthly reconciliation of expense against operating ledgers.
    c. Responsible for maintaining department records and ensuring that internal audit controls are followed as provided in university policies and procedures. Responsible for compiling required records in response to internal and external accounting audits. Manage and coordinate agency audits.
    d. Effectively use financial management tools including various ACT web-based Link Family tools to independently develop accurate and detailed financial and statistical reports.
    e. Using downloads and spreadsheets to best advantage, independently audit, analyze and reconcile the department monthly operating ledgers. Identify and investigate discrepancies. Contact external departments when necessary. Utilize appropriate University financial systems such as IFIS and FinancialLink to correct discrepancies. Monthly, reviews each fund and index based on knowledge and history of project. Identify and investigate misapplied or mischarged expenses including recharges. Initiate corrections including contacting other departments when necessary and verifying corrections have been made.
    f. Establish internal IFOAPAL structure and allocate funding to appropriate sub accounts. Coordinate timely cancellations and terminations with related campus departments.
    g. Prepare and approve online budget transfers and non-payroll expense transfers. Audit and review university forms prepared by outside departmental units which affect departmental funds, such as travel advance/vouchers, ENPETS, PETS, budget and financial transfers, entertainment expenses, check requests, university recharges, computer and telecom expenses.
    h. Direct all purchasing functions for the department. Implement purchasing policies and procedures that address the needs of the department. Process and approve online purchasing activities including supply/equipment acquisitions, POs, and independent purchasing agreements. Oversee packing slip/invoice matching and verify that orders are received prior to approving invoices for payment. Serve as liaison with outside vendors and UniversityABC accounting offices to ensure timely payments.
    i. Train, monitor, approve and provide expertise to faculty and students in preparation of financial transactions and accounting forms such as LVPOs, HVPOs, blanket purchase orders, check requests (for memberships, subscriptions, and reimbursements), foreign wires, travel advances and travel expense vouchers. Advise of complex purchasing issues, including sole source justification, multiple funding sources, verification of appropriateness of funding source used for expenditures. Ensure compliance with UC and agency regulations and policies.
    j. Oversee travel functions including determination of appropriate funding source, advising students, staff and visiting faculty on travel arrangements in compliance with UC, state and federal regulations. Obtain necessary advance approvals and oversee preparation and submissions of travel vouchers. Responsible for obtaining information on appropriate visa status for foreign visitors prior to their travel and coordinating with the Travel Office on all exceptions to policy. Direct basic financial transactions such as simple travel or entertainment documents to financial assistant or other departmental staff.
    k. Assists MSO with the development and maintenance of the department's internal control practices, separation of duties and record maintenance to comply with UC policies and procedures, state and funding agency regulations.
    l. Develop and recommend procedures to streamline financial processes. Attend informational and training sessions on new tools, procedures and policies that are implemented by the University, campus and external funding agencies. Communicates new tools to Assistant Financial Manager and other departmental staff as needed.
    m. Prepare, as needed, financial statements for OGS funded accounts to ensure department receives allocations in a timely manner.
    n. As directed by MSO or Department Chair, design and conduct analytical studies and special research assignments by creating queries and customized reports from campus financial systems. Present reports in Excel.
    o. Responsible for internal recharge invoicing. Oversee and approve processing of Central Cashier Deposit Advice for income. Monitor all income and expenses related to the recharge unit.
    (2.)  Budget and planning
    a. Perform ongoing analysis of the department annual budget. Confer with Department Chair and MSO to develop short and long-term financial planning for the department.
    b. Interpret university policies, procedures and regulations on fiscal and material management matters. Implement changes or improvements when necessary to ensure that department fiscal policies conform to UC policies.
    c. Forecast potential funding shortfalls and overdrafts, and recommend solutions to Department Chair and MSO.
    (3.)  Other duties
    a. Establish and/or revoke user access for IFIS/PPS/ISIS/Student Link. Ensure proper record keeping of signed approval forms.
    b. Serve as Department Express Card Administrator. Act as liaison between cardholders and UniversityABC Express Card team. Oversee and review for audit purposes the reconciliation of receipts or other necessary documentation with weekly express card transaction statements. Correct and reconcile disputed transactions. Collect California Use tax, if applicable. Process applications for Express Card holders in the department.
    c. Provide work direction to an Assistant III with limited appointment and part-time student worker. Responsibilities include establishing work schedules, assigning work projects, signing off time sheets and coordinating within the department to provide assistance in completion of outstanding departmental projects.
    d. In absence of MSO or Assistant Financial Manager, represent the department at meetings with other campus units, reporting to MSO or Assistant Financial Manager on substantial content.
    e. Produce new and ad hoc reports from departmental database and Financial Link for MSO, faculty and other campus offices.
      Knowledge of accounting and financial management principles. Strong background in managing a financial unit independently. Preferred
      Extensive knowledge of University XYZ policies and procedures. Understanding organizational structure and administrative operations within the UC system. Preferred
      Proven ability to research, collect, interpret and analyze financial and budget data. Ability to advise on fiscal matters. Preferred
      Knowledge and experience of all phases of accounting, including fund allocation and transfer, account reconciliation, purchasing, reimbursement, payroll, and fiscal closing. Preferred
      Ability to independently identify and resolve complex fiscal issues. Proven success in articulating outstanding issues and coordinating with other departments and divisions for solutions. Preferred
      Strong communication skills, oral and written. Demonstrated tact, diplomacy and flexibility in interacting with diversified populations of faculty, staff, and students. Preferred
      Proven supervisory and management skills. Ability to delegate tasks, organize work under pressure, meet deadlines with constant interruption, anticipate and prioritize workflow in accordance with the campus fiscal cycles. Preferred
      Ability to maintain financial integrity of the department. Knowledge of financial audits and compliance with university, government, and agency regulations. Preferred
      Knowledge of recharge policies and procedures. Ability to administer income-producing activities. Preferred
      Experience and understanding of academic environment. Experience interacting with faculty, familiarity with financial issues impacting faculty and student productivity and effectiveness. Experience explaining university policies to faculty and students. Experience in establishing credibility with faculty and students regarding accurate and timely responses to inquiries, reimbursements and other issues. Preferred
      Knowledge and experience of UC administrative, accounting and personnel systems such as IFIS, Finlink, ISIS, and PPS. Advanced expertise in processing LVPO's, HVPO's; experience training others. Experience monitoring for quality control and addressing errors with appropriate supervisor or staff. Preferred
      Advanced expertise in Excel. Ability to import data from central databases to Excel, create and run queries, create spreadsheets and process complex financial transactions with an online financial system. Operating knowledge of the internet and campus financial systems for research and data gathering. Preferred
      Demonstrated knowledge of standard and computerized filing systems. Ability to maintain and cross-reference complex filing systems for rapid and easy retrieval by self and others. Preferred
      Experience in public speaking. Ability to meet with student and faculty groups to implement and advise on fund restrictions and allocations. Preferred
      Ability to direct and oversee the work of others. Preferred
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