4.4 Android Allows You to Create Panoramic Images Photo Sphere with Higher Quality

The team behind Photo Sphere you have entered a great improvement in Android 4.4 It allows to take images in this peculiar format, which is reminiscent of Google Street View, with best quality thanks to new techniques to attach images.

Among all the improvements, Evan Rapoport -Product Manager of Google Photo Sphere, Street View, & Panoramio – reviewed via their profile Google + the most notable: “optimal seam finding”.

This feature prevents the easy way which was used up to now reach a position and use that particular image chunk to populate a specific part of the sphere and is passed to analyze each image to choose the areas where there are people, or delete objects that are moving.

According to Rapoport with this technique have been a drastic reduction of the most common errors that arose at the time of Join images to generate Photo Sphres.

In addition also says that they have implemented new techniques to improve the capture of shots indoors Although not everything is ‘magic’, since us continues to recommend, to keep the smartphone at the same point while is rotated, to achieve the best possible results.