12 Sex Toys Homemade to Spice Up Your Relationship

To give a boost to the sexual relationship does not need to have an imagination without limits, or spend a fortune in the shops of thematic articles. If you don’t believe, check out the our list of sex toys homemade that can help take the relationship to levels never seen before and make your partner delirious with pleasure, the simple way.

12 Sex Toys Homemade to Spice Up Your Relationship

There are several sex toys homemade that will help to innovate in the sex and make better use of certain articles and products, giving them a purpose that is not knew to be possible to have.

Check out our tips and let them lead you, as in what sex is concerned, everything is valid as long as both elements of the couple are in agreement and do not deprive them of trying new things.


A feather duster does not only serve to clear the dust, a machine not only for washing clothes. If these words cause you some weirdness, so stay tuned to find out our suggestions for sex toys homemade.


Shake washing machine gives a different drive to the sexual act. Just the woman sit on top of her, legs open for the man.


If you have a removable shower head, take advantage of it to masturbate with it and let the warm water spray, the clitoris, in what will turn out to be as an amazing way of pleasure.


If you put a condom on the handle of a hair school will have practically the same benefits of a vibrator. And if it is a brush with different textures, or grooves, then the pleasure will be even more intense.


Pass ice cubes gently by the nipples and genitalia will make the companion, delirious with the sensations caused. And, to innovate even more, try switching the practice of oral sex with the placing of ice on the sex of the partner, for a real sensory overload.


Have you tried to masturbate with the toothbrush? Simply wash the handle with soap and water, and slope it along the clitoris.


Use a feather duster new and tease your partner with it. Between tickles and smiles are guaranteed a good time.


For a little more hardness, and show who’s boss after all in the relationship, some pats are (and know) always good. It is the ideal accessory for beginners due to the soft material.


Has countless uses: to arrest the partner, vendá it or even some light beats in the ass… Going to try it out?


Try stacking a set of pads and rub herself on top of them to masturbate, or sit on them to facilitate some of the sexual positions and allow a drive more flexible.


Tease your partner by rolling the pearls of a necklace by the body desnudado and causing him to concentrate on this feeling. It’s an exercise in conscious sensuality, that can be deepened if you put the paste in the refrigerator for a few minutes before use.


If you have never thought to use clips to attach the nipples, so don’t know what you’re missing…


Do not throw away the tights that ripped a few days ago. They can be used as either a sale of the eyes or string to hold the wrists or ankles.