10 Reasons to Visit Israel

10 Reasons to Visit Israel

  1. Holy Land

They don’t call her that for nothing. And for a very long time. Including, and because it is the center of the four major world religions. But the feeling of the sanctity of this land arises regardless of any external factors, whether it be the Wailing Wall, the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the Bahai Temple. This feeling comes as if from nowhere and gradually penetrates… It is impossible to put it into words. You need to feel it yourself.

  1. Jerusalem

Probably, this was once said about him in a popular song: “My white city, you are a flower made of stone.” Jerusalem, of course, is not completely white, but very bright. All the houses in it – both old and ultra-modern – are lined on the outside with the famous Jerusalem stone. And some difference in colors is explained only by the degree of its processing: houses finished with polished stone look a little different in the sun.┬áSee Countryvv for labor market in Israel.

  1. Old city

This is the historical part of Jerusalem, which is surrounded by a fortress wall. It was here that all the historical events associated with Jerusalem took place, and here are located almost all the historical places of the city, including the holy places of three world religions. The old city is historically divided into Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim parts. According to some reports, it was destroyed and resurrected from the ruins in the same place 41 times. The common phrase does not fit the Old Town: “Everything there breathes history.” It’s just history itself.

  1. Yad Vashem Museum

The memorial complex is located in Jerusalem on the Mount of Remembrance. It contains information about Jews – victims of Nazism in 1933-1945. But this is more than the memory of the millions of dead Jews. This is a reminder and a warning to all living. The unusual architectural solution of the complex itself, the symbolic arrangement of the exhibits, when at the beginning you already see the exit, but it takes a very long time to get to it, leaves an indelible mark on the soul. You must visit there once.

  1. Haifa

If you climb Mount Carmel and look at the panorama of Haifa, it immediately becomes clear why this city is ranked among the most beautiful in the world. For more than one millennium, the magical combination of sea and mountains has attracted people here. Once, part of the crusaders settled on the western slope of Mount Carmel in order to follow the example of the prophet Elijah and lead a modest, solitary life. In 1214, the Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem recognized them as the Order of the Brothers of the Virgin Mary on Mount Carmel (they were called Carmelites). And where else will you see residential buildings, the entrance to the entrances of which is located… at the level of the 3rd floor. And the stairs go, respectively, both up and down.

  1. Bahai Temple

Haifa is considered the world center of the Baha’i Faith – one of the 4 major world religions with the main holy site in Israel. The Bahai Temple and the famous Persian gardens, which descend the slopes of Mount Carmel all the way to the Templar Quarter on the seashore, are the most recognizable symbol of Haifa. And you can admire them almost indefinitely.

  1. Mediterranean Sea

It is also something special. In November, the locals, of course, do not swim in it. But the water, the temperature of which at this time is usually about 22 ┬░ C, is so pleasantly refreshing and invigorating!

  1. Rosh Hanikra

For centuries, the Rosh ha-Nikra cliff served as a crossing point for trade caravans and armies from the northern regions of the Mediterranean coast of Syria and Lebanon to the south – to Egypt and Africa. The Rosh HaNikra landscape is one of a kind in Israel. The rock, 70 m high, is the final part of the mountain chalk chain, facing the sea. The border between Israel and Lebanon runs along the ridge of this massif. Be sure to watch a short film about the history of this place. It is shown in a former railway tunnel. And informative, and while watching everyone is waiting for a very original surprise.

  1. Nature

Basically, for every taste. Myriads of flowers in the spring, forested slopes of the mountains… But almost every tree has artificial irrigation pipes. And the soil in many places is brought onto the slopes by hand.

  1. Zoos

One of the favorite vacation spots for Israeli children. Whom you will not see there. In some you can also ride a camel. And what cute goats meet! Only sad some of them in captivity. Or just pity pressure?

That’s all ten promised reasons. A drop in the sea! For each settlement, each kilometer of this long-suffering and beautiful land is a separate reason to fly here at least once. And that means it’s already in the hundreds. If not thousands.

10 Reasons to Visit Israel

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