The Impossible Target of Lowering Pounds for The Summer, with Android and Android Wear

I’ve been using smartwatches for over one year, it all started with a Pebble, and I acknowledge that my use has always been intermittent. Am always changing, trying but none are on my wrist for a long time. In my daily experience not pulled them out but then, taking advantage of the summer, I decided to give it one try more seriously: do sports with Android Wear.

I practice sports regularly throughout the year and several times I tried to introduce the technology in my routine in the form of applications for the mobile phone or accessories such as bracelets of activity. This time I decided to challenge get a LG G Watch R in the equation and see if it was able to bring me something in my routine of exercise and, incidentally, help me lose a little more weight.

The world of sports applications on Android is not new: there are many options for almost every type of training and the main developers have made the leap to watches. In addition, they have been more Android Wear-oriented options so for lack of alternatives will not be.

All applications they test the hardware Android Wear: gyroscopes, accelerometers, GPS and heart rate monitor. In this experience, I’ve done workouts with a LG G Watch R by what not have been able to squeeze all functions as for example the WiFi connectivity to transfer data. Made the introduction, we will thus.

The basics: count steps

Prior to immerse us in the routine of exercise and weight loss go with a base that will allow us to know what we do every day. Here you don’t have to install anything because everything is standard: Google Fit. Leveraging accelerometers of the clock, we can measure the steps we take and set us goals.

Although Android Wear comes with this feature, to me personally I like to carry the application installed on your phone also to be able to monitor progress more easily. It works well and although it is not the most important part of our objective, is perfect to know if beyond sports sessions we make we have moved more or less.

It is quite precise when measuring the steps but is not accurate so always give us the amount take it carefully. Remember that it is very easy to cheat with accelerometers and can mislead the sensors making movements that do not correspond to real movement; lift your arms to smoke, for example.

Go running with Android Wear

We go with the first step in our training: go jogging. On the phone I tested several applications and in the end always prefer Runtastic Pro. They are five euros, in its day it was possible to download it free, but works well and also in the clock has several options while we are training.

We can go from the screen of Android Wear viewing the map, the sessions that we have planned for today, different statistics. All these functions are very useful if we are used to carry the phone in some type of bracelet or Pocket.

Browsing through these menus is comfortable, especially when we are unemployed But if we try to see something while we run more is better we stop the pace and not distract us because you have to make various gestures to consult the different menus. That Yes, a first look on the screen helps us to see the fundamental thing: how much have in time and distance.

Connectivity between the clock and the mobile is correct and never gives problems. Experience with Android Wear running is positive: the information given is helpful when we are doing exercise and helps to know how we are going. The time any clock can give it, it is true, but the distance is a differential element.


If we tend to do cardio, keep track of the pulsations it is essential to know if we are burning fat or do a strain. I have no heart rate monitor so I decided to investigate what options had since LG G Watch R allowed me to measure the pulses with an appropriate application. My choice was clear: Cardiograph.

Its operation is simple: takes care of measure keystrokes using Android Wear sensors and it shows us the data on the screen. All records are synchronized with the mobile by what we can go by referring to them at any time and see the evolution.

The application is basic and meets its mission. We can make measurements while we run and go by saving it on your mobile via Bluetooth. The only drawback that has is not to program measurement time and to warn us if we had a finished beats number. Adheres well in training but it is not as effective as a heart rate monitor.

Listen to music: best mobile

It is true that the music won’t make that we lose weight or get in shape but encourages us to continue doing sport. In my case, I use several playlists on Spotify stored in the cache of the phone. It wasn’t the first time he used it with Android Wear and here the experience still does not convince me.

If we’re doing a physical activity that requires a degree of concentration, make the swipe is not very comfortable. Nor is tortuous, the interface and the gesture are well integrated, but here that requires that we stop a bit to do so without distract us too much.

If you have headphones with physical controls, It is a better option to use those buttons to pass subjects. In addition, one of the problems with almost all music players on Android powered Wear is that functions are very limited and we cannot skip to other playlists.

Introducing Android Wear at the gym

I’ve never had a problem taking the account of repeats doing exercises in the gym machine but it is true that with some aerobic exercises sometimes we lose count, especially if there are many per round. There are apps for that and Vimo Fit very well meets that.

Vimo Fit is responsible for detecting the exercise we are doing according to our movement and will be marking us repeats that we do. Is not entirely precise and lacks a few machine exercises, but if we only do activity with dead weight it is rather more accurate.

It works well and also the mobile application has several options how to organize workouts fast type HIIT and videos that will be explaining how we have to do every move. In my case, more useful is to use as a counter of repetitions, the other part seems less relevant.

Quick workouts for those days that there is no time

There are days in which work, commitments and others is difficult to take a while to get to the gym or go jogging. Fortunately There are workouts that you can do at home in a few minutes and they help us to be fit and that day does not feel bad about not doing exercise.

Training applications quickly there are many but few with integration of Android Wear. The most complete, and with better integration, option is to Workout for Android Wear. Is payment, only 0.79 euros, but if we want to forget the mobile or a screen that will tell us what we have to do, this is the best option.

We will be showing the exercises that we have to do, the repetitions and, in short, is like carrying a coach on your wrist. It works very well and if we have Android Wear should do us with it since to make sport at home the days that we are a little more vague or do not have time works well.

Alternatively, you can use Vimo Fit that does not have as much integration as a Workout but at least allows us to take repetitions. In any case, this is without a doubt una’s best purchases we can do If we exercise and you want to put Android Wear in the routine.

Results of the experiment

Introducing Android Wear in my sports routine has been a fun experience but in real life it has not made me great contributions. Investigate and test applications has shown me that the integration of the watches with the sports world still has much to improve.

There are useful applications that can be used for faster display some data that previously we did not have access. They make our life a little more light and comfortable since it is very fast access the clock display and interaction, although the navigation in complex applications sometimes takes many movements.

Of course, use them won’t make us lose more weight or get in shape fast but it It will provide us with an extra useful information. In my case, I have not noticed a difference, but at least now not I keep saying that Android Wear is to read notices and answer some other timely message. It works, but there is still a lot room for improvement.