Samsung Galaxy S II Color White for September, Do You Lo Comprarias? (Updated with Photo and Date)

Samsung It has achieved, as already we have seen several news their Galaxy S II is selling more of what many had expected, surpassing more than the record sales that was your previous Galasy S, and still have not found to stop this flood of sales.

To make matters worse it has been able to discover that in the market of the United Kingdom, will start marketing, Since the month of August September, a version of this terminal in White finish. The technical specifications remain the same and there will only be one difference in price, increasing it a few pounds: the £ 399 version in black finish to some 410£ of the white version.

Let us remember that this beautiful terminal has not yet been presented in the U.S. officially, and this new commercial campaign could be an extra tool to sell baskets in that market, already dominated by the Android platform and the Apple as the most direct rival mobile is this a new stratagem of Samsung to emulate its archi-enemiga?, will they get also beat sales records in the United States? We will soon know, meanwhile we will continue drooling over version ‘ albina ’ of this smartphone.

UPDATE: Although the cover image in a montage of our, obtained from the video analysis of Javier Penalva for Engadget, as you can see in the picture published by the store Clove Technology (currently deleted content), do not differ much from our proposal. It remains to be seen if this filtration is confirmed and if the deadline is met. We will keep you informed as you go closer the date.

UPDATE *: little has taken the division of Samsung UK to confirm that this possible terminal is completely real and that it will be finally presented on the market in the United Kingdom the 1 September.