MicFlip Is El Cable USB-A/Micro USB That Tea Would Have Liked Have Made Years in Your Android

The tragedy put a USB type A (which we use daily) to the first. Has become almost in popular culture but beyond the frustration involved in atinar the truth is that If we force much we can end up ruining the connector. With type C on Road (OnePlus Two will have it and certainly some Android this year) it seems that this problem can be solved.

However, there are still those who believe in the USB-A, specifically this company that is using IndieGoGo as springboard to produce a cable USB to microUSB that is completely reversible and can use with any device that we have now. The idea is good, but a little late.

A good idea that does not arrive on time

MicFlip is a very simple add-on: imagine the USB/microUSB cable that you use to charge the phone but with the difference that You can connect from anywhere and do not worry if you are placing it on the right side or not. That’s how simple and useful. His campaign of crowdfunding is being a success and 26 days that ends the search for money, have already managed to 33.558 to date of publication of this post, demanded only 6,000 to make it reality.

Cable costs $15 If you bought it on IndieGoGo with a date of delivery estimated for September this year. If we expect more, we can get them for $20. The idea is good but the truth is arriving a little late since the future of the USBs are the type C.

We have already seen the first devices with this type of connector on Android phones and probably what remains of year we see some more. In fact, probably in 2016 is becoming more normal high-end devices and a half while the more modest will survive a little more.

The idea is good, and it is not expensive, but in order that the future of the connectors goes by a different and evolved version. MicFlip arrives late. A couple of years ago I would have paid for having a connector as well but today I think now most in the connector that will be my next Android and probably (when renew terminal) will not be with type A.