Le Our site: The gourmet tableware from France

Good food is nice and tasty. And good cookware should, at its mere sight, let the water flow in the mouth. Le Our site combines a beautiful, rustic appearance with weighty inner values ​​with its coveted cast iron our sites and pans.

Beauty and taste go hand in hand in French cuisine . This is true not only for the food from the land of gourmets. Traditional, French cooking utensils can also be seen so beautifully that the pots, pans and roasters already stimulate the appetite when empty.

This is the case with the cast iron cases by the market leader Le Our site . The brand is almost 100 years old. The tradition with which the most beautiful and valuable cast-iron pans and roasters are produced here is still much older. Aesthetics and pragmatics are as much a part of Le Our site as can be expected at the hearth in France.

Cast iron is the trademark of Le Our site

The heavy cooking utensils are not produced overseas, but to this day the Fresnoy-le-Grand tradition. Cast iron is the favorite material of the French noble brand. Therefore it is already mentioned in the name: Our site is the name for the melting crucible from which the liquefied cast iron is poured into the sand mold. Incidentally, this is produced for every pot and roasting pan, which in a sense makes each one a single piece.

This was the case with the Romans more than 2000 years ago. And to this day hardly any material in the kitchen can reach the archaic iron. Not at all if the weight of the dishes does not play an important role. A Le Our site roaster with a diameter of 30 centimeters makes it possible to note its inner values: Both hands want to grip tightly.

This weight is one of the reasons why Le Our site leaves cast iron utensils for every aluminum casting as well as high-quality stainless steel pots with their heat-storing cores far behind in most disciplines. The dense material saves heat for an unbeatably long time and evenly up into the thick pot and pan walls and the heavy lid.

The difference is appreciated by cookers, especially when they are roasted and fried , so wherever the right dose of heat in the right place is of particular importance: for a our site steak, carefully roasted our site, a stewed beef roast and also for fried potatoes , such as They are still known from childhood.

Delighted from inside and outside

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But before the pieces are on the way to the expectant audience, they get a beautiful finish. Inside, Le Our site spoils the cook with pure cast iron without gimmicks. From the outside the dishes are delighted with the beautiful, natural colors of their our site.

The time when cast iron cast iron had to be burnt out before use and then kept greasy and greasy, Le Our site has long since passed. The enamel layer is also anti-stick coating and corrosion protection. It is very resistant and allows a lifetime guarantee. As long as you avoid scratching with the knife tip over the hot pans floor or work freshly burned grease with the dry steel sponge, you will pass on the pieces happily.

In contrast to Teflon coatings and the like, it does not matter much if a lectern is used for a long time. The exposed cast should be protected only occasionally with a drop of oil against corrosion .

Classic, chic and colorful

With colorful our site and classic shapes, Le our site roasters and pans are more than just functional cooking utensils. The massive, honest charm of the heavy pots adorns each table and is also great to serve. Particularly the small forms are recommended to serve individual portions directly in the cookware. In addition to rustic aesthetics, this has another advantage: The thick-walled Le Our site pots keep the food warm for an amazingly long time.

And also for cooks, who are not so good with the heavy weights of cast iron, Le Our site has high-quality cookware with French charm in the program. The series of 3-layer stainless steel with aluminum core combine modern chic with very easy handling. And beautiful earthenware accessories with their magnificent shapes and colors make for baking, cooking and serving.

If you like the cookware on pragmatics, as well as on upscale aesthetics, our site of ezhoushan is the right address!