Jide Prepares Mini Remix, a $30 MicroPC an Android and Adapted to The Desktop

Jide is a Chinese company founded by former employees of Google, and that a few months ago occupied our headlines to introduce a Tablet Remix which was very similar to the Microsoft Surface, but which highlighted a UI of Android that was itself adapted to function as a desktop system and make the most of its 11.6-inch.

Jide seems that they are especially pleased with the performance of your OS Remix, and have decided to get more out of launching a new microPC Android called Mini Remix. This is one alternative to the Google Chromebox but more economical and that soon will be promoted through a Kickstarter campaign.

Unfortunately, and despite the attractive as the idea is to be able to use Android as if it were a more desktop operating system, this miniature computer specifications are quite anchored in the lower-middle range Android.

The Mini Remix will have a size of 124, 4 x 88, 9 x 25, 4 mm and will equip a processor of Quad-Core 1.5 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, a GPU with support for 8 GB of internal storage, with slot for Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, another HDMI slot and a new version of OS Remix which will finally be based on Android Lollipop and H.265.

Obviously in Jide won’t have too many problems in making a device with these characteristics, so the campaign of Kickstarter to released in the coming weeks will be only to give visibility into the network and make him known. It is also true that the specifications are not to remove the hat, but the price of the device in the campaign will start at $20 and will not rise to more than 30. What do you think?