Helmet Audio Denon AH-D340, A Very Good Headset Less Than 200 Euros

The Denon headphones that we test today belongs to the Japanese manufacturer range Music Mania, a range that is audiophile. Less luxurious than its big brother AH-D7100, much more expensive it is true, the 340 is inspired by-far-at the level of the design.

We find the angular lines of the rollbar plastic, foam pads, and a generally shape memory the new Denonrange line. Not really in mini format, this closed headphones still mobile while not foldable. Ergonomics has obviously been studied, this headset weighs nothing on the skull with its 250 grams, and the atria (Circum-aural headphones, so the ears are completely covered) are a nice port. The cable is detachable and has a remote control compatible mobile devices Apple with microphone integrated for decision-making of communication. TheAH-D340 is supplied with cable anti-emmelement, a carrying case, his hook carabiner.

There is no need to listen long to realize that this Denon is a very good headphone, comfortable on any type of music.Connected to the Cowon Z2, it is passed to the test of many musical styles, salsa, Electro, Rock, classical music, Jazz and Rap, not to mention Pop, and the common finding is that it keeps permanently restitution very balanced with aserious extended and varied but not filling, a medium defined and musical, and an acute which rises high in the ultra-definition. You feel the contribution of 40 mm transducers, the soundstage is ample and neutrality of good level. In fact, it’s a helmet without a great weakness. We could just blame him for nitpicking, one side a bit bright on the rich pieces at 2 ends, rendering a physiological suspicion, not at all troublesome, but which should be taken into account according to your tastes. Ago thinner in the acute and most powerful medium in the bass, but the Denon offers a set of qualities not often combined on a single product yet affordable. To summarize, it is a coherent helmet on all the bandwidth.

Highly recommended, this mid-range headphones Denon proves that it is not need to ruin to find happiness from music lover. You can dislike his design enough said, find it a little bulky, find more materials than plastic, there is something we could not remove him, is its musical quality. Faithful, and versatile headsetAH-d340 is a success on the part of Denon. Bravo.